Pin the time, date, weather and more on your Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen with TimeMe Tile

TimeMe Tile

Last week we showed you boys and girls a new app called Clock Hub for Windows Phone 8.1. It basically allowed you to pin a giant Live tile to your Start screen that would show the current time. Here’s similar app called TimeMe Tile that does that and more.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store and you’ll find TimeMe Tile. It’s an app that allows you to pin a Live tile to your Start screen that’ll display info like the current time, date, weather and current battery level. Inside the app you’ll find a stopwatch, timer, and world clock.

Here’s the full feature list:

  • Live tile with time, date, weather and battery.
  • Turn your camera flashlight on and off for light.
  • Display a Sleeping Screen (device dock) mode.
  • Stopwatch, Timer and World Clock are built in.
  • Weather page and lockscreen with weather status.
  • View your device's remaining battery life time.

TimeMe Tile

Before we go on it’s worth noting that the Windows Phone version of TimeMe Tile is an early alpha test release. That said, we haven’t had any problems with it so far and it’s worked as advertised. Bonus, it supports transparent Live tiles so the clock just flows with the rest of your background.

TimeMe Tile is available on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. The app is free and worth checking out if you’re looking for another way to spruce up your Start screen.

Thanks for the heads up Rob!


Reader comments

Pin the time, date, weather and more on your Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen with TimeMe Tile


I liked clock hub, but this app is less buggy. Plus the dev took away weather temporarily.

Great, was waiting for this.. Bye to clock hub for now..
EDIT: Time doesn't update sometimes, have to open the app to make it show correct timing.

I wish we could have an all the way wide, two square high tile. I dunno, I like the pull down info in the action center, still getting used to 8.1

Not for me. I still have it installed, and right now it is showing the clock icon instead on the time...but its been like that from the start. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't. I've got it on a 1520.

But not that this one is any better. It's showing the time, but its now 10 minutes behind.

Does the timer works well in the background? Most of the stopwatch/timer apps doesn't ring the alarm when the time limit is reached while minimized.

Hopefully it doesn't glitch out like the clock hub app. That app was completely over-promoted. Has potential, just don't advertise for broken apps please. When a good, functional app is released, and updated with fixes, THEN promote it. I will gladly pay for good, functional apps.

You're in the wrong place! If WPCentral has a shred of WP news, they run with it! & if they have no news, then they run with Xbox news instead!
I've lost count of the crap apps I've downloaded on WPC's recommendation!
On the flip side, they have revealed some great stuff...and saved me a good chunk of money. So I guess we just take the rough with the smooth!

Ok. We'll start installing every app we want to write about to every single Windows Phone in existence. Then we'll test that app on each of those phones for a few weeks. If there are no problems with the app we will then write about it. Sound good? :)

Sam, have you even looked at the comment section of your colleague Rubinos latest article on the Clock Hub app I speak of? Seems like you dudes are taking the criticism of this app personally. You 2 somehow involved with the development of this terrible app? Don't mean to offend, just providing critique.

Oh and spinzeroWL, I'm totally in the right place. I've supported windows phone since they first had 6.0. I too, have downloaded MANY a shit ty app because of the"recommendations" Just growing tired of the lack of research, at least I can actually get some response from them, albeit defensive and brash, but I do respect that. As I respect what they do. Don't get defensive boys, it makes you seem childish\ Appleish \ Googleish.

Well said. Seems Sam and Dan both get a little butt hurt when someone points out obvious problems and shortcomings. The snarkiness does nothing for you fellas... lighten up and show a little respect for your readers constructive criticisms.

Thank you sir ddartman7... Apparently not all is lost, the reasonable Windows Phone users can still unite and exchange thoughtful and insightful knowledge on matters regarding our favorite phone OS of choice through this very app/site. Even whilst being pummeled with "butt-hurt" replies from apparently disgruntled employees that shouldn't have to deal with "random ramblings from those of us that don't know what we're talking about". Once more..... CLOCK HUB SUCKS.

First time I installed it, it worked, then after an update it didn't, then it took like four updates to get it to work again. Also it has no extra features (there was supposed to be weather, but that's not there anymore). T!ME has way more features, you can even change the font and the weather actually works

I agree about multiple updates. But now it is working perfectly.

Developer is working on additional features.

Problem with timeme is it stops updating tile.

But both are cool apps

Explains why my reply about TimeMe tile doing more than clock hub dissapeared from the "clock hub" review when they added Weather support in it (tho it's now outta the app)!

I tried this app a few days ago. The clock didn't update for 15 plus minutes at a time. I uninstalled it.

Was just updated today and works well. I too took it for a spin a few days ago, but it didn't work. This update today makes it work!

Think he's only just published the 8.1 version according to his Site, as Alpha. 

| Changelog
v2.0.0.0 Alpha #1 (23-April-2014)*
- First official Windows Phone 8.1 alpha test release.
- The store version now updates the tile every minute.
- Miscellaneous application improvements and fixes.
* This version might need a reinstallation to work.

The previous 8.0 version only updated every minute if you Sideloaded it. 

I had to force the initial update then it seemed to work. Unfortunately this morning it was showing a 7:45 at 8:01. Who knew clock apps were so tricky.

I don't uderstand why some people might be interested in pinning the time on a wide tile and big font when they can see it when they unlock their phone !

^This! And when phone is not locked, you can just take a peek in the notification center by sliding it down a bit. Or just wear a watch. Problem solved.

One cool tip: You can show the battery indicator from this app as one of your 5 quick notifications on the lock/glance screen, similar to Insider Pro or myBattery.

Is this app directly exploiting the new potential for tiles to update more than once every half hour, or just pulling off the clock with a clever trick? Side note... My live tiles and IMAP email are FUBAR on the dev preview, soft reset is only a temp fix. Anyone else?

The refresh period of live tiles in 8.1 has been reduced from 30 minutes to 1 minute, henceforth making a clock useful.

Brilliant. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Goodbye Clock Hub. That app stopped working for me anyway after the recent updates...
EDIT: Turns out I have to manually Force Live Tile Background Updates before the clock displays accurately sometimes even after waiting past the 1 min refresh period. Dev, please fix this...

I dont recommend it, it frozes and it doesn't work sometimes. I'll stick up with clock hub, sure, it only gives me the hour, but it works properly.

I here the previous version of time me could only update live titles every 30 minutes. What about this new one?

This one is targeted for WP8.1, which allows the tile to update every minute. The previous version required you to sideload the XAP onto a developer unlocked device for this to work.

This app does not update the time accurately, I had both this and clock hub side by side and there was no comparison. (Nokia Luma Icon) 

clock hub has issues also, but when it shows the time a least it is accurate.

I was enjoying ClockHub, but this is WAY better. Installing this, uninstalling the old one until further notice.

I have two serious concerns about WP 8.1 preview release :
Firstly, my battery drained out overnight from 100% to critical stage
Secondly, my wifi singal strength diminishes quickly even after stepping few steps away from router...

Time is visible on top there, why should I pin another big clock on my start screen...I'm not into this apps and not interested!

The way tiles update still needs to be refined I think. Really would love to have an app that can accurately show me my battery percentage on my glance/start screen. At first I tought this updated more frequently but even the actual time on the tile displayed incorrectly at times. Is this a bug because it is in alpha or are tile updates still at the 30 minute interval in WP 8.1? I remember reading that 8.1 would enable more frequent tile updates..

I use Car Dash as my "glance" screen. It keeps the phone from sleeping/locking when plugged in and displays the time and charging status.

I tried the side loaded version but was always checking it against the real clock because it often failed to update. Seems like the same problem persists. Weather feature is very mediocre. Clock Hub is now very usable since going back to showing time only. Lesson: KISS. If you must add a feature, alarm clock status/open would be good, provided it doesn't break anything.

In wp8 apps showing the battery stats were accused of draining the battery. Is it the same story for 8.1 in general and this app in particular?

My issue with the Clock Hub was (in additon to it showing only the icon sometimes) was that if I left the screen unlocked (ie. showing the start screen with the clock displayed) it stopped updating itself, unless I touched the screen - in which case it jumped to the current time.

I installed this new app, enabled the force tile update option and so far (my phone is on the desk next to me) there has been no such issues in the past five minutes (I have been peeking on the screen for the past five minutes) - so for me, the clock updates normally, in sync with the default clock, as it was intended.

HTC 8S. I'll update this post if anything changes.

Edit.: OK, I moved the icon on the screen and it stopped updating itself. Too bad. :(

I am amazed at how this site has turned into a windowsphone 8.1 site without it being released yet. Millions of us are waiting for the official release and all these articles will be really useful WHEN it's out. until then this site is becoming worthless to anyone without 8.1. 

For me clock apps have to be 100% reliable. Since their only function is to reliably tell the time, if they the need to ever be refreshed to update 'just to be sure' they are totally useless as the same amount of action could have pulled to time from the lock screen, which IS reliable.

I just installed this and it seems to work well. The only thing I noticed that wasn't working is the weather isn't being displayed on the lockscreen. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

I have just the same background as you, but mine is way darker and grayish... can anyone help me with that? turning up the brightness does not help... 

Speaking of clocks.
Sometimes my 8.1 device randomly shows the wrong day and time, by like months. Anyone else? Restarting may or may not fix it, pretty temperamental. Toggling automatic time/date doesn't fix it either.