Review your favourite must-have game and win a Nokia Lumia 800

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Windows Phone UK has announced an exciting competition that celebrates the must-have Xbox Live games of 2012 that have arrived onto the Marketplace - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, BulletAsylum, Chickens Can’t Fly, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction and Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp.

The team have decided to give away a shiny new Lumia 800 (see our review) Windows Phone as the prize for the best review. To enter the competition and have a chance of winning the Lumia 800, you'll need to:

  1. Review one of the five must-have games listed above. Be sure to include details such as why it's your favourite, what you liked / disliked, etc.
  2. Publish the review on a blog (can be Tumblr, WordPress hosted, Blogger, etc.)
  3. Enter said review by commenting on the Windows Phone UK competition announcement article only (link below).

We're helping to judge this contest, so we'll be selecting the winning review which displays the most originality, relevancy and humour. So head on over to Windows Phone UK to read up on the T&Cs and put forward your entry. Remember that this is for UK residents only and you have until 5pm (GMT) on March 22nd.

Source: Windows Phone UK


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Review your favourite must-have game and win a Nokia Lumia 800


This is also for WP7 residents. you know being on Windows Mobile is like being the ugly/not funny/shorter/dumber/more evil older brother/sister. Think of Cain to WP7's Abel, or Peter to WP7's Ender, etc.  

I know but its like, if you have a windows phone you can get a new windows phone. who needs two windows phones? they should be totally trying to woo me by giving me a free windows phone. that is all i am saying. i am just being jealous is all. but windows mobile is more closely related to windows phone than the other OSes. after all they both share the windows name ;)!

I'm with you there. I wish all of Microsoft worked more closely together with their different departments to promote all of their products.
I just see how it would be difficult to believe a review written by someone who does not own a device that the game was written for.

I guess the US has had plenty of exclusives anyways.
Favorite of those listed: Splinter Cell Conviction. Because I can't win anything, I'm not going to share why I feel it is the best Must-have game!
So there! Yeah...

I'm not sure but I think I've read about getting the xbox live tile.
And there was a guy explaining how damn hard that was for an indie dev.
There are tons of developers and how many xbox live titles?
How many of those are actualy indie devs?

I think this is no love for indie devs...
I just don't understand why just xbox titles !

I only hear of these super interesting contests in the UK and external of the US, but I guess we'll get more when operation Rolling Thunder really hits the US with Lumia 900 and forward.