Poll - Which HTC 8X Windows Phone colour would you choose?

The recently announced HTC 8X is a colourful Windows Phone from HTC, which is a step in a new direction compared to what we're seen from the company in the past with its aluminium and dark plastic builds. Providing consumers more choice in terms of colour and design is definitely what we need to make Windows Phone stand out against competitors.

That being said, it's always a pickle when it comes to actually deciding on what colour you'd like to own. Are you white, blue, green, red, or even magnolia? Smartphone looks can be a personal preference when multiple variants of a single device are available.


Is blue more your theme?

The HTC 8X comes in a variety of colours. Consumers will be able to select from the choice of California Blue, Graphite, Black, Flame Red and Limelight Yellow.

So, which colour say you?

Voting closes in 3-days and you can vote on your phone by going to m.wpcentral.com.


Reader comments

Poll - Which HTC 8X Windows Phone colour would you choose?


Lumia 920 in red please. HTC didn't show anything that would make it stand out from WP phones. HTC will always be a third player until they actually start being bold.

Honestly, what's with people wanting HTC to basically burn in a pit of fire on wpcentral? These phones look great and would be an excellent choice if the Lumia 920 didn't come to every carrier. And the 4.3" 720p Super LCD 2 display is killer (it's the same technology that made the HTC One X so awesome).
Hating on alternative Windows Phone 8 devices is irrational an non-productive. We need the platform to succeed, not just individual phones from a single company.

But in order for the platform to succeed, every player needs some kind of differentiation. Making your phone look almost identical to Lumia 920 is not a way to succeed, it just makes the entire platform a joke.

Beats audio is new to windows. It looks to me like we are still getting second parts from Android devices. Yeah the colors are great but nothing new under the hood. Yeah we get that nice interior (wp8) & nice exterior (colors to pick) but Nokia is the only innovator here. I would pick Red on tmobile,Verizon but on at&t I would pick a red lumia 920.

The f/2.0 wide-angle BSI FFC and Beats Audio output amplifier are two important differentiators that have me looking at the 8X instead of a Lumia.

I think you missed the point of this poll,,,its choose a color of HTC 8X,,,not sound off about your preference for Nokia.

All i have to say is, WHY IS WHERE NO WHITE??? the One X looks amazing in white, and white matte finish would have almost been an instant buy from me
And i've always like the One X design slightly more than the lumias, so barring no major software differences (besides those we already know about) and assuming camera is good ill prob get the black 8X

I'm not really digging the 8X as much as the 8S design. I like the 8S front. Kind of has a Zune HD look. Just don't like the multi-colored back. I'd take an 8S with 8X innards in solid yellow or solid lime green.

Ah! Of course! THAT'S what the 8S reminds me of. I knew the design reminded me of another device but I couldn't remember but you're right. It does look like the Zune HD.

I'm with you. I like the 8S design more than the 8Xs but like the 8X specs more. Can't please everyone, I guess.

HTC done good job more beautiful non boring designs ;) as for what color its blue
its all now about the price i might get both lumia 820 and one of HTC's

Aren't black and graphite the same thing?  I mean, I'm pretty sure you added an extra comma and it's supposed to be "Graphite Black."

Actually if u pay attention to next gen win8 devices they all/most have colors. Its a marketing strategy from microsoft. Cali blue with matching surface rt sounds good :)

California Blue! This is what I wish Nokia had done with the 920 in terms of color, a darker blue. I love my Cyan L900, but really was hoping they would introduce a darker blue as this one. Still getting the 920, but also leaning towards the 8X as an extra phone. HTC is now in 2nd place, when it comes to WP8 offerings, easily.

If I were to go with an 8X it wouldn't be red since it's "flaming". Would go with either blue or lime-yellow. Have to see what the 920 looks like first.

rezhik, did u actually read the the topic of the post, come on if Nokia hadn't jump on to WP with exclusive apps we would all be over HTC cause they have been all over WP since CE 5