Easily search through music videos and discover more classics in the latest Bing update

New Bing Logo

Microsoft has released a rather major upgrade to the Bing search engine. The company details a new way to explore, discover and browse music videos with a new experience. Whether you're seeking videos of favourited songs or looking to see what else is out there to discover, it's a pretty sure bet you'll find something on Bing. That's the claim, but is it worth using?

In short: yes. It's a really neat way to search through artists. The most popular video will be showcased in the top-left of the screen, accompanied by the most relevant songs displayed on the right-hand side. This makes it convenient and easy to access the most popular hits and what's currently trending with fans and the general public.

Bing One Direction Search Results
Come one, who isn't a huge fan?

The search engine will show results pulled from multiple sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Artist Direct and more. Instead of clicking through to a website and see if that's the media you're after, you're able to hover over a thumbnail to check out a cheeky preview. Bing showing the right video? Click on through and you're sorted with full playback capabilities.

Should you not be a pop fan and want content from the charts, Microsoft has worked hard to include "the most comprehensive set of videos possible" spanning genres, decades and even geography. If there's something you're looking for, you're likely to find something - even Arabic Rock from the Aladdin GENS game.

Bing Music Animal Collection

"We believe that search should be more than a collection of blue links pointing to pages around the web. Search should be a reflection of the actual world including music. To that end, Bing knows that artists create songs, songs are collected in albums and albums are part of musical genres. Using the connections between these things, Bing is able to generate a 'Top Songs' section which uses the relationships and attributes of these people and things to provide a useful set of results."

Notice the top songs on the right (as we lightly touched on this above)? This section will prove to be a invaluable resource should you not be familiar with the music produced by a particular artist - Animal Collective in the above example. It's a more streamlined experience for those who simply love music (and if you're an avid follower who regularly attends live music events, you should definitely have Pepper installed on your Windows Phone).

If the above wasn't enough, there's more:

  • Songs and videos are assembled in the same order they were originally loaded on albums to provide that feeling of owning that vintage record. Select listed albums and songs will be displayed in the correct order.
  • Related artists are displayed on the far right in a SERP (search engine results page) to help you discover more music, utilising your genre and artist tastes.
  • Over 1.7 million songs, 70,000 artists and 500,000 albums are covered. 

Head on over to the Bing blog to read through the changes in full, and be sure to try out the new music search.

Source: Bing Blog


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Easily search through music videos and discover more classics in the latest Bing update


Nope, sorry, just rechecked and not available here in Ireland. I cant speak for the UK but I would assume its the same, no?

Thanks for the info. I like their new features, it cool. Now they have to keep adding such features every other month to help its Loyal WP fans get easy with Bing and forget Google.

This will help us select bing as homepage :)
heck now I want IE-Bing be like Google-Chrome :p

To access it you can just change your region to the US, which is what I did, and may be what rich did, but 99% of users wont realize you can change the region in the settings.

I really like Microsoft system, but Microsoft doesn't share their product out of US. Bing is a great service (bettter than Google, in my opinion), but the best features on xbox one, Bing, Windows Phone, etc. Are only available on US.
Microsoft should share to others countries. After all, there aren't customers only in US.

I don't change my region, because when I do that, I'm not able to find anything I want. Only US stuff. LOL

I haven't noticed any reduction in the locality of content by changing it to the US. That could just be a reflection of how small our country is though.

I agree with you on the regional aspect. There are plenty of people around the world willing to test and provide feedback on these new features if only they would give them to us and then pay attention to their Consumer Voice site. I think maybe a well-worded email to each regional office may bring this to their attention? Let me know if anyone is interested in collaborating on something like this. Not quite a petition, but a coordinated show of support. I'm on Twitter as @nikrolls

I am!
I already provide feedback to Microsoft Brazil about that and the answer is: "we're working on this. But we cannot provide beta features. Some of these features you explain about is not 100% funcional. Microsoft doesn't allow to provide beta feature of other countries."
So, what I get is some of these are beta. So if we want to use some nice and cool features, regional Microsoft HAS to develop something like that. And that will be available ONLY on the country it was develop. After that, if succeed, can share to the rest of the world.
Ok. Some features I've talked about is old (because this happened last year LOL) and now some of them are available.
But I agree to force Microsoft change it and allow to be available to everyone who want to try.
P.S. I have no Twitter. :P

I wish they added a shopping feature where you could search for items bring a list like google has cause everybody go to Bing.com and give your feedback so this search engine can improve! Thanks!

They should incorporate this into the Xbox Music app, let it scan your music and present you music that you may actually be interested in. I have classic rock, blues etc in my collection yet I'm presented with top 40 artists.

I was just thinking the same thing. To have "Music" between "Images" and "Videos" with some functionality and this search engine would be the SHIT OF THE FUTURE!!!

Well that xbox music experience is just shit anyways. It needs proper down and upvoting and suggestion systems based on the voting like in the radio playback. also the playlists available are not quite what is expected. they should work closer together with nokia on that

I been using Bing primarily for a few months now and will occasionally go back to Google to compare results. Bing has the edge.

The sad part is that is true only in the US. Microsoft is never going to lead if they continue to cater only to the US market with their best services.


Very true. Generally speaking Bing is next to useless outside the US. Shame because what it offers those in the US looks fantastic

Bing on WP can be updated w/o an official software or firmware update. They just did it a couple months ago. They need to add these features (along with the new logo) asap


Just a question for everyone. When talking about doing an internet search, do you say "google it" or "Bing it"? And if "google it", is it because you prefer google or just an old habit?

Google it by old habit, but I'm training myself to say Bing it more to start the revolution! And the weird looks I get from ppl make it worth it

This might not be the best place to say it but.. Google results are far better. I seriously can't find the same information, usually Bing's is a little outdated and sometimes a bit out of topic. I have Bing as my default on the browser, but when I want an efficent answer I definitely go for Google.

I say 'search it'. Because I don't want to say 'google it', and saying 'search it' gets past people's maligned preconceptions.

Once you get past the missconception that your missing a link that google might have you will realise bing is great. I found it hard to not say google it but im sure i say bing sometimes or just search.  I have said "you can look it up online".  or map it instead of google map it.   its like go get a bandaid. no its go get a adhesiv bandage.

I normally just say "type it in" or something like that. This is like asking someone if they ask for coke when they want cola. It happens with all popular products. I find it really annoying when ppl call all tablets "ipads".

What is the past tense of "bing"? Is it "binged"?

Let's see, "ring, rang, rung."

So I would say, "I will bing it," "I bang it," and "I have bung it."

Bing is killing it. I know many poeple here outside of the U.S. complain that Bing sucks outside of the U.S. This may be true, and if so, I hope Microsoft works hard to catch up in other regions, but in the U.S. I honestly think Bing is significantly better than Google. Google is just so stale now. Bing does it better in almost every sense: Page Zero search results, image display, video rollover preview, Bing Rewards, social search integration, and now this. I've compared Bing and Google results dozens of times over the past year and Bing is almost always better or on par with the Google results every time. People think the opposite is true until they really give Bing a fair chance (give it 3 motnhs, and in that time you'll also rack up at least $5-15 in free Amazon gift cards from Bing Rewards alone). Then you'll see that Bing is just better.

Seems like a sweet update that I cannot take advantage of. I am outside of the U. S. and hope the same as you. I feel I keep hearing about neat new bing features that I cannot take advantage of (or limited advantages only). Somehow I doubt their efforts as I don't see many results outside of the States :-( This keeps giving me the feeling that some MS departments keep forgetting they have customers outside of the States. I mean, instead of giving more and more to the states, why not putting more effort into evening out the worldwide Bing experience? What keeps them from doing so? Not enough staff and money? A bad communication channel between " Bing U.S. and Bing international"? Not wanting to be successful and no interest to challenge google? I really, really don't get it.

(btw - outside of the search engine world, Google isn't any better. Good luck when trying to buy devices via the Google playstore or whatever it is called in my country...)

Not to excuse Microsoft for not having Bing up to speed in other regions, but why don't you just change your Bing region to the U.S.? That way you can enjoy all the features and even use Bing Rewards.

Can I still find local stuff in my language (not english) when changing the Region - and easily trick Bing to get Bing rewards? I doubt it, but will try it :-)

That's fine in theory but the problem is that the search results are so US centric that for those outside of the US the search results are often irrelevant. Its fine if you are searching facts but for anything related to the region you live in you are better off looking out the window than using Bing if you live outside the US

In Japan I used Bing regularly, in both English and Japanese, and found the results to be on par or better than Google there, so it's not everywhere outside the U.S. (but 2 is just company, not a crowd, so if it really is as bad in other countries as many people claim, then Microsoft really needs to get up to snuff fast, especially since Bing Smart Search is now embedded in Windows 8.1).

Hmm...I know my spouse and her friend were able to sign up for Bing Rewards by switching their region to U.S. even though their language settings were something else, but maybe they got away with that because the computers they were using were physically located in the U.S.? If so, perhaps you can try a proxy server.

When will Bing built-in search be updated with the new logo lol? Do you think that they forgot?...

I used Bing after reading this article.

Bing is still like any 3rd class search engine., nothing change. 

I'll stick with Google which is far superior than Bing.



This really makes me wish they renamed Zune to Bing Music and Bing Video. It makes so much more sense.