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Omnia W


Samsung Omnia W available for pre-order

Should you be excited about the Samsung Omnia W then perhaps pre-ordering the handset would be a wise investment? Especially since it's reasonably priced on Expansys at £329.99 (€384,99 on the Italy site), which is in the neighborhood of $515 U.S. dollars.  The mid-range device is slightly cheaper than the competitive HTC Radar, which was spotted on Clove for £285 (excl. VAT) or $447 U.S.

The Omnia W specification sheet has the device sporting a 3.7" Super AMOLED screen, 1.4Ghz processor and a 5MP rear camera (with FF VGA camera), running Mango of course. Check out some HD shots of the Samsung Omnia W and HTC Radar for more eye-popping content.

So, question being, which are you? Radar or Omnia W?

Source: Expansys IT, Expansys UK, via: Plaffo, thanks Antonino and @J45PER for the tips!

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Video tour of the Samsung Omnia W

While not exactly the creme of the crop for Generation 2 Windows Phones, the Samsung Omnia W (see announcement) isn't half bad either. In the above video, we get to see it manhandled in an ultra close fashion, as well as focus a little too much on the video recorder (seriously, it's not that amazing folks).

While featuring a 5MP camera, 1.4GHz CPU and a 3.7" Super AMOLED screen makes this a nice middle of the road device for new customers, we're sure many of you might pass on this for HTC's offerings or perhaps the Focus S, if that ever makes it to Europe.

Thanks, Andrew M., for the tip

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Samsung has announced the Omnia W, the Omnia 7 successor, and it's set to sport a 3.7" Super AMOLED screen, 1.4Ghz processor and a 5MP rear camera (with FF VGA camera). We previously caught a brief overlook of the specifications from SamFirmware and they stated that the handset will be available at stores in October starting with Italy and advancing through Europe.

What's yet to be decided is how Samsung will price the device, probably aiming to battle with the HTC Radar. The Omnia W will be powering Windows Phone Mango. Check out the full specification chart after the break.

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We previously covered rumours surrounding the Samsung i8350 where the leaked road map mentioned that the handset will feature a 3.7" WVGA, 1Ghz processor, running Mango and will be here in October. SamFirmware (a reliable Samsung source) has tweeted that a new device from the manufacturer will feature a 1.4Ghz processor, 3.7" screen and support NFC (near field communication).

So are you interested in the smaller screen and half the amount of RAM?  Could this be one of the "mid-tiered" Tango devices?


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A recently leaked Samsung roadmap is chocked full of Android phones and tablets but it does support the existence of one Windows Phone we've read about.

The i8350 Omnia W isn't new to the rumor mill but the leaked map indicates an October release and gives the phone a 3.7" WVGA (we're still going with AMOLED), 1ghz processor, and running Mango.  All of which we've seen in earlier reports along with the phone having 512mb of RAM and a 5mp camera.

The leak gives credence to our earlier thoughts that the i8350 and the Omnia W are one in the same. Now we just have to figure out how the GT-i8700 fits into the picture?  We still don't know where the i8350 will land and hopefully that will come to light in the next few weeks.

via: gsmarena; Thanks, JustVisiting, for the tip!

Update: In digging a little further, this appears to be old speculation on Samsung's Fall roadmap which was denied by Samsung a few weeks ago. So for the time being we'll re-file this under "extreme rumor". 

It's consistent with other reports but it is still uncertain if the i8530 will see the light of day. In a long shot, it could be an attempt by Samsung to test the waters to see how well such a device would be received. If that's the case, we'd like to see more in their next Windows Phone, such as a Samsung Galaxy S II running Windows Phone Mango!

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