T-Mobile kicks off "Windows simple" ad campaign for Lumia 710

Windows simple

Yesterday, we saw the first commercial with the Lumia 710 for T-Mobile making the rounds. Today, the 710 (see our review) actually goes on sale in various locations and T-Mobile seems to be pushing the "Windows simple" tagline which we really like.

Will it be enough? Well, we don't really view it like that as we this as a Nokia described, a beachhead, to attack various price points and demographics. In that sense, we're exited about the 710 and hope it does well on T-Mobile.

The "Windows simple" ad line though is interesting only because it seemingly runs contradictory to what people expect from Windows. Hopefully it will get customer's attention.


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T-Mobile kicks off "Windows simple" ad campaign for Lumia 710


I love the fact that there's another carrier pushing wp7.. but I really don't want the Nokia 710 to become the face of wp7... It's a rather underwhelming phone w/all of the other options out there.

This is a nice device for T-Mobile.  But no worries about this phone being the 'face' of WP - there is no way that this device, or any WP device (high end or mid tier), on T-Mobile's piddly little network!
The 'face' of WP is Metro;  but the 'face' device is the Lumia 900 (U.S.) and the Lumia 800 (other markets).

piddly little network? Well this piddly little network has faster speeds than all of them and doesn't rape peoples wallets for taking advantage of it. Really a pathetic comment on such a great article.

Its really a disappointment that T-Mobile is launching this phone after getting the Radar 4g which is a better choice in my opinion. Now ATT is getting the Lumia 900 AND the HTC Titan 2? I don't know if I should blame Microsoft or T-Mobile for this imbalance in quality of phones but really, every other carrier gets nothing or budget phones while ATT gets the phones everyone wants. Its just sad.

How can you blame Microsoft? The OEM's have to negotiate with the carriers. If a carrier turns down an awesome phone or if the OEM won't bend over backward to make carrier specific changes to hardware then how is it Microsoft's fault?

This phone is meant to target first time smart phone buyers so although it may be underwhelming compared to some other handsets, it's still a nice phone with a simple and easy to use interface.  My girlfriend recently convinced her friend to purchase a Radar 4G, another underwhelming phone, as her first smartphone.  Her friend loves it.  My point?  Specs don't matter to people who don't haunt tech forums and these people make up the majority of the market.  They simply don't care about dual core, RAM, 16 MP cameras, etc.  They want a phone that works well and is easy to use.  So if this becomes the face for WP and gets more users on board, how is that a bad thing?

That's right and Windows Phone is the only platform where even underwhelmed devices provide a great experience.

I know what you're talking about, mate. I am running WP 7.5 build 8107 on my ancient HD2 O.O...and loving every day (tnx, XDA-Dev ;)). Camera is the only lacking feat, but then HD2 is not a native WP phone either =)... Yeah, WP7 is here to rule!!! No matter whether high or low. It rules them all =D

I've actually heard several people talk love about their focus... even after owning or seeing newer wp7 devices!

"Windows Simple" - Why does that look like an oxymoron to me?? lol jk But I do think that Windows has such a terrible reputation on the desktop that it's hampering the WP7 sales a bit, even though WP7 IS simple and fluid.

I happened to be near a T-Mobile store during lunch and swung in.  The window stickers you see in this article were on a majority of the windows of the storefront (3/5 windows) and inside there was a good sized display in the middle of the store with a few working models and signs.  A rep walked up to me and asked me what I was looking for and I told her I wanted to check out the new Nokia.  She knew exactly what I was talking about and said "Oh, the Lumia?  I have one, it's actually a great phone."  I know, I know - blog it/cool story bro material, but this launch vastly outweighs the VZW/Sprint Windows Phone launches.

that's great, I had a similar experience from a Tmobile rep for the HTC Radar, she said she just got trained on it and was impressed with the phone.  Ultimately though,  I think the incentives need to be greater in order to get rid of the Android mentality. 

T-MO store in Plastow NH. walk in there and ask for a WP7 device up until two weeks before Christmas they has the HTC HD7 every rep knows about the OS can tell you how it works how to use the OS. everything. whoever is running that store makes sure the reps know about all the products on the shelfs. when I was there a guy walked in looking for a phone for email some browsing and news reading they showed him the HTC radar and went into the  set up with him how easey it is to use and do things with. He bought it... I stood and smiled because I was thinking one wrong word I'm saying something. Never had too.. but then the T-MO Plastow store is a decent size they have most everything you would need. the reps are great I think really it comes down to who is in charge of the store and making sure that the reps know what they are doing.

I really hope the Lumina 710 is a huge hit for T-Mobile. Then maybe they will wake up and get a top of the line model on their shelves.
I get it, T-Mobile is viewed as the low-cost, no-frill, "entry-level" carrier. But fact is, there are a lot of use who want to use their low-end cost, high-end speed network with a high-end phone. Don't get me wrong, the wife and I love our HD7 phones. But right now, the pattern looks to be that any upgrade will be same guts, different shell. We have no incentive to buy new phones.