Video tour of the Samsung Omnia W

While not exactly the creme of the crop for Generation 2 Windows Phones, the Samsung Omnia W (see announcement) isn't half bad either. In the above video, we get to see it manhandled in an ultra close fashion, as well as focus a little too much on the video recorder (seriously, it's not that amazing folks).

While featuring a 5MP camera, 1.4GHz CPU and a 3.7" Super AMOLED screen makes this a nice middle of the road device for new customers, we're sure many of you might pass on this for HTC's offerings or perhaps the Focus S, if that ever makes it to Europe.

Thanks, Andrew M., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Even though this only has one physical button, I wish more Windows Phones would come with all physical buttons for the bottom 3-row. It would make using Surf Cube SO much easier.
  • WHAT THEY **** IS THAT VIDEO?!?! That was completely pointless. Who on earth thinks a super close video looking at the grain of the plastic and point out what the camera sensor looks like is a good idea?? "AH, yes that does look like a 5mp sensor!"Then, lets look at the phone as if it was 2 inches from your eye! IN 1080P!!! "Yep, here are the settings! OH! and the camera can save.... F#CK YA!!"... /sighOveractions aside, I'd actually just like to see a nice normal tour of the device. I will give applause as that was probably the most anit-blurry cam video I have ever seen... -_-
  • It's just a tiny Omnia 7.
  • I hope that at least it does proper 720p video recording unlike all the generation 1 phones.