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Review: Asphalt 4

The proliferation of games in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile has made the decision on which time-waster to invest ones money in a difficult one. A big part of the choice is based on what types of games you enjoy playing. For those of you who enjoy games that fall in the racing genre, this one’s for you.

Asphalt 4 is a street racing game from Gameloft which gives you many of the features that you would expect from a racing game. Keep reading for the full review.




The full title of this game on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile is “Asphalt 4: Elite Racing HD”. Don’t let the title fool you; the graphics are good, just not great, and HD is a stretch. That said, the graphics are good enough that they don’t detract from the real stars of this game; which are the features and the gameplay experience.


Asphalt 4 offers a fairly large amount of features, many of which allow you to customize things about the game and provide ways to change the experience. The customizations range from different cars and biks to ways to modify, tweak, and tune your vehicle to your liking. Additionally, a variety of courses and gameplay modes create a surprising variety that keeps you from getting quickly bored with the game.

Another feature that is available is the ability to compete against a friend using the Multiplayer mode over a WiFi connection. I was unable to test this feature due to a lack of friends (with access to the game).


The biggest feature that Asphalt 4 provides is the ability to utilize the tilt sensor featured in many of the latest Windows Phones on the market. This feature allows you steer your car through the street by simply tilting your device to the left or the right. Those running slightly older hardware can still use the game by touching different areas on the screen in order to steer. While the touchscreen controls are useable, the experience of using the tilt sensor is really much more fun (though it could draw unwanted attention in meetings).


The combination of the feature set and gameplay make Asphalt 4 one of the best games that I’ve played on a Windows Phone. The features make this game one that you can play over and over without it getting too repetitive or tedious; while the gameplay, in particular the tilt sensor support, make the controls intuitive and fun.

If racing games are your thing, Asphalt 4 is easily worth the $4.99 price tag. Your hunger for speed can be sated over at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Large feature set. Supports accelerometer.
Graphics a little lacking.

Reader comments

Review: Asphalt 4


Did they take this down off of the Marketplace? I've been trying to download it and the landing page has even disappeared.

I downloaded it- had to reset my phone for another reason, and when I tried to re-download it, have been stuck! It says that I've purchased it, and that it's available for download right up 'till i try to download it.

I've got this game on my Touch Pro2 and it runs soooooooooooooo slow, anyone else have that problem?

Definitely worth the money. Good entertainment: fun levels, nice cars and bikes, good tuning ideas.