Smartphones and Sex: How the tech in your pocket affects life in (and out of) your pants

Smartphones and Sex: How the tech in your pocket affects life in (and out of) your pants

One week ago we asked you about how your smartphone factors into your dating, romance, and sex lives. And while we expected quite a response, we didn't expect this much of a response. More than 17,000 of you took part in our survey in the past week, and the results were interesting, to say the least.

There are plenty of interesting correlations and divergences based on age groups and platform choice. Some are not at all surprises, others caught us by surprise. For example…

  • When on a date, those aged 18 to 24 years are 35% less likely to actively use their smartphone while on a date than those 35 and older.
  • Opinions of relationship statuses drop quickly, with 27% of ages 18 to 24 believe them to be asking for trouble, vs. more than half of those 55 and older. BlackBerry users are 22% more likely to believe so.
  • All age groups hold an ideal of an in-person break-up being ideal and using a phone call, text, or email as less so, yet the actual rates show hypocrisy in practice, though the younger you are, the more likely you are to have been in a breakup over text messages.
  • Nearly half of those who carry sensitive photos of their significant others on their smartphone do so without the protection of a PIN or password.
  • Men are 50% more likely to want to receive frequent sexts than women (no surprise there).
  • Universal platform agnostic solutions like MMS, email, and Skype are the most popular for sexting, except that BlackBerry users show a preference for BBM. Skype is also the overwhelming favorite for cybersex, although iPhone users prefer FaceTime by a slim margin.
  • Men are 78% more likely to look at porn on their smartphones than women.
  • BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Phone all have a shortage of porn apps, so users get their porn predominately through web browsers, Tumblr, and Reddit.

Check out the huge interactive infographic below (it's huge, it'll probably take a little while to load) — several of the charts allow you to cycle through data displayed by age groups and platform choice — and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Smartphones and Sex: How the tech in your pocket affects life in (and out of) your pants


Nokia phones making babies cool soon there will alot of baby Lumias running around. I love the pic, Lol.

Wut.Not sure if Mobile Nation helping each Mobile nation know themselves... Or (78%~ lack of porn app sound like a business opportunities for porn websites)

Other than texting/calling a hookup, my smartphone has no impact on my sex life.  I suppose if Grindr or Jack'd ever made it over to WP, then I could say it actually had an effect.  Scruff sucks badly in my area :P

You published sex survey but missed out on how Viber was purchased by a Japanese company!!? May I add the same company that purchased Pinterest and Kobo!?

Hahaha I love the picture lool :D however i don't have a girlfriend actually, so i use my Lumia 920... ;D

Here's an idea for Microsoft's next campgain: "Skype: keeping your cybersex up."


Also "BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Phone all have a shortage of porn apps"...I wasn't aware WP had any porn apps at all. I thought that was against Microsoft's Terms of Use. Which is stupid, honestly. Windows Phone would sell much more with porn apps in store. Like it or not, sex sells.

Back with this again? Didn't we just had this topic. Get your journalism back to better grades. Started to run out of ideas here WPcentral? Makes one wonder.

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We may need a questionnaire like with tick boxes confirming people have read the article before they can comment.

So you want to discuss how technolgy impacts our daily love and sex life? On a plattform where not only adults are reading the articles?

Seriously, who lets this guy publish this stuff?

Of course we do. But I for myself would rather like to read about actual news about our OS and not how many guys use their phones to watch porn.

Only positive thing about this article, now I think twice before I touch someones phone...

I agree with you. I come here to read about technology, my favorite platform, apps, success of windows phone. Not crap.

Derek Kessler.. Like your "life in and out of your pants" heading. That says everything. WP fans wish you all a successful life.