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Grab a Sonos Play:1 2-room starter set for $349

Get started with Sonos with this Play:1 two-room kit for $349 at Amazon

Sonos has brought back its 2-room Starter Kit, which saves you $50 on the purchase of two Play:1 speakers. The kit, which is priced at $349, is perfect for anyone. Whether you are looking to get started with Sonos in your home, or are looking to add a few more speakers to an existing set-up, you...
Sonos Play:5

Sonos Play:5 is now available for pre-order

Sonos today confirmed the new and improved all-in-one Play:5 speaker is now available to pre-order for $499. The newly announced system will commence shipping on November 20 for those who reside in the US. It's boasted that the refreshed Play:5 brings with it six custom-designed drivers –...
How to listen to your favorite podcasts on Sonos

How to listen to your favorite podcasts on Sonos

While you can't just add your favorite podcasts subscriptions to your Sonos system, there are still ways to listen to them as well as search for new shows. You just need to use the compatible services. There are three we're looking at here: TuneIn Radio, Soundcloud and Stitcher. The basic...

How to enroll in the Sonos beta program

If you like to live on the bleeding edge and you're a Sonos system owner, you might be interested in to hear about the open beta program. Anyone can join, though the usual caveats apply when you're testing out pre-release software. To be clear, this refers to Sonos software, not the app for...
How to create Groove playlists on your Sonos system

How to create Groove playlists on your Sonos system

We've shown you how to get up and running with a new Sonos system with Windows 10 and how to get your Groove on and get set up with Microsoft's streaming service. So, you're enjoying your tunes now in potentially every room of the house. But did you also know you can create new Groove playlists...
Groove on Sonos

How to add Microsoft Groove to your Sonos system

If you're an old Sonos pro then you'll likely already know how to achieve everything written here. But, if you're new or thinking of getting into Sonos, perhaps because Microsoft Groove is now supported on the system, we're here to walk you through adding your favorite music service. A quick...
Sonos Play:1

How to set up a Sonos system on Windows 10

Microsoft's Groove is now officially supported on Sonos, the popular Wifi connected audio system. While there's no official app in the Windows Store, there is still an official, Windows 10 compatible desktop application. Here, we walk you through every step to getting your new Sonos system up...
Groove Music

Sonos connected speakers can now access Groove Music in beta form

Owners of the connected speakers from Sonos can now access Groove Music, the newly rebranded music service from Microsoft. The service, previously known as Xbox Music, officially launched alongside Windows 10 and is also available on the Xbox One. Sonos says: "To try it in beta, select Add...
Sonos app for Windows Phone in private beta as promised, no ETA for release though

Sonos app for Windows Phone in private beta as promised, no ETA for release though

Back in December, we reported that Sonos (, who makes wireless home stereo equipment that connects up to third party media services, was in development of a Windows Phone app. Now, the link for that app has been found. Interestingly, if you browse the Store listing on the web, the date...

Official Sonos app for Windows Phone reportedly 'in testing' while unofficial Phonos gets a boost

When it comes to streaming music wirelessly from your house, Sonos ( is the go-to brand for speakers and hubs. While other wireless systems are just Bluetooth streamers from your phone, Sonos can play music from Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Songza, and a dozen more services to multiple...
Marc Whitten

Xbox’s Marc Whitten leaving Microsoft for Sonos

Marc Whitten is a name you may not be familiar with, but it’s a name that’s had a huge impact on console gaming. He’s been with Microsoft since 1997 and had the most impact on the Xbox when he joined that team in 2000. After 14 years working on Xbox, Marc is departing for consumer electronics...
Sonos has no Windows Phone app yet, but they want your feedback

Sonos has no Windows Phone app yet, but they want your feedback

Sonos ( is a pretty wild service. Not to be confused with Songza, which also works on Sonos (and is just as awesome), Sonos is a ‘Multi-Room Music System’ and it relies on HIFI-WIFI speakers placed throughout your abode. You can then stream music to all or just some of your speakers...