Rival Knights brings medieval jousting to Windows Phone

Rival Knights brings jousting to Windows Phone

Rival Knights is a new jousting game released for Windows Phone that brings jousting and immersive graphics to the small screen. The game is well done with 3D graphics and dynamic camera angles in a breathtaking environment where players "battle ruthless foes and rival clans across 5 leagues to seize their castle and thrones."

Rival Knights brings medieval jousting to Windows Phone

The game also adds a multiplayer dimension so you can challenge others through an asynchronous game play. In the game, you can unlock 120 mounts, lances, armors, helms, and other items. You can also upgrade your armor at the Blacksmith to gain an edge and use temporary boosts.

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Rival Knights brings medieval jousting to Windows Phone


Looks good. Unfortunately, it's Gameloft and I'm not downloading any of their games anymore.

I'm not downloading games from companies that dropped support for Xbox Live.

They stopped supporting Xbox Live, I stopped supporting them. Quid pro quo.

Not to mention, they keep puting out freemium crap that costs and arm and a leg to actually play it.  If they would just charge a fair price for the game up front, no problem, but I hate that crap.  

Agreed for the freemium thing. Don't give a damn about Xbox Live though, games are made for entertainment not building a list of achievments.

Then you'll be missing alot of quality games since they are one of the very few companies who brings various graphics intensive titles to wp for now..

Just got WP, switched from heavy android user for the past 8 years, this is the best game graphics I've seen here on WP so far

Even without XBL, I'm STILL missing a lot of quality games.

A pristine éclair on a wrapper sitting at the top of the trash can is garbage, no matter how many excuses Constanza makes.

Nah, he was right. No offense to Gameloft--hell, they know how to make profitable games, so good for them--but their games are all eye candy. Get rid of the graphics and they're buggy, unoriginal, freemium garbage. At least with Xbox achievements they were tolerable. Withoug Xbox achievements? No gracias. #SaveXboxWP

@DJCBS I rarely do but I agree with you.
I think every game should have Xbox Live achievement support. If it doesn't its not worth it for me, no matter how good the game is, dodged the new asphalt for the same reason. Xbox is part of the reason why I chose windows phone in the first place.

Well, Microsoft is the one who dropped Xbox WP support for third parties and has basically killed off the support. It's better to get over it than to simply miss out on the wealth of great games that continue to come to Windows Phone. You guys really hurt the ecosystem by taking that unhealthy stance.

Exactly. It's like saying you're not listening to music anymore because they no longer make cassettes. Move on and enjoy the future.

Except that analogy doesn't make sense at all. Cassettes would be Windows Phone 7 and CDs would be Windows Phone 8. Xbox integration would be like no longer listening to music without a percussion set. It's just missing something that made it better.

Get over XBL, true and fair. I dont disagree.

'Wealth of great games' is shameful hyperbole and you all know it. These games aren't the games people want, they just happen to be the best of what there is to choose from... And lets be fair, these developers know that too.

I'm tired of compromise.

That's a matter of taste, my man. Obviously WP is still missing games from a lot of publishers like King, Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai... But Gameloft is bringing tons of their stuff out, and many quality indie and mid-range devs continue to join and make games as well. The gaming situation has improved a lot IMO, other than the death of Xbox WP of course.

All they need to do is extend ID(at)Xbox to WP and Windows 8. Problem solved. I cannot comprehend what Microsoft are doing here. So vexing.

I have to agree that I stick mostly to Xbox certified games. I have no problem with a single payment up front, knowing the game has been bug tested and is likely well balanced for gameplay.

I brought WP solely for the xbox achievements. The fact they dropped probably means I will drop WP.

Why I can't download over cellular network? I have unlimited connection, the game has just 100 MB. "This item is to big to download over cellular network. To download it, connect to a Wi-fi". Now I have to wait until tomorrow to play the game!

Totally agree... Sitting in parking lot with time to kill and want to play... Can't, I would have thought I could force the download over data... :'(

Same on my 925, and the crash corrupts the game. Would love to play this but after a few reinstalls I gave up.

Quite addictive!! Nicely done gameloft, now Blitz Brigade and more popular titles, we are growing!

My bing news live tile isn't working. Have deleted and redownlaoded it Many times. I ajve also done had reset for the bing news live tile. Still its not working. Have updated it today also. But live tiles still not working. Can anyone help!!!!!

Wait, how'd you get the Live Tile to just be centered like that? Is this only available in 1080 screens or can I make the tiles smaller in settings (8.1) to do that? I have an L925.

At least its on 512 ram phones but what annoys me is the whole pay to win system that has dominated the whole mobile games

My gaming experience getting worse since 8.1 . Every game lags! Couldn't play much :( i miss wp8 but there're lots of things i love about 8.1 . Guess i have to wait eh? Oh and im using 1520...

2bad it crashes all of a sudden.... (like some other games)

I couldn't get past the tutorial (crashed 2 times) so uninstalled... I'm disappointed.

L920 8.0

Fun game. Surprisingly addicting, and not too bad to play for free. (can technically earn everything in game, some things would take a while but there seems to be good ingame$ alternatives). Does crash or freeze occasionally on +929

Great game, hopefully gameloft will support and sort out some of the bugs.....it can be slow and freezes at times (not sure if thats a wifi connectivity issue on my end)......and man, my 1520 runs hot on this game.  The top of the phone literally cooks.  Which probably explains the huge battery drain.  I went from a 60% charge to 12% within 15 minutes of playing.....and I could have cooked an egg on my phone it was that hot.#

But, like I said, a friggin awesome game :-)