Samsung's GT-i8350 running Mango inches closer to release with BT cert

While we don't know much about the Samsung GT-i8350, we do know it's a Windows Phone running Mango and looks to probably replace the Omnia 7 in Euroland. The phone has evidently received its Bluetooth certification, sporting BT v2.1 with EDR which while not the most exciting news of the day, at least means that (a) this phone still exists and (b) it's on its way to release, to which we say "yaaay!", because we like ourselves some Sammy.

Source: Bluetooth; via Pocketnow, Blog of Mobile

Daniel Rubino

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  • I love my Omnia 7. Such better build materials than my Nexus S.Looking forward to seeing some second Gen WP7 hardware from Samsung.
  • I'm still confused why it has a lower model number than the Omnia 7. Don't improved models usually have a higher number or is this maybe a budget model ? Hmmmmm.
  • I've thought about this too. Of course the easy answer is a budget model, but lets assume it's actually the nextgen version instead.I would have to look more closely at how Samsung uses model numbers but in the case of qualcomm their first few numbers don't aways mean order of "quality". Take the QSD8250 and the QSD8650 for example. You might think 6 > 2, but really the 6 and 2 just represent which radio types they use, CDMA or GSM. And if you didn't know that you might thing the QSD8650 was better then the MSM8260, where as in truth the new xx60 is 2 generations better than the xx50 class.So applying this to the GT-i8350, maybe the last two digits represent the order of quality, and the 7 > 3 is a red herring. Also, maybe the 7 was put in there because of Windows Phone "7" and broke the normal mold, and now they are just going back to a more proper numbering method. I obviously have no clue one way or another, and we might just find out it is infact a lower price point, but without me actually going and doing real research, I'm happy enough just poundering it. :)
  • All sounds feasable Buckster, guess we'll find out soon. (Hopefully) :)
  • Wow a new phone from Samsung! This time you maybe actually can use it for phone conversations without robot-voice and interrupted calls :-)
  • Will this have a front face camera?
  • Doesn't look like it.Don't think any of the WPs coming out this year will, though.