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SuperTube with 720P streaming hits v1.5, keeps getting better

If you're a big YouTube user than either Lazy Worm (review coming up) or SuperTube (see video review) are your best choices. SuperTube just hit v1.5 today and brings a bunch of new features (as well as updates from previous versions). The app has the ability to stream and/or download any YouTube video for later viewing and allows 720P HQ playback, which as you can see from the screenshots above, is really high resolution. Surprisingly, there is no stutter during playback due to the new optimized video player.

Sure, there's a few spelling errors e.g. "buffing" instead of "buffering" and v1.5 actually reads v1.4 in the About Page, but in terms of style, function and ability, the app is up there with the top (it currently has 4.5 stars in the Marketplace). The app fetches for $1.29 (trial is available) and there is a free, ad version as well.

We have the entire changelog after the break.

Version 1.5 changes

  1. Web video player has been redone, and add small screens model that allows you to write comments while streaming videos.
  2. The performance of video player was optimized completely, the video in 720P can be played smoothly. And the buffering indicator was added.
  3. Users can switch to full screen mode in 16:9 or 4:3.
  4. The sounds of the videos will be run on the lock screen after you set to run under lock-screen.
  5. After adjusting the sound, save your sound settings until you close the program.
  6. Local video player adds ‘play all’ option.
  7. After playing all downloaded videos once, the sounds of the videos will be run on the lock screen
  8. It can play next video automatically.

Version 1.4 changes

  1. Allow users to review all channels of the subscription by metro model
  2. Allow users to add and delete your subscription
  3. Enhance Nearby Video function

Version 1.3 changes

  1. Custom background
  2. Browse the videos with low quality
  3. Improve the video quality by 3G connection

Version 1.2 changes

  1. Adjust the volume of the video player
  2. Nearby video: view the videos near your location
  3. Add like, dislike button and comment
  4. Share on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Fix the issue of 720P

Reader comments

SuperTube with 720P streaming hits v1.5, keeps getting better


People like to compare SuperTube and LazyTube, but actually there is something they did not notice that make SuperTube far superior.LazyTube only plays the videos that are on only plays the few videos that are allowed for mobile viewing. Absolute BS and deal-breaker.It means you will miss thousand and thousand of videos that are available on the real YouTube.SuperTube can play them. LazyTube can't.

Fair point. I know SuperTube is basically custom everything...player, streamer, etc. making it quite unique amongst the competition.

Thanks for the plug Daniel, we look forward to our app review! With regards to the downloading of videos and playing non-mobile content, this is really not a technical issue from our part but more a decision to try and adhere as closely as possible to the YouTube Terms of Service. Having said that, we are not lawyers... just two developers trying to provide WP7 users with the best possible YouTube experience. Our understanding of the Terms of Service may be mistaken. If this is in-fact the case we will add these feature into the app in a heart-beat!Our aim (although very ambitious) is to become the official YouTube app on WP7. It's why our free app is highly functional, ad-free and the reason we are trying to adhere to (our understanding) of the rules. Our 'measuring stick' has been HTC's app, and other officially recognized smartphone YouTube apps (all of which don't seem to support the features in question).Just so there is no misunderstanding, we're in no way trying to "smear" fscode here just simply explaining our reasoning. SuperTube is a highly functional app, fscode have been constantly improving on it and full credit to them! The competition they bring has kept us on our toes and we always look forward to seeing what they come up with next =)

I think it's really funny that after commenting on this app's spelling error, you immediately make a spelling error yourselves (typo actually). Not nitpicking, just found it amusing ^_^

Oh man, I just bought LazyTube. I have SuperTube lite but that tile is horrible. I'm not gonna ugly up my phone.