Revolution - Review

When Microsoft announced Xbox Live support for Windows Phone 7, they appealed to developers to use a control set that was natural to the device. For example Microsoft doesn’t want developers to settle for creating virtual buttons and joysticks on the screen, they want to see user interfaces that consist of using touch and gestures to navigate the experience. One of the games that best exemplifies this push towards a simplified UI is Revolution.

As puzzle games go on Windows Phone 7 devices Revolution isn’t the most visually stimulating and it isn’t a classic like Tetris, Bejeweled, or Hexic. Revolution’s strength lies in the simplicity of its graphics and controls. Keep reading to see what I mean.


The idea behind Revolutions is that you need to take an assortment of gears and fit them together in a way that will make all of the pieces rotate. Now take into account that you have specific sizes you have to deal with. Your timeliness in completing each level has an effect on your score, as does the number of times you have to move a gear. Also take care not to jam the gears together and remember that gravity counts when stacking gears, as removing the bottom gear will cause others to collapse.


The entire game of Revolutions is played by dragging gears around the screen and into place. This sounds like a simple method of navigating the game, and it is. There are times in this game however when you need precise control over your movements, and that can take a little time to master.

The Xbox Live Achievements offered in Revolution range from simple to those that require an abundance of playing time. Achievements are rewarded for completion of level packs, gold medals earned, and completion of the game within time and movement constraints.


If you like the Metro UI and its flat, type-heavy design then you’ll probably enjoy the look of Revolutions. Imagine a blueprint, only animated, and you’ve got the general idea. All of the animations are smooth, a tribute to the Snapdragon processor contained in every Windows Phone.


Revolution is simple in terms of execution, but the more advanced levels will take time for die-hards to perfect. There is a great balance in this game between difficulty and playability, graphical beauty and performance. If you’re the type to enjoy puzzles of any kind, Revolution is a must have.

You can get your copy of Revolution from the Marketplace for $2.99. As with all Xbox Live titles on Windows Phone 7, a trial version is also available.

Simple graphics, intuitive UI.
Not really a classic puzzle game, some achievements require serious playing time.

Reader comments

Revolution - Review


God I really wish I could buy stuff already, damn you MS. I'd have a good chunk of apps and games already.

Unless theyve fixed the last achievement (which was/is unobtainable) then I still won't be buying just yet. Don't get how people can release things that obviously haven't been fully tested.

Developers actually aren't able to test their games in a full Live environment prior. Only Microsoft can do it. Therein lies the problem, because MS misses Achievement-related issues sometimes.