Poll: What do you think of the HTC One (M8) for Windows?


It's finally here. A high-end Android device has received a Windows Phone makeover. Earlier today HTC announced the new HTC One (M8) for Windows smartphone. It's the same phone like the HTC One (M8), but instead of running Android it's powered by the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1.

We're interested to hear your thoughts on the new device. Be sure to catch up on the earlier coverage to bring yourself up to speed. Then take our poll below and head to the comments to let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Poll: What do you think of the HTC One (M8) for Windows?



It's the best-looking phone on the market, and has been for two years.  Now, if they'd only put their full weight behind Windows Phone... and really try to sell these things (and support them down the road), I'd consider buying one.

Let's not exagerate. You are used with lunia design. But lumia is among vest looking devuces ever. This one is ok. Not that ugly as all samsungs, but not that great as my 1020;)

Well its all subjective, My mate just got an S5 and he's just blown away by how light it is, yea plastic but the weight balances the scale for alot of people. I and many others however like the weight of Nokias and other beast phones because it feels like you can bounce it off the ground with no damage, Steel well done just screams machined, Industrial, funtion and well made design which some people hate. Have another friend who spent 40 minutes in a shop trying to convince the guy at the desk he knew he could get a smart phone for free on said plan but wanted the cheap nokia feature phone...

HTC has had great design for a good while now but only now are people realising it... The 8X and 8S had the HTC android fans wishing for those designs, they got the One so they didnt loose out ^.^ Nokia had the advantage of the largest phone company (by workers not marketS) being thrown into a single OS with the conviction of do or die. Its probably why HTC and Samsung never bother to much

I am sitting on two Nokias a 920 & 1020 with broken screens neither Microsoft nor Nokia will fix these phones, 3rd party want about $250 to fix 1020 & $150 to fix 920, will keep using them until I can get new phones, don't fool yourselves, that feeling like a brick does not mean these phones aren't fragile, it's probably because they are so heavy make it easy to crack the screen, dropped by old iPhone many times and did not break the screen, small drop took out both nokias, HTC 8x is sitting useless in a box, it does not have many features like the nokias, meaning exclusive apps, so its a waste of time going non Nokia.

I think everyone knows not to do it.... And your Nokias must have dropped the perfect way to do in the screen as ALL drop test of the 920 have it beating out everything by a large margin. My 920 got bashed and was still good, lucky i never truely hit the screen but yea... the 8x has sugar glass not gorilla glass i will agree though... I know people who mashed their iPhone screen the first drop, Dad drops his iphone dayly and the screen is less scratched than mine... and ebay a screen man, 920 and 1020 are real easy to get apart. between 50 and 100 should get you one.

I feel bad for you buddy... I have a 920 and I literally drop it on solid concrete repeatedly... Sometimes on accident, and sometimes because someone is razzing me for dropping it and I drop it again just to show them (and I have BBY geek squad, but have never used it... but if I did, it's free!). Back to the real problem... Why are you trying to have it fixed vs. buying the screen and fixing it and saving more than half the cost? It's not difficult..


You´re really unlucky. I´ve thrown, dropped and even left my L 920 between the car door once and only have a few small scratches on it. The internals was even pushed out of the body by 1 mm once, and still, cameras, mics, screen... just works. The big thing seems to be to not drop them screen first. Independet of model or maker, screen first drop is almost bricking the phone for certain.

Dropped mine screen first a few times but no breaks. Dropped it many times from different angles and has,a few scratches here and there. When I eventually cracked the screen it was from a drop screen down. It's beat up now but works just fine. I've dropped my 1520 face down a few times but I am more afraid with it.. lol I hate cases but I'm eventually getting one. Though I've had it since December.

Dropped my 920 many of times over a course of a year before the screen finally cracked on me. I know numerous people who broke their iPhone's on one drop. Some within their first week of having it. My old GSII broke the first time I dropped it within 10 days, the replacement broke after a few drops at least the I was able to answer the phone with the second one. As for this 920 I'm typing this from,it didn't and still doesn't miss a beat. My screen is shattered but I can use it just as it never cracked. I find that amazing. I've even dropped my 1520 a few times.Your phone luck must not be good.

It really depends on the angle at which the phone falls that shatters the screen. I shattered my 521 the 1st day I got it. Was in the park with the dog, dog jumped off of a bench and pulled my hand with the phone in it and it fell at an angle on the bottom edge. First time I ever dropped a phone and it shattered. Sent it back to QVC and got a new one. If you have insurance with your carrier it should cover things like this. I know with tmobile you pay $5 and they ship you a replacement phone and you ship the old one back. My wife's note 2 has been shipped back 3 times already for manufacture defects. Another thing you can do which is cheaper than insurance is get a hybrid case for every phone. It's a life saver. You will miss the thinness of the phone but it's worth it. Didn't protect against manufacture defects though. Oh Squaretrade also offers warranties on pretty much all electronics I believe. Add it within 30 days of purchase.

Disagree, I'd trade my 1020 for this in a heartbeat. To me this is the best looking WP phone to date. Specs are good too, along with the larger LCD.

Are you serious? You choose looks over specs? The new and latest software makes the 1020 a lot better. Plus with the htc, isn't it 5 mp? Lol the specs on the 1020 are a lot better. But whatever, your choice man


Every single time, I mean EVERY single time, my Lumia 925 comes out of my pocket whoever is around me must ask what phone is that. Nokia needs to keep this line alive! I have prayed that a Lumia 935 is on the pipeline. Or else I will settle for the upcoming 830 series as I heard Tmobile will get their own variant.

Agreed - it's woeful that all the low, mid-range devices and horrid phablets have it but ALL of the Nokia flagships (9xx, 10xx) fail to have it.

I've always thought HTC phones were great, this one included. But, until Lumia drops its Nokia app selection and Pureview, I just can't find a reason to buy one. But, if MS doesn't bring out another 1020 replacement soon, I will consider the M8.

I don't want it for myself, but to say it's shit is purely ignorant..
And, you're not John Travolta, so change your PP.. Lol❗❗❗

It's fine if people don't want it, I don't care. But when people say it is shit and they don't like it because they "don't", that is ignorant. At least you were nice about it.

Carrier exclusive is keeping many away from the phones, strange Microsoft and HTC are playing this game when they are in a race to the the bottom.

Verizon and ATT are going to carry the M8 windows phone. That's moving in the right direction, and we may yet still he's from Sprint and Tmobile

I agree. I assumed it would have been available on all carriers. Exclusivity kills everything. I would have picked it up as a second phone maybe if it were on tmobile. Still waiting on a 1520 or .5 or whatever comes. Hopefully it's more updated than the one that is available now to compensate for the wait.

What an immature comment. Clearly you are missing the bigger picture as people want choice and we need it to be competitive with rival OS's. If sales are going to increase, it's devices like this(minus the exclusivity) that are certainly going to help facilitate that growth.

It's funny how we make fun fanboys of other platforms when they do this to us, yet we do it to them and to a Windows Phone OEM. Ignorance.

I mean I don't think it's ugly. I was excited years ago when it was coming out and then unexcited when they said for android. The one piece design is new. I watched that video of how they made it. Nice to have something that looks different from anything else.

All I think off is....if they release this phone soon....so that Verizon can start selling it soon.. So that they can release Cyan & 8.1 update for my Icon!!

For the icon it adds Dolby surround sound support, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, camera drivers for better pictures. Basically everything the 930 and 1520 has. Since its a newer chipset it gets more than the older devices like the 920, 720, 620 etc

I think it's more the concept of getting 8.1 in general. While Cyan adds some bells and whistles, the ICON is still on WP 8. I can understand the want for an official 8.1 update, it is quite an upgrade.

I think is just the bundle itself Cyan AND 8.1 that users want so bad so they can finally have the perfect firmware for their software :)

It's just then next thing, not big for any other reason. Once it's out fir all, they'll start hyperventilating for the next update!

I agree,finally a fluid well designed high end phone,your next move Microsoft,I'd still rather have a Lumia,time to step it up!

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Looks good but:
A). I wouldn't trust it with OS/Firmware updates in the long term (judging by complaints about the 8x)
B). Reviews rate it as the worst camera (compared to iphone/Sony xperia/S5/ and pureview line)
C). Are htc going to release as many apps for it as Nokia do for the lumias? I doubt it.
D). Nokias are known for being tough, iPhones are getting their new sapphire screens, S5 and Z2 are waterproof/dust resistant....HTC? Seems very breakable

to be fair, they will replace the phone (or screen) if it breaks in the first 6mo free of charge. it's part of their "htc advantage" program. they also supposedly promise software support for like 2 years iirc. 


they have generally gotten much better with updates (at least regarding android) as of late, so maybe this will get better support than the 8x/8s did


that being said, i'm not on verizon and will not go back to them in the foreseable future, so it's worthless to me. as much as i doubt anyone getting wp8.x onto the android version, i hope they can (or htc does it on their own which is the most unlikely) since there is no normal sized flagship that is easily attainable by us on at&t

What's wrong with updates for the 8X? Its had all previous updates (some before Nokia) and HTC have confirmed it will be getting Update 1. What's the problem?

As for Nokia apps. A lot are available on all phones anyway (e.g. Here Maps). What specifically do you need that you can't get?

htc only needs to up their game a little bit in the camera department, then I'd say its an even match. Even if they replaced the camera with an 8mp Ultrapixel camera would definetly help them alot

I was holding the Android version a few weeks ago and was quite impressed.  Those covers in the picture are a sweet idea!  Hope they sell a ton!

HTC could be a serious rival if they really got serious. It takes more than the ability to crank out a great looking phone, like *fully* supporting the device for at least as long as Microsoft does on the OS side of things.

Are you Kidding? How is it possible?

In front of this new comer we see 930, 1520 and 1020.

Eevn as android fans do, even in spec wise, 1520 and 930 are in front of this handset.

How can call this situation fair rivalry?

It's fair to say:

This is a real power of HTC.

Another high end WP8.1.

and also:

The true rival of Ativ series.

King of OEMs (Dropping Nokia from the list.)

Can't tell if your poking fun at the pros and cons or agreeing with them... Either way, you remember and mentioned them, which makes them valid comments.

I prefer physical buttons, though I'd like to see the option to disable the backlight when watching videos.

But then on-screen buttons make it impossible to accidentally launch Cortana or quit while playing a game, and without physical buttons there could be some even-more beautiful/minimal hardware, so I'd actually kinda prefer on-screen buttons. Huh.

Plus, if/when the Windows logo is updated, or the search button turns into a Cortana button, on-screen buttons can be changed to reflect that but physical ones obviously cant.

I kinda secretly hope that all future Windows Phones have on-screen buttons now. Starting to dislike mine more and more as I write this.

This used to work on my 8X but doesn't work on my 925, battery saver doesn't disable the backlighting.

Lol. Funnier as I kept reading. I prefer real buttons. I find myself pressing invisible buttons on my kids 625. Buttons are a life saver if you need to reset. Or for simple things like turning down music volume without touching screen. Or launching search button while driving. I could go on and on.

Geez, camera isn't poor. It is mediocre, and not as good compared to the Lumias, but it isn't bad for casual photos and photos from time to time.


And on screen buttons are better in my opinion. Especially when watching a movie or playing a game, you can hide them so you don't accidentally press them. SO HELPFUL! I always accidentally press the Cortana button on my 920.

this. it's a mediocre camera, but not instantly crap as the internet seems to claim. if you're not going to zoom or crop it takes pictures just fine and the low light performance is quite good, as well as the flash not blowing out skin tones.


the one thing it has the lumia's beat on is speed, the camera (at least on android, as well as the hands on video here) is super quick. i can't say the same for the 1520/1020. and yes, it's only dealing with a 4mp image, but for facebook and what not, i'll take speed over a huge (mostly useless) image any day.

It looks better than the Icons' in WPC's quick comparison... You guys just repeat what everyone else says.. Just like some Android fans...

Ahh see I was confused and maybe this is yet to be fully revealed that - I thought dot view would be HTCs custom live lock screen - but I guess not

the screen when the case is on looks almost identical to android's. without it, it will be the standard wp lockscreen.


so it's 8bit when cover is attached and closed (there shouldn't be a lockscreen under the cover since it should unlock when opened. 

I feel cold towards it. I am not a huge fan of the metallic body. Probably cold to the touch. I preferred the warm and inviting suede design of the 8X. I still think windows phones should standout from the android pack. That aside, HTC has been abysmal in terms of support. They don't push apps to come to the platform. They do the bare minimum.

It's typically not a hardware OEM's job to push apps to come to the platform.  Developers should want to come with their apps in tow. 

Pretty true, but a hard argument to make stick when you have the developers formerly known as Nokia putting HTC and Sammie to shame in the software arena.

No, but it is an OEMs job to advertise their product and you hardly ever see a non-Nokia ad for a windows phone. Plus when you sign an exclusivity contract with a carrier, you would at least expect to see the carrier push the product.  If they don't, I would expect the oem's to at least complain. AT&T did a small push when windows phone started and then you hardly saw anything and their sales people still push iphones even though iphones cost the carrier more money.

Microsoft needs to get serious now that HTC has a worthy adversary for the high end Lumias. I still hate carrier exclusive phones. I wish HTC the best of luck with its phone being only on one carrier.

All the big Amdroid flagships are on all carriers. BlackBerry has no say because they are on the outs. WP though, definitely shoudln't be doing exclusives.

That's where you come in and comment! Everyone will want an option tailored to them. For example, I want on T-Mobile ;)

I mean you can buy it from a Verizon store and stick your T-Mobile SIM in it, all Verizon phones now are unlocked. Verizon might pull the same crap they did with the 822 and block outgoing texting or something though.

Doesn't mean it will have to work on any other network.  And you still have to be out of any contracts before they have to unlock it.  And they have to be willing to sell you the phone anyways if you want to buy it off contract and bring it to another carrier.

i'm curious about this too, the icon when i tried my sisters, also wouldn't let me edit the mms apn's. i'm really hoping they fixed this. the att phones i've had have all let me change internet AND mms apns but none of the verizon models i've played with have had that setting. 


leave it to verizon to hide stuff so basic!

what this guys said! I'm happy with my 1520 but it's too big for my wife (insert joke here) so she's stuck with her 920 since MS/NOKIA hasn't released a new flagship on AT&T... point is this would have been perfect but it is yet again  the flagship phones are only on Verizon : (


Never was really impressed with my Android version. The camera is a gimmicky let down. Love my 1520.3. Sold my Android M8 for it.

I know people here are whining about no Camera button and physical button and all..

This hardware was rated one of the best this year...so anyone complaining about the phones hardware have obviosuly not used M8 before.. see the phone.. feel it.. and the complain about it,,,

having said that/..this is very good for WP...exclusivity sucks though...i have a 8x.. and an M8.. HTC always has made good phones.. hopefully this time they will follow up with good support as well...


if only it was available on all carriers...


I've felt the phone. I love the way it holds, honestly. I'm indifferent on the camera as I don't do anything serious with it even if I take a lot if pictures. I'd like to see LG G3 with WP8.1. Can't remember if QHD is even supported though. The backside button is more nifty than I would gave thought given some use time.

i would kill for a g3 running windows phone. but i would like it to have an 805 with the newer gpu so it has an easier time pushing all those pixels.


i thought 8.1 added support for >1080 screens? maybe i imagined it though

Well I prefer hardware buttons. I u pinned the camera tile from my start screen and I always hold down the camera button to launch it. Its way quicker for me than having to look for the tile to launch it. Since your limited on what you initially can see on your phone screen. I also want physical buttons on the bottom. Having said that I do like this phone. I just wish it had those two things for me. Oh and also on att.

The argument is that one should see if they truly need physical buttons, etc. If a person is locked onto to wanting or needing physical buttons, then holding the phone isn't going to change that, no matter how nice it is. It would be the equivalent of saying people who complain about a manual transmission on a Porsche 911 should at least ride in one first.

Owned the Android M8. Dropped it. Massive body dent.

ALU isn't all that great. At least polycarbonate keeps it's form and is way more durable, IMO.

You dented your M8 and sold it for enough cash to get a 1520.3?

Could you forward me that sucker's info? I have a few things to sell to him.

Great looking device! I liked it since it came with Android onboard, but operating sistem kept me away from it. :)

I want it so bad. I wouldn't even use it as my main phone but the hardware and camera software is so awesome that I just can't resist getting it off contract when I have the money.

Well, that's a good news for Microsoft and Windows Phone. I own a Lumia 930 so the M8 is not for me but I do appreciate that now, US people have choices. Hopefully the rest of the world will too.

If you only now have two phones to choose from its still a choice and its still better than only having one option.

Its great for anyone who does not care much about the camera or wireless charging. Can't beat my 1520 in any department but a great phone nonetheless.

Agreed, the M8 is needed on ATT where there is no equal. I have a 1020 and 1520, but would love a 5" HD WP.
I'm a little unsure about a "high end" phone without physical buttons, but I like that at least Verizon is giving them a shot.

Again, new relaxed requirements mean that we'll see a lot more phones that hail from Android beginnings. Physical buttons will be a distinguishing feature, but otherwise left out as they mean more circuits, parts, etc.

The HTC One M8 for Windows Phone just gave the Nokia Lumia 930 a run for its money. I'm seriously confused on which to get.

Just be honest with yourself about what features matter most to you. Don't buy because of what other peoples opinions are. Buy what pleases you the most and hopefully you'll be happy. Isn't that the point though. Get whichever you'll be happiest owning and using.

I'm not being a doom and gloom person... I actually love WP and the OS... But the irony is you logical and valid reasoning leads me to Sammie GS5 as my next. :(
Its the "everything I possibly want" in one package. The only con being that its Android... Which is a con I can live with.

It's a serious camera for people who take the time to learn it.  It's not automatic, but it is awesome.


Source, M7 then M8 user.

My only thoughts are will there be an international version for everyone not just giving it to the US verizon and bugger everyone else lol

I'm sure at some point there will be. I just doubt it will be any time soon. In my opinion the earliest would be 6 months.

They won't unfortunately. Not only the carrier exclusivity is gonna hurt sales, but as you see Nokia fanboyism is another hurdle this phone will deal with.

Not bad, but another ridiculous carrier exclusive, so I can't even get it on AT&T. Windows Phone unfortunately will never gain market share in the US if they don't knock it off with the carrier exclusives. This should have been on every carrier.

Should of had it given to everyone would of made far more sense the more carriers & country's getting it the higher there sales the better it would of been Ms can be right flippin idiots

Unless something else comes out in the next 30 days, I'll be getting an icon. I have vested in JBL charging speakers and DT-910's. Love the wireless charging. And the camera is better.

Yes, the JBL speaker! Thank you for reminding everyone that there someg expensive ass accessories that ppl have invested in and aren't willing to give up Billy willy.

Ps am I the only person who finds it maddening to try to edit a comment on WPC via Explorer on the mobile site. Y U No be easy?

HTC, please release international version. Love this phone though I'll still buy the L930. If available outside US, will buy and own both...

some comments i read here are fucked up.... while the windows phone ecosystem needs devices like this, people act like all they need are nokia devices, i mean since nokia have been making windows phones did we see any increase in market share????

Complaining about the camera is ridiculous, the best selling windows phone does not even have a front facing camera.

Y'all need to fucking stop being nokia fanboys and support the risk HTC took to release a high end devices for a platform that does not generate any revenue for OEMs.

Nokia has never designed a phone like this so we should support HTC for what they did.... or none of the OEMs will bother releasing new windows phone.... at the end windows phones users will be suffering from a lack of choices

You're kidding about WP marketshare, right? Where do you think it would be without Nokia? All the other OEM's did jack for WP while Nokia sales were the only thing keeping the platform relevant. Facts mixed up, methinks.

I agree with you whole heartedly Arnaud. " We should support HTC for what they did.... or none of the OEMs will bother releasing new windows phone.... at the end windows phones users will be suffering from a lack of choices". I think this statement is honest and accurate.

GusterBuster, what Arnaud posted is in fact his opinion. So your nasty reply (minus the part about the camera) is contradictory and unnecessary.

Windows Phone in general and this community (WPC) need more positive and less negative. Negative attitudes and opinions do nothing but infect other people with negative attitudes and opinions. Say what you think but keep the bs to yourself.

Whatever. Go cry some more baby.

And for the record, my 920 does NOT fulfill all my needs and I swore off ever compromising ever again. I don't care if its HTC, Apple, or whomever... The manufacturer that build MY perfect handset will have my money. The M8 is gorgeous, but not what I want/need.

Complaining about the camera is not ridiculous. I had the Android M8 for a long time. Quick snaps are cute, but the instant you crop, pixel city. HTC adding the ~DUO~ camera was an idiotic move. Software does that quite nicely. The FF'ing speakers are the only reason to buy this phone.

I agree. One of reasons Android has >80% global market share is the tremendous variety of phones available at every price point, screen size, etc.

MS didn't learn the lesson. They cannot have all high-end phones exclusive to one carrier. Also this phone wont do to well since its on Verizon and we know Verizon reps are not big fans of WP. Sorry this was off topic.
I liked the M7 more and was ready to buy one when few month ago with WhatsApp we had real problems. Decided to wait until it get fixed. And it got fixed

I like the curved back reminds me of my 920. But not compelling enough to replace my 1020. Design looks better that the icon. I have held the icon a few times and I HATE the square metal edges, does not feel Nice at all in the hand. Still waiting for a 1020 successor on att that is not 6". Microsoft please bring something compelling out soon on att. Have a 920 and 1020 that could be upgraded...

Voted not bad, but not for me.  

Looks really nice and glad it's finally on the WP platform. But I'm not willing to give up Glance, wireless charging, a dedicated camera button, or any of my Nokia apps so I'm sticking with my 920 for a while!

Hopefully Sony follows next with a WP version of the Sony Xperia Z2 or Z3 :)

I agree somewhat with your comment on the Lumia 920 as I'm an user of one as well. As for Sony......

I've always wondered about this. Earning Xbox achievements on a Sony phone running on a Microsoft OS. That seems very awkward and unlikely to me. I would imagine Sony would want to push there own gaming platform on their phones. Not Microsoft's. I could be wrong though and would certainly welcome their engineering and design.