Star Wars: Assault Team boards both Windows and Windows Phone, now available and free

We recently looked at an upcoming Star Wars game for both Windows and Windows Phone - Star Wars Assault Team. The game has finally launched on Microsoft platforms today, opening up the popular, fictional galaxy far, far away. Windows Phone has received a mixture of Star Wars games, some containing angry birds and others tasking players to build tower defenses.

Star Wars: Assault Team is a card come strategy, turn-based game. Players are able to collect and assemble a powerful team of heroes to battle enemies and even other players across the universe. 

For all the movie and lore buffs out there, Star Wars: Assault Team takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. But just because this is a card game, don't be fooled to believe it'll either be too simple or boring to play through. There's a lot of content here.

Players are tasked with completing challenging missions to infiltrate the enemy fleet, locate the Wookie resistance, overcome ambushes on the dangerous streets of Mos Espa and engage in battles across familiar planets, including Tatooine and Kashyyk. Some features of the game include:

  • Build and Customize a Team: Collect hundreds of character cards to create the ultimate team using the saga's most iconic heroes, including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and more.
  • Advance Heroes: Train, improve and strategically deploy each character's special attacks, making a team even more dominant against ever-powerful enemies.
  • Player vs. Player Combat: Fight against other players in PvP battles to win extra rewards.
  • Original Story: Complete all-new missions set between Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars: Assault Team is a freemium game and can be downloaded from supported stores for free. This does mean that optional in-game purchases are present (store isn't yet online). It's certainly worth the small investment should you enjoy battling through levels and collecting cards.

Unfortunately, a slight drawback (and possible oversight by the developers) means that players are unable to sync game data between the two versions, which is lame. Let us know what you think about the latest mobile Star Wars game.

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Source: Star Wars; Thanks, Ali K. and Henrik G., for the tips!


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Star Wars: Assault Team boards both Windows and Windows Phone, now available and free


I will take the honors: No 512 Mb ram support.
Edit: I'm not complaining, just reporting from my sweet phone with "1 Gb ram".

Right, but the developers should say its for "windows phone 8 1gb ram phones only" not for "windows phone 8" and yeah this is the reason why people from developing countries like India,China and Brazil are switching to Android ( btw i am a 512 mb ram user and a 1 gb ram user)

I'm sorry, but you get what you paid for. I'm honestly getting tired of all of the "no 512MB support" complaints. You don't have to get a flagship to get a phone with 1GB of RAM.

I guess its because i live in Argentina but here the lumia 520 its 250 USD

wonder if im able to get a 925 from amazon and solve this 512 thing

Well maybe this site and others shouldn't promote the low ram devices so much and forget to mention the downsides.

This has nothing to do with me or anyone else being filthy rich, this has to do with people stop feeling entitled to something. Developers don't owe anyone anything. They don't owe anyone support for their low end devices nor do they owe anyone support for WP at all.


You can wish for support for 512Mb devices and in a case where the developer doesn't have a WP version wish for WP Support in general.



Yes, they don't have to support low end but a large number of the Windows Phone 8 devices are 512MB so it would make economic sense to do so if they can.

For 512MB owners, you can always email the developer for feedback. There must be a good reason why some games or apps are not available for 512MB devices, like an app's max RAM access limit for 512MB Windows Phones. You really get what you pay for at the end of the day. Low end devices saturate the market, but income mostly comes from the flagship phones.

I'm sorry, you get what you paid for. I'm honestly getting tired of all of these posts complaining about people with half a gig of ram when he was just stating it for the general public. Eesh.

What are we, the salvation army? Are we in communist soviet union? Go buy your own 1Gb device if you want these games so badly. Don't buy a Skoda then complain that the car won't outrun a Ferrari...

Did I say that I wanted these 1gb games badly? Not everyone can afford high end devices so quit trying to put ppl down...

Listen to me carefully, and all you other WPCentraler's whinging about 512MB RAM support.

It is absolutely no different to buying a budget PC that can't play most games.

It is no different to buying a low end Android device that can't play a lot of games.

It is no different here. You are buying a low end device and getting the WP experience, minus some features.


Graphically intensive games is one of them. Deal with it, walk away.

If you don't like it, buy a better phone.

If you can't afford a better phone, such is life.


I'm seriously sick of the whinging. Just move on..

The only difference with iOS is that there is two devices - the 5C and 5S. both can play all games, but then again, Apple only offers one service, a service that is leaps and bounds more expensive than the lumia 520 and any other low end device. 


It comes with compromises guys, that's life.


Lumia 1520 with 2GB RAM. (Y)

Listen to you carefully? Oh for real? Why what you gonna do? If your sick of the complaints then move on n stop reading the comments!

Move on, idiot.


I read the comments in a hope to see people's take on this game and their own personal opinion, things they've found whilst playing. I don't read it to scour through pages of "OH WHY NO 512MB SUPPORT HURRR DURR WP SUCKS" cause it happens way too often.

Sick of it.

A hug?


I've got a 1520 with 2GB RAM. What would I care?


WPC just doesn't need whining, whinging butthurt users. You happen to be one of them.

I don't have to buy a flagship to get a gig of ram, but I have to buy a large phone. What if I want a 4- inch phone like 620?

Dude, you just got your geek license revoked. Not knowing that that post and the QOTSA song is a Star Wars reference is punishable by multiple defragmentation of your solid state drive!


Your license has automatically been revoked by my 2 butterflies flapping their wings.

Asphalt 8 adopts to hardware. You will see a difference even between Surface 2 and Pro 2. And on my W530, it adds graphics I didn't know existed on Asphalt 8.

1 gb is the new standard.No wonder Nokia is making even their next gen budget phones with 1 gb ram(630).

Know worry's I got a computer with 320gb of ram. (its my personal server from Lenovo) my phone only 512mb.(521) but I got a iPad and iPhone for games.

Have you bought a server to prove me wrong? I'm telling the truth go to the Lenovo website and max out the server, that's what I payed for it and the specs.

the physical limit for windows server 2012 x64 is 4tb even though majority of consumer motherboards only currently hold 64gb. Somehow i don't think your 320gb is correct.

Another fail for my 720 while my friend on a Moto G is laughing at me.Well at least my Nexus can play it..

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Hey your NL 920 can buy 2 Moto G and what's ironic is NL 720 is costlier than Moto G. I have NL 925 but that doesn't mean we have to look down on ppl who have 512 ram and applaud windows phone developers for not supporting the phones that gives 90% of windows phone share in mobile statistics.

I might give it a try once they add the option to sync settings between devices, if they add it...

Gee wiz, another "possable cool" game with out Xbox live.... #SaveXboxWP

I guess MS does not care about Xbox live on Windows Phone any more...

No Xbox, no download.....yep, I will miss out, no biggie, got plenty of other games to play.

Oh, you are such a MARTYR... Not trying a FREE game just because of the lack of XBL.
I don't know which is worse... the 512 comments or this.

I know what's worse: people who complain about the complainers. They will always take the #1 Bitch prize in any argument.

Sorry, but these complaints are just ridiculous, especially when we are talking about a free -star wars!- game.
It's like you have a chance to watch the new -let's say- star wars movie in the cinema for free, but you won't, because they ran out of nachos and only offer popcorn... And then you start acting like a martyr, go to random people -who don't care one bit- and tell them that you won't watch it.

But np, keep on doing it, I'll keep on telling my opinion too when I feel like it, just like everyone else.
Good day

You are incredibly condescending. I'd recommend you just stop replying to people if all you're going to do is pick fights. Your posts contribute nothing.

Instead of 512 or No Xbl debates, I'm gonna take it back a couple of years and point out the absolute ridiculous notion that mobile gaming is going to surpass handheld consoles. With garbage like this and the turn based Marvel game, its laughable.
I'm not saying no one can like or enjoy this and more power to those who do, but by now in 2014 I really expected something outstanding, not card battles and ports of web games. Lame.

You shouldn't be so dismissive of card games. They're a lot of fun. in fact, real life card games have been popular for hundreds of years (if not more) and aren't going anywhere. Just because a game is card based doesn't make it garbage. ~ ~

I was actually reading these comments in the hopes of finding some relevant insight on this new star wars game I'm skeptical about, considering how disappointed I was with the other star wars game (Death Star). But no, just lil bitches complaining.

Those who are saying to 512Mb users that u get what u pay for dont have a valid point as even a low end game like Subway Surfers cant be played on Nokia 520,620,720 which hold majority share and its a really shame.

I agree, its just blind fanboyism, really Moto G cost as much as NL 620 but can run all these apps that 620 can't. Also considering how overpriced windows phone are, most of the apps SHOULD work in low end phones. Windows phone really need to catch up fast.

Sure seems to lock up a lot on my 920.  Especially annoying when it locks up during mission creation but after you've paid the energy cost to go on the mission.  Power cycling didn't fix it either.

Well, I think my issue with the game is original, in the sense that I've not seen any posts about it.  I'm living/working in China.  The game was released on 1Mobile Market China a couple of day ago.  In fact, it's a featured game.  Got myself a half decent phone that has a gig of memory, so I download the game and boot her up.  On startup, the game informs me it needs to download 100mb of media/information.


The data server it downloads from appears to be blocked in China.  Might have been a good idea to check that before you released it here.  So, I just end up staring at the Millenium Falcon for 2 hours.