Reinstaller bumped to version 1.7 with improved interface

Reinstaller Update

Reinstaller is a free little app available for Windows Phone that aids consumers in starting fresh on a new handset, or when reseting a Windows Phone. The app essentially does exactly what the name suggests - it reinstalls apps already purchased by connecting to windowsphone.com.

Once the user has logged in and connected Reinstaller to the official Windows Phone website, Reinstaller pulls down all previously installed apps (both paid and free downloads). Instead of searching the Store for each and every app you've previously owned, Reinstaller provides a useful shortcut.

The app has recently been updated to version 1.7, which includes a new interface to match changes applied in the past to windowsphone.com, as well as the change applied to reflect the fact the Windows Store doesn't report different categories. Check out the new look in the screenshots below.

Reinstaller App

Overall, the new interface looks great and is in-line with the main colour scheme of Windows Phone. Check out our review of the Reinstaller app for a more in-depth look at the service available and how to use it effectively.

You can download Reinstaller from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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Reader comments

Reinstaller bumped to version 1.7 with improved interface


Maybe the new version will work, for some reason when i installed a 7.8 rom, the last verson did not work did not work...

It wasn't because of 7.8 that it stopped working. The reason was that Microsoft changed the Marketplace and the reinstalled stopped working due to that. The developer told me in an email, a few weeks ago that he was working on an update.

I think what would make this nice is if I could logon from my old phone and take a snapshot of the apps installed on it... then logon to the new phone and have it "reload" the snapshot.

Yeah it's annoying it can't filter out what is / isn't currently installed. Saving an installed list (snapshot) would be cool

As long as you have a history in an account (and you know the password to it :-P ) it will load from the account. Doesn't matter who's account.

Just found an issue with the new version. I tried to use the reinstaller, but it only read a 125 apps. I have more than 600 apps with around 100 paid and the rest free. The 125 included paid, free and trials. Some games, others apps.

Developer notified.

Paid apps are mostly games. I don't have everything installed but this is my history of installed apps.
I intend to stick with Windows and Windows Phone. So sometimes buy apps just to support developers. Especially the ones that I think should develop more and who I think believe in the Windows OS. Plus, I became disabled 6 months ago, and now spend the time mostly in bed...playing with my screen toys.

Yeah I used to have over 300 (mostly free or trials), now I'm down to 174. This is possibly due to changes at the MS end :/

This happens to me also, I had over 1000 on the last scans before the problem and now it only scanned 220, and when trying to install it crashes. Such a shame... Its an awesome tool!!!

I believe, it will stay check list style and you will have to hit INSTALL every time it jumps to your next item. Which is okay for me as without this tool, it gets tough trying to think which apps to install, especially if you have as many apps as I do.