So long SkyDrive, Microsoft required to change name after trademark dispute


SkyDrive, most of you use it daily and love it. It’s the cloud service from Microsoft that offers storage to your files anywhere and anyhow. If you’re using Windows 8 or Windows Phone it’s also the service that backs up a lot of your settings to create a coherent experience. Unfortunately, you won’t be calling it SkyDrive for much longer.

Over in the UK, a court has ruled against Microsoft in a trademark infringement case. British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) claimed that SkyDrive infringed on the “Sky” trademark. Microsoft will not be appealing the court’s decision and BSkyB will allow them to continue to use SkyDrive for a period as they transition to a new brand.

So long SkyDrive, it was fun while it lasted. Before you guys and gals shed a tear, the service itself won’t be going away, just the name.

What do you think Microsoft should rename SkyDrive? As long as it’s not something like Microsoft Cloud Storage Cloud Edition 2013 we’ll be good.

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So long SkyDrive, Microsoft required to change name after trademark dispute



Horatio said it best:

"Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. "

Literature as well, did not expect it, but a welcome change given the sometimes pathetic comments people write. Well done Sam.

As Voltaire once said, "The name of Sky doth swiftly goeth,
nobly under darking mists and crawling dusk...
Yet all of man and beast would knoweth, only whence shall come instagram thus." or something like that.

idrive is already taken by an online backup company.  I just signed up for them on my home pc.  they're unique because you pay by the size and can back up all your machines under one account. 

I'm with you: I really liked the name SkyDrive. Of all the cloud storage offerings, I thought it was the best name (it just rolled off the tongue and sounded cool). Can't they just officially call it "Microsoft SkyDrive" and keep the SkyDrive name? Didn't they do something similar with Excel?
That said, it's absurd that the courts ruled against Microsoft here. There is no way anyone was confusing bSkyB's offerings with Microsoft's SkyDrive, and I'm disappointed that Microsoft didn't fight it. I mean, didn't bSkyb try the same bullshit in 2010 against Skype? But the Skype name persists. They could've won this, or, at the very least, kept the name change to the UK only (I know it's not ideal to have different names for different services, but if it were limited to just the UK and they renamed it "Microsoft SkyDrive" only there--somewhat how Google renamed 'gmail' as 'Google Mail' in the UK for some time. Sigh.

In the lawsuit sky claimed they were getting calls to their technical desk asking for help with sky drive as people thought sky were running the service

Yes SKYY vodka called and said they got calls from MADD about their SKYY Driving campaign.

That's the replacement name the first came to my mind. 
Another suggestion:  C Drive.    

It's just horrible, i guess some little chinesse company will demand to change the name "Microsoft" sooner or later aswell.
MS just getting raped.
And BSkyB is probably the dumbest name someone could ever think of.
I never even knew this lil shit company exist.

I've heard of "Sky News", but that's it. But even so, how can you trademark the word "Sky"? That'd be like trademarking the word "Apple"...

This 'lil shit company', as you call it, is one of the world's largest satellite TV operators in the world, also partly owned by the Murdoch empire I may add...

Well I don't give a damn who there owned by or how large they are. Its means jack crap to me. Those people are just that. More people. Same reason I call doctors by there name. There just people. I don't care about your or there title. Also I don't see how this was approved because its called SkyDrive. As in one word. Its not known as sky. Surely these companies spending money on these types of things can think of better ways to spend there money.

What does that have to do with the discussion here?  SKYDRIVE is one word, not two.  You can't correlate the two.

I'm not a trademark lawyer so I don't know if that would work. But if so it would be a big 'in your face' to BSB.

they're, their.
And you should give a damn about doctors and other people that put in time and work to earn something. You would if you did as well.

I'm glad they worked and hot the knowledge they did. But in the end there still just people. And that makes them no better than I am.

So by that logic, you too are no better than a crackhead baby rapist, after all your both just people, right? Sorry but that logic is flawed.

By that logic a doctor cannot be a crackhead baby rapist, because a doctor is above those kinds of flaws regardless of whatever else has happened throughout their life.
Stop valuing people based on their profession and you might meet some of the best people you've ever known.

I don't value based on professions. A person should valued on the good deeds they do. Not on what a piece of paper says.

Your logic is flawed. If the people who aren't crackheads baby rapists and the likes are all better than those said people. I respect them for the people they are and what they have accomplished but just because whoever has a piece of paper means jack crap. If a person from India who is a doctor there moves to the US but can't pass the board of exams, does that mean they are not doctors anymore? Absolutely not. I'm tired of people feeling entitled. I treat people how id like to be treated. For instance if I was the president I wouldn't want to be called Mr. PRESIDENT. Call me by my name.

"If a person from India who is a doctor there moves to the US but can't pass the board of exams, does that mean they are not doctors anymore? Absolutely not."
Not to disagree with your argument about the value of people per se, that is exactly what it means. Until they pass the exam.
I think this concept of valuing people by their profession is typical (not unique) to US as a tradition of the class structure doesn't exist in the extent it perhaps does elsewhere. It doesn't make it right, but comes naturally to people, as people tend to want to be in contact with similar people.
On the other hand, what people do for a living is not completely independent from what kind of people they are. Which comes first is perhaps not so clear. But, it also isn't the whole picture.
And my pennies worth: CloudDrive.
And later, as people talk about The Cloud, Microsoft comes immediately in mind. Result!

Yes. It does make them better than you. Because they have knowledge you, apparently, lack. Learn to give respect to people who put in a lot of hard work. They are useful to the society, not "just" people.

So, when I work in 20-hour days to ensure the project is done by the deadline, because I happen to have knowledge and experience required for the task, that makes me automatically better than everyone else working the normal 8-9. Hmm. I'll try to not let it go to my head. Oh, BTW, my team's projects enable doctors to do what they do best from day to day. We'll try to not let that go to our heads either.

Agrees. I might just maybe understand if the product were called Sky Drive. But I dont agree that SkyDrive would do harm or dilute brand or apparently call-nanny-boo-boo to BSkyB. Of course, this ruling came out of EU and I don't pretend to understand how they come up with laws let alone the framework with which they decide cases. Silly indeed!

If that's towards me. I don't really care. The English language is a mess anyways. Besides who am I trying to impress? No one. Oh yea that's right.

The English language is a mess because of people like you not caring about it. It actually has very well defined rules, hence why we can point out that you're doing it wrong.

"Beside who am I trying to impress? No one."
No one here is impressed, so you have succeeded. "They're you have it!"


How come it isn't avaible in my country then? You call it biggest?
I heard about skydrive but where's this BSKYB crap?

Yeah, on my country 'BSkyB' isn't even recognized. I've been heard of it just when I saw this article.

Have you never heard of the Sky TV channels? But even if YOU haven't, it doesnt mean that it's an unknown company. 

Stands for British Sky Broadcasting. Its owned by Rupert merdoc and is a bag of shite. Rip off service, money grabbing bastards and they are constantly in the courts trolling the shit out of people and other companies. Branson is the only person whose won one against them.

*who's. "Whose" is only used to show possessive.

Sorry, the there/their/they're police are probably after me for some obscure post I made last month. I'm only using you to divert their attention to you, long enough for me to make my escape.

BskyB operates under the name sky, it's called that in UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Australia and more, it's owned by fox/news international (Rupert murdoch) and is a big brand, the biggest pay tv/Internet and broadband in the UK, so I can kind of understand the problem.

Born here, created his empire here, then gave up his Australian citizenship as at the time dual US citizenship was not allowed... so no longer an Aussie... Lachlan and Sarah are the only Aussie family members these days from memory.
Reminds me of Russel Crowe, born a Kiwi, lives in Australia, yet never a citizen (never here long enough to meet the requirements for citizenship) of Australia... Aussies that aren't exactly Aussies.

Yeah right. Microsoft is a gigantic company for how long now? If anyone wanted to sue MS for the MS name then they would've done so many years ago.

If you don't defend your trademarks and copyrights, you lose them. We don't know how long Sky and Microsoft have been litigating this.

They're only one of the largest TV broadcasters in the UK, with subsidiaries all over Europe.
It's like saying, 'who's Fox/NBC/CBS--- never heard of these little crap companies?'

And if that person lived in a place where fox,NBC,CBS is unheard of then they'd be in the right. Lets bash him because we know something he doesn't!!!

To be fair SKY do have lots of services which start with SKY, K
SkyDemand, SkyGo, SkyAnytime, SkyBroadband, SkyCalls, SKY3D, SkyInteractive, not to mention all of their own channels are called, SkyOne, SkyTwo, SkyAtlantic, SkyNews, SkyMovies 1-12, SkySports (one of the worlds biggest sports networks), SkyLiving, etc etc etc. So you can understand where some stupid people might get confused if they aren't techsavvy.. Especially if they have SkyBroadband, and use the SkyNews app (which is available on WP8 and Windows8, its actually quite good and includes live channel feed, although for some reason it doesn't filter by tech news on the wp8 app...)

It's so difficult to name anything nowadays without infringing on someone else's trademark. We need to start naming things in gibberish now.

How about name it gibberish. So when people ask you how much storage you got in your cloud? you say, I got 10gigs in my gibberish. In no way this word is patent by anyone.

Please no. If you're over 23 you don't want to name everything after a Game Console.  And how many Companies want to tell their Employees to use anything with an XBox in the name.
I hope they don't change it, except for regional branding in the UK.  The UK has somepretty odd views on Intellectual Property but they can't stop MS from calling it SkyDrive when ever they interact with non-UK Customers.
Let the Wankers call it "Fish and chips in the sky" for all I care.

I think this is probably what it will become. Keeps the Microsoft branding, and makes it instantly recognizable to people coming from Android.

Just wait for the Android fanboys to complain that Microsoft copied Google ...

Just name it after a cloud type, cumulus, stratus.....or better yet call it Genus, with the different cloud types being a different type of network configuration.

I like stratus  cumulus i had thought of and like, but stratus is even better. short and to the point.

Azure is a cool looking name, but 95% of the public have no idea how to pronouce it and no one would see it and intuitively think, "oh, cloud based storage", unlike SkyDrive which rolled off the tongue and seemingly shouted out "I'm cloud based storage!". I realize Microsoft uses this name for businesses already, but I just don' think it's as good as SkyDrive was. Can't they juse call it "Microsoft SkyDrive" or "Windows SkyDrive" and appease the courts that way?

If past examples are anything to go by (remember metro) the name will change to "windows 8 cloud storage service."

I really thought SkyDrive was a great name for the service. Now if they rename it to something with Drive in it again, then people will say Microsoft copied Google Drive. Heh.

^THIS. If Google sued MSFT for the "Drive" word, I'm sure they'll get sued by the HDD companies for the same word, too.

Delta better watch out, they're going to have to rename SkyMiles. Oh no wait, this kind of BS only applies to Microsoft.

Delta would be immune as bskyb is a British company ran by an Australian. Your American courts would tell him to fuck off

Microsoft is always in the receiving end of all this bullcrap from everywhere. Why doesn't anyone ever sue other companies?

Apple bundles Safari with MacOS/iPhone. Why don't they get sued? Google bundles Chrome with Android. What about that? Microsoft bundles IE with Windows/WP and everyone loses their minds. Fcuk justice.