Samsung Focus Flash goes shopping in new ad

One of the more recent Windows Phone commercials keys in on the Samsung Focus Flash and group messaging. Plus it highlights one of man's worst shopping nightmares.

The commercial has aired with some frequency here in the States and I've also notice Microsoft has sponsored several USA Network shows such as Psych (opens in new tab). The ads and show sponsorships definitely pushes Windows Phones more into the spotlight.

Now if we could only get the carriers to join in on the push.

source: Youtube

George Ponder

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  • Point of interest: that actor is also in Breaking Bad in a recurring role--pretty hilarious too.
  • Badger finally cleaned up his act!
  • oh yeah, he is the stupid friend.  this comercial is funny. 
  • "Now if we could only get the carriers to join in on the push."
    T-mobile is starting to promote the radar, commercials of it and everything.
  • This has been out for a while.
  • i know, right?
  • Do you guys know when Windows Phone will be available on carriers like Virgin Mobile , Boost , etc .. ? USA of course .
  • Saw this ad a couple of weeks ago (I think?) on TV (I think?) -- it's hilarious :)
  • I've never seen a product that mocks it's target customers as much as these WindowsPhones adds. The message seems to be Look at this idiot, aren't you glad you don't know anyone like him.
  • And then we have the usual asshat to bash the ads he's been clamoring for this whole time.
  • The personal insult I understand, you don't know how to have a civil discussion with someon you dissagree with. But why do you think this is an add I've "been clamoring for this whole time"?
  • There have been people shooting down these ads ever since they've started to appear and the same who are shooting them down were the same who were complaining about y there were no ads.
  • If a complete lack of sense of humor about yourself is required to have a Windows Phone device, then I don't want one. Maybe you should get an iPhone and join the perfectly hip crowd so you can drink espresso and post deliciously ironic observations to your blog. The rest of us use our phones to tool on our friends (we have them) about the stupid things they do, and we're secure enough to take it too.
  • You've never seen ads that mock target customers? Really? (Deliberate irony there) Then you must not watch much television. This is a very common advertising technique and has been for a very long time. It is not used by Apple, and perhaps that is why you are complaining. For me, I don't want WinPhone marketed in that sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing manner Apple uses.
    More importantly to me is the fact that Microsoft is finally doing advertising right. I watch very little commercial TV (preferring my comedy and drama fixes from Netflix on my Xbox) and yet I've seen this ad (and its partner with the two guys posting pictures) several times. That tells me Microsoft has these ads in a rather large purchase with lots of repetition. That...and memorable ads....has been the biggest part of what's been missing in WinPhone promotion to date.
  • Pretty good ad, it was actually funny. Now I want that phone! ha
  • *snickers...*   =)
  • "Man down!" LOL
    Great ad, hope they show them in the UK.
  • Man down!
    That's funny. He was on the show Man Up! with the hilarious line, "why don't you have cream soda? Nothing here is to drink!"
  • Just saw this last night. It was an AT&T commercial and it says the phone is 99¢.