Some devices need OEM driver updates before Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1


You're probably enjoying Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 that rolled out earlier today – unless you're on an HTC 8X or HTC 8S. We reported earlier today that those on the 8X and 8S we're unable to get Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. The cause? Turns out it needs an OEM driver update from HTC.

Here's what Microsoft has said on their support forums for those unable to update to the latest build:

"There are a small set of devices for which we aren't offering the latest build of the Developer Preview program due to an identified problem that requires mobile operator or OEM driver updates. These will be offered when the official update for your phone is available."

We reached out to Microsoft for clarification but haven't heard back yet. In the meantime, it looks like the HTC 8X and 8S won't be able to get Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 until HTC puts out the necessary driver updates. We'll let you know when that happens.

Anyone with a Samsung or HTC Windows Phone unable to get the latest update? Sound off below. Or if you did get it, do let us know.

Source: Microsoft

Thanks for the tip Chris!


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Some devices need OEM driver updates before Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1



@Cryio and morpheus1982 they abandoned the HTC one x, why? That was high end. Also HTC budget devices(Heck, any Android budget devices) don't get updates like the Nokia Lumia 520 does.

one x and nexus 7 use different versions of tegra 3.and the one that htc used to build one x is dicontinued in terms of new drivers

The One X (& One X+) couldn't be updated because nVIDIA didn't release the Drivers for the Tegra 3 Processors ... That's why you don't see new phones with Tegra processors anymore.

And this is why you buy high end Lumia. I don't say that to be an ass but this is why I can't ever consider any other high end OEM simply because this alone shows that Lumia gets the updates. With HTC releasing that new phone hopefully they will update their future phones but this killed any mild interest I had

Samsung got the updates too. So did Xolo and Huawei. The most you can say is "don't buy HTC" but "only buy Lumia" seems silly.

Don't mention that something positive happened to a non-Nokia OEM like Samsung to him. You'll only make him mad.

I wouldn't say silly. If there's an update available there's almost a guarantee that high end Lumia will receive it at some point in time... Samsung HTC or any other OEM is a toss up. Depends a lot on demand

unfortunatly in the US at least, if you are stuck on Sprint for some reason you are stuck with HTC or Samsung..   damn Sprint.

Depends on where you live. Where i am my coverage is great and I'm paying less than $100 for 3 unlimited lines.

I do wish they supported WP better though :-/

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You speak truth. The 8.1 update hosed my 8xt (WiFi driver issues) so now I'm on a g3. Id still like to use my 8xt... But i haven't found info on rolling back to wp8 and i have a hunch HTC will bail on updating its firmware officially for 8.1

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I'm glad I got rid of my 8X a few months ago and got the Icon. I already knew HTC was slipping. You could tell how they didn't care about the OS and Nokia did. I felt HTC could really care less about their Windows phone; so I ditched them. And I'm glad now.

see I think that with the m8 windows edition, it would push HTC to get their ass in gear and start churning updates out, to not displease the m8 users, which then in turn push updates to the 8x/t 8s.

And people are excited about the One M8 for windows phone... Seriously, if you want windows phone, you want Nokia. Anything else you're just peanalising yourself.


Tried updating today. Just got the .899 bit from the update package. Life with WP on HTC hasn't been smooth and I'm sure other customers like myself have had their patience tested by the company.

i just twite them, "moving to Lumia" :)

still no firmware update for 8S!!! there support is.....sorry they dont have support :)

So I'm going to have to wait until Samsung/Sprint release firmware updates? Well, it was fun while it lasted. RIP my Samsung Ativ S Neo.

I got the Preview update and all fine for all my Ativ S Neo on Sprint. The 8XT is what's given issues. Only the first of our 8XTs were able to get 8.1 Preview.

I just downloaded Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview on my HTC 8XT on Sprint. Now if I can only figure out how to create app folders :(


If it's really update 1, you just drag a tile and drop it on top of another you want to group it with.

Gmerdude just responded that some devices need OEM driver update. Sprint hasn't pushed the OEM driver update for HTC 8XT at the moment so I'm guessing that's why I'm not able to create app folders. However I remember when the Windows Phone 8.1 was announced in April at BUILD that Sprint said that the HTC 8XT would be getting the update this summer. So I'm guessing us 8XT owners are at the mercy of Sprint for now. Bummer because I was looking forward to the creation of app folder. I know that Samsung ATIV Neo on Sprint already had that feature built in by Samsung when the device was released last fall so this update probably isn't a big deal for those owners. Oh well the waiting game continues with Windows Phone for Sprint customers.

Also confirming that the Ativ S Neo updated without too much of a hitch with the Developer Preview.

Only blip I got was the Live Lock Screen. Seems it is incompatible. 

Live Lock Screen works on my phone. I also installed the GDR1 update this morning on my Sprint Ativ S Neo.

Now if Sprint and Samsung would just release things officially instead of forcing us to use the Dev Preview. It would be great to see they still support the phone through a firmware/system update.

I was able to update my 8X, but both Live Lock Screen and Battery Saver gave errors upon startup, saying they needed updates. When I check them now they appear to be running fine.

Never mind. Just realized I only got the first update to 8.10.122400.899.

My Ativ S Neo updated with no issues, but I am still having issues with quiet hours and since the update before Cortana is not able to save reminders. Anyone else having these issues?

I'm on Ativ S in UK but I keep gettin the error message after I download. Did u do anythin special with yours?

My ATIV S had no problem. Update in one go. Colleague, also with an ATIV S, had simular issue.

He did a 'factory reset' an after that he was able to install the update.
Ofcourse after installing 'Developer Toolkit'.

I can't update my 925 with Cyan + 8.1 on it to update 1. It just keeps failing with error 8018830f despite rebooting my phone a few times, emptying phone and IE caches, and rebooting my network equipment. On a 620 without Cyan it installs just fine.

Same as my Lumia 925! Downloaded but installation stopped at 8%. Error 8018830f. On dev preview. Pls report to MS so tht we cls install the update!

Same problem here and nobody speak about this!!! Daniel can u check it out? Lumia 925 Cyan. Can't open the update.

But the 12400 build was released and my 8X runs much smoother with fewer loading screens. Can't really complain.

Yep. That is why I said but. Everyone is complaining even though they got a fox that provides alot of needed bug fixes.

Hopefully it fixed the text message issue that me and my GF have been having. Havent seen the issue come up yet but it wasnt super easy to reproduce...

yea same! it says 'can't update phone!' 20-30 secs after the spinning wheels appear. anyone else has this problem??? so L920 also has OEM issues?

Well this will be my last HTC device. Will be going back to a Lumia device. They barely respond on their twitter page.

Do you really think that you will change anyone's perception of HTC? Do you work for them our something? Anytime anyone says something negative about HTC you're right there to defend them. If people believe that they don't get good customer service from HTC, who are you to tell them they are wrong? Get off your soap box

The anti-HTC folks are the shills if anyone is.  HTC has provided every WP8 OS update yet all you see is tantrums about them "abandoning" their phones.  Where is that coming from?

Seriously, have you mistaken me for someone else? I make two comments in the same thread, and suddenly you know me enough to suggest that I am constantly defending HTC. Fact; wp8.1.1 is not official. Fact: It only got released TODAY on DP. Fact: HTC need to release firmware to make it work. Should they take ages, then complain. For the matter, find something more important in your life to complain out. It's a phone. First world non-issue.

If I were to go back to 8.0, I could update to 8.1 with my firmware and then move on to this. That's not important, though. 8.1 is the OS, which has been officially released.

You should have the smaller update. Go to "About" in settings. Your OS version should end in .899 (if you got today's mini update, not full 8.1 yet). We need HTC's drivers/firmware first before full 8.1.

Mickroshaft is at it again. L625, cyan, 8.1, unbranded failed twice 500+ MB wasted. Joe you are shafting many individuals and that's not a good sign!

That sounds horrible, my condolences. Who do you want to play you in the oscar winning movie about your tragedy?

"...it looks like the HTC 8X and 8S won't be able to get Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 until HTC puts out the necessary driver updates..."

Translation: HTC is releasing a new phone so they don't give a f**! about the old ones.

Probably... Nokia does it all the time ... No phones get the update until the new phones go on sale.

It worked with my Huawei Ascend W1 but Huawei still needs to update the firmware and solve the problems of other W1 users that are stuck to WP8 GDR1 and is unable to update.

So, per the other thread what is wrong with the Nokia Lumia 920?

Like I said there, would it not be possible to list prerequisites if there are some rather than annnounce that the latest and greates is there for all to see and then have a whole bunch of disappointed folk?

Amateurish at best from MS.

Hence the issue is a lack of user consistency in their experience.

MS seem to think that flinging a 0x80188308 (or some other hex code) out at you is sufficient, how is that in any way informative or helpful to an end user when they are trying to resolve the issues faced?

Sheer bloody mindedness which is frustrating to say the least - perhaps a message in the language of the user - or even publishing the list of codes with their explanation somewhere might be a first step to giving some hope to their customers?

I have the 0x80188308 on my DP NL 920 4 times today. I still do not know the workaround on it. I obviously don't have Cyan installed but I doubt I need Cyan to install this Update unless I need a driver that is part of the Cyan update to install this.

MS needs to be more transparent as opposed to the goose chase game.

Good for everyone enjoying wp 8.1 i have not received my update as yet on my Hong Kong 1520. Hong Kong phones are just as bad as htc it seems

Awesome. and I thought its Microsoft issue, used to love my HTC, and thought its still the "official" phone for WP.
Now this is the point where I'm thinking of swapping my HTC 8x with a Lumia 1520 ..
Enjoy the update guys!

Man, what are you saying people, HTC will get this update, it's been few hours since release. And it's a DP anyways.. Come on

They most likely will.. I mean come on, there is also no official 8.1 on Lumias, Ativs, but Lumia 930,630. I think that when we get firmware (Lumia, Ativ, HTC) we will all get to the 8.1.1 with no 8.1 in between. Just using common sense.. Hope so :)

Yeah, they ARE so busy with android because they haven't updated HTC phones for months and announced any plans for 8.1 O.o Use your damn head, I meant up to this point.

At least we know they got our backs by holding off and not just releasing it to all phones and breaking the ones that aren't ready! It's running like a dream on my 930 !!

I am so sorry that when I purchased this phone (HTC 8X) last year, I had not purchased a Lumia instead.   I planned on buying the HTC One for Windows, but if HTC is doing stuff like this, I'm going to think twice.  The Lumia 930 or an upcoming one may be a better choice for me.

I have 8XT Developer Preview. Got the minor .899 update today. We don't have the second/full 8.1 update yet. We need firmware first maybe?

i just hope htc will come up with the updated drivers, i still have a full year warranty on my 8x and had just ordered the verizon back cover. i still dont think this will get treshold but not getting an update in the range of the 8.0/8.1 release is ridiculous.

Threshold is the unification of Windows across a common kernel and most APIs. It is for all things Windows. Phones, tablets, PCs and even servers.

I have tried to update my phone, Samsung Ativ S, multiple times now, but everytime I got the errorcode: 0x80188308. It's probably because of lack of Samsung to give the necessary driver update.

I don't think the update for samsungs is getting there quite quickly, looking at the fight between samsung and microsoft dual the patent payment. 

Still getting same error code on Ativ S then it teases me again and says you have an update ready to install.

Lucky bugger most say that they get an error have to wait I suppose still it worked on the 1520 and 630 so I can wait :)

Wont install on lumia 920, tried 6 times with each resulting in phone wont update error 801etc... Any help please? Would be much appreciated

I downloaded the minor update earlier this morning, now I'm checking my phone update page every so often wondering when the proper update is going to roll out. I hope it's soon.

I highly doubt it you have gotten the .899 update as per Microsoft hasn't released it for HTC phones lol

Every HTC phone I have used or friend that has bought one -- Android or WP has had problems.  I will probably never buy a HTC phone. 

Can anyone from WP Central confirm if the multiple reports of Lumia and Samsung devices also not getting the update are true?

Ah well. Guess we're never getting these drivers since HTC hasn't even said a thing about 8.1. Off to get a Lumia.... -sigh- and I was looking forward to Cortana Alpha and the folders -grumble-