Windows Phone 8.1

Poll: What do you think of Windows Phone 8.1?

It's finally here, folks. Well, almost anyway. Windows Phone 8.1 has officially been announced by Microsoft, further improving on the experience offered to consumers since 2010. You've got Cortana, a notification & action center, Internet Explorer 11, more sound and volume options, as well as other exciting new features.

We're interested to hear your thoughts on the presentation. Missed the Windows Phone 8.1 presentation and announcement? Fear not as we've got you covered:

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Poll: What do you think of Windows Phone 8.1?



I need to play with it before knowing how i feel about it..... so once it hits my 920, i'll know

All I am missing now is a MS owned Google Voice competitor (which Skype is NOT at this point). This is not really a WP OS feature but something I hope MS adds to the Skype app in a realease soon.

Did you see Skype has been added to your on screen phone options? You can launch a video call while already speaking during a phone call. I think that's pretty integrated and awesome.

You should check skype features like Skype to go, Skype pay as you go etc...skypes rates are as cheap as google if not cheaper...i was using voxophone just Skype...

Please do tell me how you intend to rub it in their faces? It's good but it's literally on parody then blowing droids away..its a great step forward so enjoy that instead of starting a fanboy war needlessly

When the wp8.1 arrives, most of the mising features will be available and ready to use. Cortana, the notification center, a much better IE (which is needed as this version is very bad), there will be more customization for start screen and there are many many more changes in the design. I just hope the wp will still be lag free and smooth.

Most droid users i know still say you dont have the notification center, as if its the break-dealer or the system is too limited and i cant customize it. My brother has the galaxy s4 and he uses none of the gestures and he thinks they are pointless and useless features, so does many of my friends. Ok there is still a big gap in the app section but i think we already have the basic. We still miss some apps, like "the wonderful and one of a kind" candy crush or flappy bird. Oh and the most important the malware programs and the serious lags and bugs. I used to have android before the lumia 800 was realished in Greece.

Thats what i mean rub to the face,  not something unique that droid or iphone doesn't have. Both of them are way older and had more time to evolve and become what they are now. 

Ps. In my L920 i have the HERE+ maps and have proven many times to be better and more helpful as they are free, offline and accurate than its competitors.

The first world country with the LOWEST market share of Windows Phones is the USA. The ONLY country getting cortana is the USA. So exactly how should the world give two shits about Windows Phone 8.1? By the time the rest of the world gets it, Apple and Google will of canibilised any unique features anyway.

Yea but perhaps its an attempt to give the features where they are needed are only as strong as your weakest link, so if this can boost growth in the US its good cuz if other places are buying they will continue to buy, esp wince the average user doesn't know about these updates till an OTA by their I understand it sucks but they have to Microsoft is an American company so they will start in the US first maybe it will come to other countries eventually but think about the language and other data you have to include to work in other but all I can say is be patient, but that really doesn't help sorry bro!

I totally agree with you. Its absolutly normal to try increase their market share in America. We have to be patience and wait to see how the wp8.1 will be on our phones. If you believe the update wasnt what you expected and things are still missing then you can all start complaining. 

It sucks that we wont get cortana, like whats the point in that. It could be ages till UK gets it. Actual sucks i got well excited over the videos :(

+920 with the HERE+ maps. I use it a lot listening to the navigation voice when riding motobike without having to look at the phone. very accurate in Malaysia.

I own a Lumia, but there's nothing to rub in "the Droid faces". Windows Phone still has catching up to do, especially in the app department.

There are plenty of things to rub in their faces, lag and virus free experience, better design, better camera, better built in integration of social networks and office, etc.

The fact that I have a Windows Phone is enough to rub it in thier faces for me, even more so that it's a Lumia. People ask me what kind of case I have, and I say, no, that's the phone.

Not really. I own a Lumia. Devices like the Nexus 5 and Moto G (low end price), have no real lag.
Sure Windows is more secure, but even as a power user, I have never had viruses on my Android device.
Cameras are very device specific.
I do like the cameras that come with the Lumia(s) a bit more, but it's not too big a difference really.
Social networks? Windows Phone 8's Facebook app is one of the worst, and the integrated Facebook messaging has too many limitations to be of any real use. Office on Windows Phone is underpowered compared to what you can do with Android devices. The mail application is a joke (try attaching a .pdf file you want to mail someone--you won't be able to). Don't get me started on the lack of a centralized storage space that can be accessed by apps instead of sandboxing files.

Its not about rubbing a better phone in their face but rubbing certain feature that might be better like the parallax home screen view or Cortana....but I agree its a fight you can easily lose if they know their platform well......usually not tho

x2 on this, no Cortana, no Oneguide, no "Xbox On". Why am I buying Microsoft products again? They only want American customers.

Think you missing the point. The WP platform is more popular outside the US so maybe it makes sense to give loyal markets the headstart. It's the same problem with the Store. If you are outside the US,you miss out on so many things and updates always start in the least profitable market.

I agree China, India and Mexico/South America should be High Priorities. Besides the US them are really the only main markets for growth.

That doesn't makes sense because if you don't attract attention by giving features to the weaker part sooner you risk losing a lot of potential consumers and never catching ground

Rolls Royces are still hand made in Britain yet a massive percentage of their market share is in Asia and the Middle East. Rolls therefore launch new models there, listen to the desires and suggestions of their dealerships there, host massive media circuses there and generally give credence to a whole export market where the sales will be. They even made a special edition model just for Dubai, based on customer requests.

Will MS ever trial a UK and Italy-centric feature of the OS? No.

Just because the US is the home of MS shouldn't give them a precedent. If the majority of US is too dumb to adopt, MS should go where the customer base is.

Nope, Not a chance the markets to small. Rolls Royces main focus is jet engines. Guess where they make them? The car division is about obsolete. True they are hand made of the finest materials but I don't believe they make 100 a year. If the even still make new models.

Couldn't be more wrong.

Rolls Royce Aero is a separate company to Rolls Royce Motor Cars. There was a documentary about them on UK TV last week, hence it's in my mind. There was a new manufacturing facility built at Goodwood in Sussex when BMW took them over and they are selling more than ever. They sold over 3000 last year.

And I don't know what your "guess where they make them?" is supposed to mean because although RR have a massive presence in the US the RR-UK arm accounts for 1 in 300 jobs in the UK making civil and military engines and RR are a global company anyway. I know this - it's my job.

But I digress, I was talking cars and regardless, the appetite/market for WP is bigger in Europe than in the US.

USA population 313 million
UK population 63 million
China population 3.5 billion
1% in US translates to about 5% in the UK
So if the US is around 5%
UK would have to be around 25%
To be greater than US.
Therefore there's more actual windows phones in use in the US over the UK
Assuming the same % of people in both countries use smartphones. So basically don't look for nothing exclusive for the UK. Well maybe the ability to watch NFL games live. US TV networks have that locked down in the US.

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cheers, thought so, but considered maybe he has some "true" figure report that was wildly different from common official estimates

What you've done there is apply phone statistics to population which is never going to work. You need to find the amount of smartphone users and then apply the WPC percentage and this is where things change.

The US may be a big country but it ranks 13 out of 15 in the world for smartphone ownership. No 1 is the UAE (Home of our Rolls Royce friends...):


  • European smartphone ownership Feb 14: 176 million handsets (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France) - source: www.comscoredatamine
  • Population = 257 million ie. 68% of Europe owns a smartphone
  • US smartphone ownership Nov 13: 148 million handsets - source:
  • Population = 313 million ie. 47% of the US own a smartphone

Now apply the WP8 market share (source: Kantar)

9.2% of 176 million = 16 million WP8 handsets in Europe

5.4% of 148 million = 8 million WP8 handsets in the US

Massive difference.


And you can keep your NFL HandEgg games thanks.

That's why I'm sad and didn't understand why French users (like me obviously) won't have Cortana until 2015. But it was the same with Bing services such as music recognition and bing vision...

I love how you coupled all of Europe as One country vs the United States as if every single country in Europe speaks the same language with the same verbage and phonetics. You would have to contend with english, french, deustch, italian and spanish languages etc....Microsoft would have to choose just one country in Europe first before they can go to the next. And based on your own math, no individual country in Europe comes close to having 8 million WP handsets. Because the software is voice, language and verbage based, the US IS the bigger market to sell FIRST.

I didn't.

I took the data from the sources quoted who classed "Europe" as those top 5 European countries based on smartphone purchases. I wasn't really looking at the language aspect ie. Cortana launch, moreover pointing out the woeful takeup of WP in its home country.

Cortana aside (based on language differences) you can't really argue the facts. The US is slow to adopt and MS should invest where the real money and interest is.

But as an aside, there are 44 million smartphone handsets in the UK (source: in a population of 63 million.

And with 10.1% WP8 share this means there are still 4.4 million WP8 handsets in the UK vs the 8 million in the US - a country five times its population.

Didn't they say it would be coming to the UK? I believe they said that cortana is a beta app and will exit beta after they launch in the UK and other countries and gets local language support.

This is why if the next iphone has a bigger screen, I might consider changing back. Microsoft can keep to their failing US market if they want to ignore the rest of the world that actually wants Windows Phone. Not to mention that if it's a USA based beta, it's probably hugely based off Yelp, which sucks outside the USA.

Guess what numb nuts-5-6% in this country in actual users is probably much higher than 10-15% of another country with a much smaller population.

And how abt India? Lumias sell like hot cakes here and Nokia's bend and is still very strong and loved....

I agree but I also feel a whole year and all I really got was a notification center and cortana. I don't know if you have split screen capabilities or if changes where made to the multitasking cards or about adding the apps to the SD cards. So my lock screen can be modified big deal. I didn't see a file system, ability to create hubs (if you wanted too), did they make changes to office. It was lacking for me I expected alot more for having to wait so long.

I would've liked a native play-to functionality, to compete directly with my cousin's iPhone and his airplay to a yamaha receiver =.=

I am curious, what would a file manager be used for as each app has its own if needed. Serious question.

Now that VPN will be available moving files from network to phone and vice versa is what I would use it for.

It could be useful if people want to use their phone as a file storage device. I use OneDrive for that though.

Not really sure what people need a File Manager for, really. But better handling of email attachments would be good.

Use Adobe PDF Reader.

I use it for PDF files downloaded via Bluetooth or Web.


BTW: I am extremely annoyed at Windows 8.1. I expected a working file manager, Hub creation, better notification and multitasking and Cortana. Now my next phone will be Android again.

+ Lumia 925, Egypt


PS: Damn u MS

I use the file manager on my Symbian phone all the time to move items from the SD card to the phone memory, to delete files I don't want any more, to download from the cloud, to clean up files left around by deleted apps, delete install packages, etc.

With an aboslutely perfect OS, you might not need to do these things, as the OS would insist on all files from deleted programs be deleted, using apps to move files around for space/convenience/order, etc. But so far, no OS is that perfect.

You can achieve some of the above on WP by using your desktop, but that's a pain. It's a lot easier to have a file manager on the phone so you don't have to wait until your're by your desktop with a cord to clean up your files.

With a file manager on Android, you can download files from your Dropbox/OneDrive, create a zip file, and email it to someone, just like you can do on a Windows PC. Over your local network, you can copy a folder from a NAS or shared folder on a PC to your Music folder, and have songs added to your library over Wi-Fi. You can't do this stuff on Windows Phone, and it's pretty annoying.

I understand that this is not stuff that most people don't want/need to do, but it's stuff that I want to do. I want to be able to download an MP4 and save it to my Videos folder for later. I don't want to have to plug connect my phone to a real computer to manage the files on it; a smart phone should be a real computer.

it's a phone, I would honestly rather my phone didn't do this. This is why I don't like android, it can do everything, and because of that, it doesn't do things well. I just want my phone to work, which is why apple or microsoft will get my money, not google.

I don't like Android either, and I'd like to move away from Google entirely. I'd gladly give up some of Android's complexity for a more stable and consistent platform. Unfortunately, the reality is that I do things every day on my phone that would not be possible on a Windows Phone. Syncing music, podcasts, and other files wirelessly is essential for me, and WP has no built-in support for this, and 3rd party apps can't do it either.

If you just want a phone that works, why not buy a Nokia dumb phone? You'd only have to charge it once a week, and you could call and text all you want. These things, WP, Android, iPhone, they're not phones. They're personal computing devices, meant to do so much more. Windows Phone is beautiful and stable, but it's too far behind in functionality to be my daily driver.

My thoughts exactly. The Windows Phone 8.1 release has been a big dissapointment. I am never buying another Windows Phone again. I'll move back to Android (I should never have left).

+1 here.


I now hate my Lumia 925. If it wasn't for the fact that it suffered some physical damage, I would've sold it right away for a Nexus device or any Android matching my taste (SONY, Moto, HTC, definitely not Shamesung).


I thought the experience with MS would become better. It is already very good, albeit some missing features and apps. However with the way MS is treating their customers, I need a move back to Andy.



M Taha

SONY's tech support for UK

Lumia 925



My thoughts exactly. Why the hell? Also hasn't USB transfer, storage etc been confirmed? If so,I'd put money on APIs being available for 3rd party file explorers

Where's REAL Multitasking? i'm tired of seeing "Loading" (along with the five dots) while i'm changing apps.

What are you even complaining about? That's just a visual indicator that the phone is working, ie. doing what you asked it to do.

LOL was that sarcasm? Ok, here's mine: If you see smoke coming from a phone, tha's a visual indicator that it's a real phone, not a display dummie.

No seriously, i'm not complaining about seeing the loading screen, but the TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME it takes to load the app i'm switching to.

It should be fine to se that screen for a fraction of a second. Not several!


Believe me, real multitasking isn't hard to do.
That feature will waste a lot of battery and that's why it only available in something like PC.

We have not seen much at all! I really wanted to see actionable notifications and all the other stuff. When do we see all the other stuff? App list sorting? Settings is still a chaotic mess. Oh and I hope there is a better month view in the calander, it sucks so much. You can't see a shit.

The OS makeover is so big it would take a week of presentations to cover everything. They picked the highlights. Belfiore said he was torn over what to show. Now it's released to the press and industry we can expect to see a lot more videos.

Dan Rubino clearly made all the videos posted today with his pre-release copy he's had for a few months and can now legally show them so I'm sure we can expect more videos now over the next few weeks.

And waiting for the Developer Preview to be released.

Any Confirmed dates out. Except April 10th.

Yeah I didn't like how they didn't state it when it was going to be it may be pushed back later

Officially, the most difinitive date given was "Mid April" as per David Treadwell, CVP Operating Systems Group. during the channel 9 live Q&A session

File Picker (aka OpenFileDialog in Win32), is the dialog which apps get by calling OS API to let users select file.

I think he is asking for File Explorer; formerly know as Windows Explorer before Windows 8.

Seems it covered everything I want! Great!



*high school girl voice*
sam just @ me at twitter welpppppp

Try a simple thing such as text search of sms, no news on that yet???? pretty basic functionality and not confirmed to be in or out yet..

so finally as the dust settles ... clarify as to when preview for devlopers will be out.. one last time .the tenth of this month or this month .or what

thanks already registered way back an early adopter got gdr3 likethat but yeah thanks .....first part of april so thats reassuring lets hope for an early realese ....

On Joe Belfiore's blog.. it says first part of April.. So I assume before 15th for sure.. The 10th seems more probable.. could be earlier as well

This is a developer-focused conference.  Did you seriously just use not mentioning a new Facebook app as a reason it was underwhelming?  Come on!

Yes. The Facebook app, to me, is one of the most disappointing aspects of owning a Lumia. I'd rather have a revamped app for 8.1 than live tile skins.

OK.  To each his/her own.  If you're a developer, write your own app.  I mean, this is a developer conference after all. 

The Facebook app is crap, I'll give you that.  Sure be nice if FB would improve it...but to-date they've shown zero interest in WP. 

This is somewhat of a useless poll to take considering most people, err, readers of WPCentral haven't had actual hands-on experience. Looking at videos and pictures of WP 8.1 is not the same as using the software/hardware to actually have a feeling built based on experience. I believe you guys should remove this poll and wait until more people have had it on their phones for at least a month or so.

Meh. We're all just basing it on what we think right now so it's equal. They can always do another poll later on. Polls are fun. :)

im curious to see since there is not a lot of the leaks and rumors that they really showed... i guess i'll have to play with it or lsee WPC do a video of all the features on the 930 or whatever...

Damn you nokia and microsoft.


Am seriously considering to dump my 8X and 920 to get the 930.

The design is sleek and I like it!

Although I am waiting for the comparison between the 930 and the Icon.

as now cortana will be for USA, then my question is still can we get fetaure like quiet hours,etc. for other regions??

Would be nice if you could link all contact accounts (Instagram, Vine, Tumblr etc) in the people hub and not just MS, Facebook and Twitter.  Was hoping for that!

You are absolutely right. The consolidation of apps within a task-focused hub was the original differentiator of WP when it launched. They seem to have gone away from that and into the ios/Android structure of "in and out" of apps (Swiss Army knife example).

For the love of Zeus, please add gapless playback when playing the next track on the music app.  That stutter/pause in between tracks is extremely annoying.  Especially if you listen to music in there one song transitions into the next song (like if it's one song).

why? if it's a mix. it should be one big gigantic file anyway.

i leave all my mix cds, and megamixes like that.

it's not an issue for me.

Good for you.  But not everyone listens to mixes or streaming music.  The majority of the music I listen to does not include a "gap" in between tracks.  Each song transititions into each other like if you're hearing one long song.  In many cases, the artist considers multiple tracks to be one song.  This is especially true of concept albums.  CD players play it just fine without a gap.  PCs and Macs play it just fine without the gap.  So do the Android and iOS devices I've used.  The only devices that insist in inserting a gap in between tracks are Windows Phone devices.  It's rather annoying and should catch up with the times.  This isn't the 1990's.

And by the way, I'm speaking of playing music stored on my devcie/SD card.

"If you want to try out Windows Phone 8.1 and you are a registered developer, you can update your phone as part of the Developer Preview Program in the first part of April."

Hey Rich, any chance file explorer is added in the 8.1 update? That's one functionality I was looking for apart from action center and swipe keyboard.

I like what's coming but its too early to say if I'm satisfied.  I expect I will be pleased though.

I'm voting number 2 as I haven't checked it myself. Also, I'm taking points for the lack of a colour pallet for the accent colours and the apparent lack of a file manager.

No it doesn't because the accent colour is used across the entire UI and not just on tiles. Which is why the colour palette should come.

Awesome features... But one think they should concentrate on is developing apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc which we use daily. For ex WhatsApp crashes a lot!!! There has been many updates but still the same problem n in case of Facebook there is not an option of uploading photo comments and many other features. I think Microsoft should concentrate on such issues....

It is not up to microsoft to develop apps ... ok maybe in case of facebook, but usualy the app is developed by the company that runs the business .. 

Because folders suck. They are the worst invention of the computer age and should be banned from any modern OS.

Also, Nokia and Samsung (or was it HTC?) already provided some crappy folder-apps.

Of course not. Why would I use folders when I have the excellent search in W8.1, and in W8.1 the files are handled by the apps. I don't care where the files are.

Folders is a remnant from a time when organization needed to be done on the file-level, done by file name. With all the meta data available to users and applications today, they are a hindrance and a leftover from a primitive computing era.

"I don't care where the files are."

1.You may not care where you put your files for your reasons but at times it becomes necessary to switch between storage (phone/SD) in case of memory insufficiency AND at least when the user wants, not to mix up his "Holidays" photos with his "Ceremony" photos.

2.Suppose you've to attach a file for an email, now where they hell will you look for that particular file when you don't know its location?

3. You've to send your friend a bunch of assignments you did last month and probably forgot the names. How will you search for EACH and every files when you can't recall the names?

Folders are necessary, that's why they exist in all modern OS and mobile OS(s), excluding WP (if you don't, and most probably don't use folders by Nokia and the Photos app of course). The thing that needs to be changed is transformation of "Folders" to "Live Folders".

1. a) storage is handled by the OS and application. You don't need to know in which folder it is, only the medium. b) The photo meta information is responsible for the organization. That way you can change it up as you feel like it, without worring about moving the files or where they are. Half your "Holiday" pictures might BE part of your "Ceremony" pictures. Are you going to have them in two folders? Organize by content, not by file location.

2. I type in the information that the file contains, and the app/OS suggests a list of files for me. I don't care where it is, and trying to remember where it is is for the OS to do, not me.

3. I know the name of my friend, what I sent, and when. The OS can give me the list of the files based on that, and it also shows me the type of files and searches for content. Why should I care what the file names are or where they are located?

Do you know in which folder Netflix stores a movie they have that you want to see? No, because it's irrelevant to you.

Honestly I'm interested in hearing more about the little changes that we haven't seen yet (like changes to People, any new gestures that we haven't seen, ease to save and backup media in the various apps, etc.) but I like what I see so far!

file picker/manger and usb otg rumors were not true.

apps can be dowloaded to sd card but existing ones cant be saved to sd card it seems..


"file picker/manger and usb otg rumors were not true." Let me guess, WMPowerUser had those rumours? Because not a word about that here on WP Central at least.

didnt blame anyone man.was just saying my feelings.  i just saw that rumor somewhere and hoped it would be there coz usb otg would have been extremely useful for me. so no need to get on my shoulders.

so its a rivalry or something lol?

Not a rivalry, it's just funny to me how after every announcement people come and say "but WMPowerUser said that..."

I dont know what ur problem is randomly attacking people just cz they said their thoughts in a forum.i dont see wmpoweruser in my post,it was u who said that.some

Attacking? I never even said you read it at wmpu, I asked if you did. Don't be so thin-skinned. :)

Not sure why people will choose "its everything they ever wanted" since still lacking lots of things. 


Btw, I voted "It's not bad, still way more functionality missing". That's closer to the real world, not the All Rosey WP fanboys world. 

I would have preferred something in the middle like "very good progress, a few things still missing"...the real "meh" for me was not the update (which I like), but the 930 - I'd really like to upgrade my L920, but I'm not sure that one does it for me...maybe I need to see it in real life

Though i liked the features they released i am waiting for file explorer, app sorting options, advanced email search options( right now it only searches for the name in email address, there is no subject, email body search)

I am also severely dissappointed that Icon might be their flagship phone with yesteryear processor 800. No way i am going to buy 930. I might wait for either rumored HTC one for windows phone or any update to "930" or icon phone, as the current icon doesnt' have SD card support or 801 processor.

Since Cortana can now do local device searches a file manager should be moot.  I never needed it on my Lumia devices anyway.  But, having said that, since we are about to move into Universal Apps, I'll be you that OneDrive and/or 3rd-party file mgr apps on Windows 8 will see their way onto  the phone ;)

For me file picker in email is the most important one even if it access onedrive or whatever.

i need to see more hand-on video of cortana search, if it searches email like i said, that would be the best implementation.

Also did you see any slider in video player. Current video player is of no use. It doesn't have any playback and i have to click next button continuously to get to the desired point.


Can't hardly wait, as it looks solidly great!  But. . . . have they done anything with email attachments?  So you can work with docs and pdfs without alot of complex stepping?

apparently u still can't attach files but only photos like before in the email... playing with the new SDK as we speak

but u can do this... go to office hub... "share" your doc or pdf file by email and this will add an attachment... i guess u could do that before?

I like the new features, but I'm already in. I hope the new stuff brings more users in. They don't know what they are missing.

So, first part of April. Will be spamming update button daily until i get result. ;)

Also loved everything i saw.

Ask me when I have used it. But right now seems like a bit of a mix of

Yes! It's everything I've ever wanted! [Almost - some details probably are not there yet and then again I also did not ask for much - I had more usability pet peeves such as hitting comma instead of space which seems to have been improved, not being able to pic several videos at time to delete in the gallery, not being able to attach more types of flies to emails - seems to be fixed;  etc.]


They've ruined Windows Phone for me! [parallax effect is decidedly anti-modern/metro, so is frankly the Cortana animation although it does lip service to Modern (but the bouncing around as if it is a creature.. not so much), some "views" are getting bland, others crowded, and some settings are getting to be a bit excessive which is generally speaking good but can deter some; also not sure how I feel about Cortana completely replacing Bing search shortcut (if I understood correctly)]

Can you explain the need to toggle data? I've heard other mention this as something they want, but I don't understand why.

Turn data off to save battery. I do it often on my Moto X, helps out a ton for battery life.

yes, this is crucial for me too. i swap between data and wifi when im at home or going out, also i want to save data as well! how can they leave this out i just dont get it. maybe someone forgot?

as now cortana will be for USA, then my question is still can we get fetaure like quiet hours,etc. for other regions??

Should be something between "Yes! It's everything I've ever wanted!" and "It's not bad, still way more functionality missing."


I feel "Yes! This is a great update, with just few things missing."


FORWARD BUTTON IN IE please. :) But I chose "Yes! It's everything I've ever wanted!" since I feel generous.

Agree, forward button in IE is a missed feature. I don't like UC Browser (many will disagree) but IE seems just better to me consideraing all cases that can arise while browsing.

Yeah, I don't understand why IE has such poor navigation features. Makes no sense to me. I tried UC Browser, but it didn't work well at all on my Lumia 521, crashed and was very slow.

I'm extremely excited about it, it checks so many of the boxes and addresses almost all of the problems that were friction points. (Except for Xbox music, yuck)

But I'm completely locked out of the ecosystem until WP8 can fully support CalDAV and CardDAV.

Very frustrating, hopefully MS will stop being so provincial about EAS in the same way they've softened on Office for iPad.

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