Hexic Rush - Review

Hexic is one of those arcade-style pattern-matching puzzle games that could be considered a Tetris spin-off. This type of game is extremely well suited to a mobile platform like Windows Phone 7, because the game can be easily controlled by using the touch-screen. Hexic Rush is one of the inaugural Xbox Live games on Windows Phone 7 created by Microsoft Game Studios, and therefore it has something of a high standard to meet as one of the games that is intended to introduce Windows Phone as a gaming platform. The full review is after the break.


The classic Hexic game (known as Marathon Mode) is played by creating shapes out of like-colored hexes by rotating triangles to match the colors together. The more colored hexes that are brought together simultaneously generate greater point totals. The playing area is manipulated by pressing on the triangle of hexes that you want to rotate, and dragging in a circular motion to rotate. It takes a little getting used to, but becomes an efficient method of game-play with a minimal learning curve.


Hexic Rush offers two separate methods of play. The first is Marathon Mode, which allows you to play until there are no more remaining moves. The second mode is where the “Rush” comes into play. As you progress through the levels, random hexes turn into bombs that count down until they explode, ending the game. Bombs are diffused by using that particular hex to create a triangle or another more complex shape. This not only adds a time constraint but forces you to think quickly in order to use hexes that may not be in an easily accessible area (the bottom corners of the playing area are particularly hard to use).


If you like Tetris or Bejeweled, Hexic Rush is definitely a game you should consider (at $2.99, Hexic Rush is cheaper than both at $4.99). The game strategy takes some time to learn, but it’s an easy progression to the more advanced levels. I don’t know how much games like this sharpen your brain functions, but it definitely is a mental workout. If you’re not completely sold; Hexic Rush is an Xbox Live game, and offers the standard trial version. Head on over to the Marketplace and give it a try!

Tim Ferrill