Personalized playlist recommendations come to Groove Music on Sonos

Sonos Play:1
Sonos Play:1

If you happen to use Groove Music with your Sonos wireless speaker setup, a new update will serve up a more personalized experience. Called "Playlists for you," the feature will offer up the same playlists that appear in the "Your Groove" section of the Groove Music app.

From Microsoft community manager Ellen Kilbourne:

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It's a pretty minor update, but one that should make pumping Groove tunes through the Sonos Controller app for Windows 10 a bit more convenient — especially if you're already a big fan of Your Groove in the Groove Music app already.

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  • Microsoft is on fire!!!!
  • Yeah Groove is quickly becoming what it should have been from the beginning. Unfortunately we had to go from Zune to Music, to XBox Music and then to Groove. That kinda wears on you. Actually that sounds pretty close what Microsoft has done with Windows(phone) as well!
  • Wow, nice! Many thanks!
  • How about getting that Sonos app on W10 Mobile............Phonos works, but the UI is horrible WP8 esque
  • Try the Zonos app?
  • Zonos is the way to go indeed...
  • Zonos is way better than Phonos, still would prefer official app from Sonos though
  • Really enjoying Zonos.
  • That's great. Now if Sonos actually properly supported Windows.
  • They support over 80% of the windows users though.. it's not their fault that nobody has any freaking use for UWP apps for which there is already a "app" available that also services the majority of the user base (rather than only w10(m) users). Apps on pc's are useless. There are websites, there are software packages, there was really no hole to fill. MS just wanted to also have a store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm guessing by your statement you don't own nor have your tried a device from the fastest growing category, Windows 2 in 1s or know the battery, touch, updates, system management, or performance advantages of UWP apps. PCs have to adapt like everything else.
  • Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but I have a Sonos system and I have no idea how to use Groove on it. I use Zonos as my Sonos controller, but it's all set up through my wife's accounts on iPhone (Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music). Im able to play music from her accounts, but not mine. Any help, guys?
  • - try this if you have a PC handy.
  • Thanks! I'm going to use a new songs client and try this out.
  • Yet you still can't play music purchased in the xbox/groove/windows store directly on sonos without an additional groove music pass (to play music you already own). But if you up load it to Amazon music it plays just fine.