Which social networks do you use most frequently in Windows Phone?

Social Networks

We're fairly sociable as human beings. Mobile phones paved new ways to communicate without wires, far extending the reaches of walkie-talkies and the like. Pulling up the aerial on the brick and making a call was a luxury, but in 2014 almost everyone has a mobile device, be it a smartphone or feature phone. Social networks have also evolved from the personal computer to include mobile devices.

Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile each had apps and light-level integration with social networks, enabling consumers to connect and remain in touch with friends and family, even when not at home. This was a perfect way to add yet more functionality to the phone without having to bloat down the operating system. Times have changed, though. People want even more functionality and features.

When Microsoft released Windows Phone back in 2010, it was the only platform at the time (and still is to a certain degree) to sport true integration with social networks. I say true integration by ways of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all available at the core level without the requirement for respective apps to be fired up each and every time you wish to connect. This made Windows Phone powerful in the social realm.

Social Networks

But with these social networks came the battle to become the more frequently used option. This entirely (or rather yet, mostly) boils down to which one you prefer on a personal level, as well as what you immediately require in terms of functionality. Each social network of today provides separate features and reach. An interesting tidbit: do you know what term is given to someone who hops between social networks? "Butterflying".

Other networks have been added over time and while they're not directly integrated into the OS, we'll include them in this discussion for arguments sake. 

  • Twitter: micro-blogging platform, perfect for ranting, connecting, news and light discussions. 
  • Facebook: the home of friends and family with the ability to remain in contact with lost friends and play Candy Crush.
  • LinkedIn: the business hub of the Internet with employees and companies listed for viewing.
  • Instagram: for photo fanatics and those who just can't resist taking 'selfies' and publishing to the world.

Social Networks

With Windows Phone 8.1 just around the corner (unless you're rocking the Preview) and social networks adding more features through each official app release, it's an interesting time to be connected to friends and acquaintances through a series of tubes. The People Hub in Windows Phone provides a sweet way to remain updated with the more popular networks, namely Facebook and Twitter.

You can not only receive notifications through the Me Tile for when someone contacts you on either service (or connects via photo tagging, etc) but also see everything in an aggregated view. This is a perfect solution to "butterflying" between multiple networks to stalk your prey... I mean friends. You then have other services such as Reddit, Google and YouTube. The sky's the limit – quite literally. But how can these networks improve with Windows Phone?

Which social network(s) do you use most on your Windows Phone? Sound off your thoughts in the comments, as well as how you'd like to see such services evolve in the near future.


Reader comments

Which social networks do you use most frequently in Windows Phone?



With either unattended betas, basic web wrappers, or feature lacking official apps that never seem to catch up to ios/android versions... Facebook and (a distant second) Twitter are about the only viable options.
Unless you like the 3rd party renditions or actually make use of the site on our phones.

Same for me; never saw the point of twitter or instagram. Occasional discussions on various fora of interest too...

People hub on windows phone 8.1 isn't much different than before. I use it more now actually because it has more features and what it doesn't have launches the app automatically.

I feel like I should reply to you in pinyin, lol! Who uses QQ anymore? Surely everyone's on WeChat (Weixin).

you could say the same for any social network: they are all a modern way to text (communicate).

It's like saying I agree with your comment to the 620th degree,or 620 % so to speak.. It can correlate to the device you own.. I usually say +1520 ,or +920 that's the phones I have.. However I've said +2520 even though I don't have one,I have a Surface.. But the higher number shows stronger agreement.

So if I have a 520 my argument is invalid:D lol ,so it works both ways ,the phone you're having and the level of your agreement.thanks my man :)

Lol.. Yes,you can look at it that way too. +520 I got my brother one for Christmas. I almost got myself one too,just because. lol

+ICON. wait. That doesn't work out well for me so well. it'll have to be +929 for me, even though that's not the phones real name.

It's a commandeering of Google's +1 mode of "liking" something on their Google+ network and making it much better by using your phone's model number.

Facebook and Twitter... Thats actually about it... none of the other services have given me a compelling reason to join.

I'm just heavily opinionated. But I actually don't like replies so kind of a reverse troll I suppose. Thats really how I feel anyways... Social networking is nothing but drama. I know it's good for family. But texting is simple enough. Personal. If you want to be stalked be my guest

Absolutely feel the same way. I figure the people who really give a shit about me (and vice versa) already have my phone number and can text or call if they feel like there's something really important they need to let me know.

Remember the days when family used to get together and pass around photos (yes ones you had to wait a week to get developed) of a holiday somebody went on? Or scrolling through a phonebook hoping your friend is listed because you left his house shitfaced and can't remember how to get back?
There are so many positive uses for Facebook that some people take for granted.
The only negatives are immature people, in or just left school people, or people with no friends or family who fail to use it as this useful tool..
If friends annoy you on fb, they probably annoy you in real life too, so... Unfriend them! if you bump into them somewhere afterwards and they confront you about it, tell them they're posts are fucking annoying! Problem solved ;)

I feel the same way I barely want to check email much less wade thru random pointless posts. I barely use xbl's social services

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But now the Me tile is basically dead in 8.1. Sad to see it go. If only people saw beauty in the design of windows phone 7/8. Its funny that in the race to be relevant, we can't have nice things.

That's true! Yikes, I didn't realize that.. anyway, I think it could be saved by giving it special and new capabilities :)

At the moment Facebook and Twitter but the Facebook Integration is so badly castrated especially with the chat functionality that it just turns me off on WP right now

For sure Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These three social networking sites help me to keep update with the news as it is faster than waiting news on the TV. Besides I love to share my edited photos on Instagram. But that doesn't mean that I am not well aware with surrounding. I prefer to be social on reality and virtual.

This. The article is flawed in that sense as it makes the reader think ME tile is ultra cool. It isn't. Digital networking sucks on WP8.1, while everyone finds Xbox Music limiting, WP a phone once designed around you is now a glorified app launcher with blocks.

Yes, the Me Tile is dead in WP 8.1. And SN client apps are unusable now. Twitter forgot the app in WP. And still can't open links from SN directly in his clients.

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Facebook to keep in touch with friends, specially those who are far.
Twitter for fast access to news.
Instagram for the photos.

I don't much care for deep social integration on the phone though. I've removed the Me tile from the start screen with 8.1 because of the removal of update posting to several social networks. To open an app to do it I rather have the app tile (or use Multishare).
I like the quick access to social sharing in apps and the browser though.

Instagram about every day followed by Facebook and then Twitter and Flickr tied up at third.

Facebook messaging and Vkontakte (VK) messaging only.

To find out what people are posting I wait till I'm in front of a bigger screen.

Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp. Used to use Facebook more but since the death oh hubs it also killed my usage.

Facebook, twitter, instagram & Nearby(WNM Live). Nearby >>)Nokia Lumia group) is the best place to get support about ur WP from the users experience themselves ;)

After losing the full integration of facebook... I rarely post or surf it. The app is a pain to me. Twitter is what I use a lot not.

The new VK app and its people hub integration is an example to all others. It is absolutely lightyears ahead of facebook and any other social app. It's also the only thing I use nowadays. Facebook is boring and uninteresting, mostly due to my lack of interest in pretty much anyone and twitter... Well, that's pretty much 99% bots and RSS feeds. Weave so much better for that and I have yet to see the first interesting post by anyone there.

While I appreciated the previous core WP7/8 Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn core integration the experience with their respective apps was terrible - the integration only compensated for how bad the apps were. Remember the Facebook app back in Windows Phone 7.5? TERRIBLE! Nice idea, very poorly implemented and set it back, still chasing iOS & Android just because Microsoft wanted to make the Facebook app themselves.

Facebook has always been weird for me. I prefer twitter and instagram (and rarely use 6tag anymore, just the official app...please don't kill me)

I used to be a frequent twitter user since the beginning of Twitter because of getting quick and shirt message, news, updates and stuff. But now I rarely use Twitter to the extent that I dont open it for weeks or month now. I still use Facebook though mostly the messaging app to have contacts with friends and family in other places. But my use of Facebook also lessens as the time goes. I used Instagram regularly because of interesting photos and the I like showing off the power of my Lumia camera. So far, I am more frequent with Instagram than any other social media apps.

Facebook, twitter and whatsapp. I deleted instagram bc it made me depressive. I want to delete fb as well, but it's my only means of communication with friends who live abroad.

Since 8.1 Twitter no longer comes up when I want to share. Tried everything and still can't get it to come up although I can share to twitter through Unishare. And include me that 8.1 sucks compared to the old way FB and Twitter were integrated and I truly miss the Me tile as its useless now.

Facebook....like most of the world does.....but it was mentioned in post that one could see all notifications from me tile-that being true for WP 8 only now it can't be said anymore ...sadly

Now we can see any useful notifications by swiping down from the top ;) no wading through bs... As apps give more options for what to notify you of, I think this should serve the same purpose as the me tile feeds...

You do NOT get notifications anymore in the Me Tile.  In fact, because of WP8.1, the Me Tile is virtually useless.  I use to post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously via the Me Tile.  Now I have to use a third-party app to do it.  It's just sickening how badly Microsoft has screwed up the OS.

Give time to add more notification options in apps and our me tile feeds will basically be part of the notifications pull down I think...
But I think MS still needs to add tick boxes in the "share to" page to select multiple SN's

Facebook is boring to me of late. Instagram memes are hilarious. And I like the daily themes like mcm, tbt, wcw, etc. I check twitter for news on artists and ign/wpcentral. I used snap chat then stopped. Idk if that's considered a social network. Probably not .

With its stories and shared stories features I'd say Snapchat has become a social network.

I use it more than anything now. I've stopped uploading pictures to Facebook and deleted my Instagram completely. Same deal with Twitter, my use of it dropped off with my increase of Snapchat use, so I deleted it too. My professional life is in a weird place at the moment, so I find that I don't need LinkedIn, so I deleted that too haha.

I still use Facebook for chat with people who don't have Snapchat, but more and more people are migrating every week so it's only a matter of time for my FB account.

Thank Rudy for 6snap!

One thing im surprised Microsoft hasnt done this add xbl friends list to people hub & xbl messaging to the messaging/email app & put shortcuts to these new locations in the games hub

Facebook here. I have a Twitter account, but I barely ever use it anymore. I only do LinkedIn on my computers and haven't used Instagram in ages but have it installed only on my 920 (which I haven't used since March).

I use a little bit of LinkedIn but unfortunately it is less and less business and more and more spam.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram(6tag) and Vine(6sec). Would love to see Instagram and and Vine in Peoples Hub. I hope Microsoft keep the "onefeed" in WP. 80% of my use is related to the social network part...

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Beta (and sometimes 6tag) and Whatsapp. Hardly every use Viber and WeChat though I have the two installed

Occasionally Facebook but mostly 6snap and 6tag (no official instagram app, yuck). The Tumblr app is nice to have but is so far behind the iOS app that I hardly use it.

I use Twitter and Facebook. I almost never post anything. I just follow people due to the security risk's out there now.

I rarely post to social networks.

My number one social tool is the people hub with just Twitter (Facebook unchecked).

I use the Facebook app to consume Facebook.

I would prefer to use google+ or path. I think they're both better thought out and presented than facebook, and more useful too. But everyone I know is on facebook almost exclusively. Sadly, the social networks you use are often dictated by where your friends are. Though I do have a blog on tumblr, but partially precisely because no one i know is on there.

I use Instagram (via 6Tag) exclueively for pictures, because I can have 6tag port those photos over to Twitter and Facebook automatically.


Aside from that, I am 70% facebook mand 30% Twitter fort status updates, etc