Samsung GT-i8350 in development, running Mango

Speaking of 2nd generation hardware, another Samsung device running Windows Phone "Mango" seems to be in development (see earlier Galaxy SII rumor). Found via the Samsung UA profile (looking at the HTML code) we can see the device name "GT-i8350" and that it's running Internet Explorer 9.0 which of course means "Mango".

Other devices specs are slim: 800x480 WVGA screen (AMOLED, no doubt).

So, what exactly are we looking at there? NanaPho seems to think it's the follow up to the Omnia 7, which makes sense, but being details are so vague, no one really knows at this point. But it should come as no surprise that Samsung has other devices in the works.

Still unknown, however, is the Samsung GT-i8703, which sounds like a CDMA-variant of the Omnia 7.

Source: Samsung; via NanaPho

Daniel Rubino

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  • I have a feeling it's gonna be CDMA for Sprint and Verizon. They don't have a Samsung WP yet
  • I don't think it will be a successor as the Model number is smaller. Perhaps a cheaper cut down version ?
  • A smaller version, as in smaller screen, maybe 3.8"?
  • dont think thats Second Gen samsung ether . dont expect does till Xmas , but id expect a third samsung for the new school year ( for a new carrier /network )
  • I just hope Samsung will make a Focus 2 with LTE...
  • maybe for X-mas ,, With Super Amoled 2 !!! hehe
  • You know, I wonder if anyone is going to brand their fall/winter 2011 handsets with "Mango" like they did last year with "7". Like the Samsung Omnia Mango, LG Optimus Mango, etc.
  • that would be my dream phone