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Get your mind and body in shape with these top fitness apps for Windows 8

It is four months into 2014, and there is a good chance that some of us who have set our New Year’s goals to be healthier have fallen off the track a bit. If you are looking to get healthy and in shape, or simply want tips to improve your current routine, we are going to check out some of our favorite health and fitness apps within the Windows Store. So sit back, grab some water, munch on a rice cake, and let us explore the Windows Store.


We are not going to waste any time, but instead dive right into our favorite application from the Windows Store that can help you get fit and stay fit – Bodeefit. The Bodeefit application gives you a collection of daily workouts to get your body moving and your muscles working.

A typical workout could be eight rounds of 10 hand release pushups, 15 bicycle sit-ups, and 10 step-ups. Any workout that you decide to tackle is decided to be extremely fun and a timer lets you share workout results and earn badges with your friends.

Bodeefit includes built in workout timers, daily workout logs, movement descriptions, and other statistical data, so you can see yourself improve over time. The Bodeefit app is designed to work without the need of any special equipment, so you can get going right away.

To download Bodeefit from the Windows Store, click here.

Pocket Yoga

If you prefer to pull out a Yoga mat, turn on relaxing music, and focus on your inner peace – Pocket Yoga for Windows 8 might be the perfect app for you. The application will cost you $2.99 and unfortunately, there is no free trial available, but we feel the 27 different Yoga sessions will keep you satisfied and is well worth the price.

For Yoga fanatics and beginners alike, Pocket Yoga provides three different practices of Yoga form, along with varying difficulty, and varying durations; 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. In addition, as you continue your journey to inner peace, there are over 150 detailed images showing you exactly how to position and rotate your body – whether you are the Bird of Paradise or the Flying Tiger.

Your workout is complimented by different YOGA environments including the dessert, ocean, and mountains. If you prefer to listen to your own personally music instead of the included default music, Pocket Yoga allows you to quickly access your local library.

To download Pocket Yoga from the Windows Store, click here.

Bing Health and Fitness

It is difficult to talk about the various fitness applications in the Windows Store without mentioning Microsoft’s own Bing Health and Fitness app; your own one-stop solution for exercising, healthy eating, and fitness related news – all for free.

Open the application and you are immediately presented with the latest news pertaining to your health; one day the highlighted article is “Fresh, Canned, or Frozen: Which is better?” and the next day it is “Top 15 Heart Healthy Foods”. For those looking for the latest tricks and tips, Bing Health and Fitness is a great place to look.

If you are fitness focused, you can check out the application’s ability to track your various exercise, while also research new techniques to fine tune your body. If you are more food focused, you can view cooking how-to videos and track what you’ve been eating throughout the day.

Lastly, if you have a bit of “Self Diagnosing Syndrome”, you can use the Bing Health and Fitness app’s symptom checker to view what terrible life threatening disease you have. Is it just a headache… or is it a tumor… or possibly, an alien ready to pop out?

To download Bing Health and Fitness from the Windows Store, click here. You can also find the Windows Phone 8 version of Bing Health and Fitness here in the Windows Phone Store.


We know that this is not a standalone health app, but if you have a Fitbit or are looking to get in shape – there is no better companion for your Windows 8 PC. For those unfamiliar with Fitbit, it is a small wearable device that tracks your activity throughout the day and uploads it to Fitbit’s own health and fitness website.

Fitbit for Windows 8 is an official application distributed by the company, and allows you to take a glance at your personal stats for the day, past week, or past month. Quickly view your steps, calories burned, distance walked, very active minutes, weight, and how you stack up against your friends.

Moreover, the app now ties into the legacy Fitbit Connect desktop application. This way, you can install the Fit Connect software into the background and then use the sync button within the modern Windows 8 app to control it – no more need to pop onto the desktop.

The application itself is free, but to take full advantage you will need a Fitbit unit – to learn more about Fitbit and their devices you can click here to access their website.

To download Fitbit for Windows 8 from the Windows Store, click here.


Health and fitness is not just a focus on your physical body, but also your mental health and wellbeing. There are already quite a few applications, but LiveZen is our personal favorite, as it does the job well and keeps our data backed up safe and secure.

Before we go forward, we should mention that LiveZen uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud to store data and requires you to login with your Microsoft Account if you wish to use the application. The only data being shared is your email address, but if you are uncomfortable with the idea – this is a heads up.

Upon opening up LiveZen you can “add a stress event”, which is really not always stressful as it allows you to choose from a variety of emotions. After logging your data, you can then view all of your logged feelings over a period of days or even compare feelings during various durations. Built in graphs and visual elements help to pull the app together.

Some may wonder what the point of logging your feelings are, but truth is that the process can help out drastically. If you are feeling down, you can easily pull up the application and view durations during which the same occurs; you can then crosscheck entry comments to see if a feeling keeps happening during specific events or in reoccurring locations.

The application will not pull together your data and analyze why you are feeling a certain way – that is for you to do on your own, but it is a great way to keep everything tracked and on path.

To download the LiveZen from the Windows Store, click here.


Reader comments

Get your mind and body in shape with these top fitness apps for Windows 8


Endomondo is definitely worth a recommendation. The app has worked flawlessly for months...and apparently there is a big update incoming very soon.

No hope left for my carcass :) The longest run I make is from the PC to the printer and even then I try to synchronize my printing to when somebody is nearby the printer and ask them to bring it to me :)
Good article though.

We need to pressure MyFitnessPal to update their app! It has for months now been in a sad state requiring a full reinstall every couple of days. Just check the reviews and you'll see it's a very widespread problem.Otherwise, it's a great app that has helped me get in shape.

If anyone here has used the FitBit app, they know it really is not a good app. Until the functionality comes close to the rival devices' apps, or the web site, it is a serious underachiever. They just added sync, but you need the wireless dongle for that to happen (Surface has BlueTooth, so come on), you can't add any meals, and you can't add activities. This means the app is basically a viewer at best. Not useful IMHO.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as the device having a Bluetooth chip to enable syncing without the dongle. Windows itself does not support some of the syncing methods required to emulate the kind of behaviour you see on iOS for example (Live data syncing, background syncing). Microsoft is adding support for these types of syncing scenarios (they gave a talk on this at BUILD). The app will get better in the future. :)

I understand that there are differences in BlueTooth technologies, as well as there being nuances for protocols when establishing these short range ad-hoc networks (actually a developer myself). Didn't know Microsoft was the hold up on making connectivity an option - wish I was fortunate enough to attend Build, and hadn't had time to review what was covered.

But I stand behind my assessment, based purely on the lack of functionality relative to simply adding/updating data. The FitBit dev team could give us an app with the usability to update our data.

I have been using the HardFox SixPack app with some success. If you are looking for a good place to start, it is a good way to get your core strengthened, and it is quite a nice, simple app to use as well.

The Bing one would be my favourite one if it was easier to add my routines to it.... and store them so I would not need to rebuild them each time. Also MS should allow users to modify the weight chart: what the point to have it starting from 0 KG? A chart with, for example, 5 to 10 KG range above and below your actual weight would visually portrait your progress much better.

An also mention should be the Xbox One Fitness program that uses Kinect. This free app comes with several free workouts and you are scored by how well you perform as Kinect watches you for speed and correct form. It even compares you to others in your age group and you can challenge your friends to beat your scores. I have been using this three times a week for several months now and I am actually getting a six pack from the core workouts and I can feel a big difference in my energy levels. Check it out.

Really wish they would add Xbox fitness support on the Bing app. If I do a workout on Xbox Fitness it should port over to the Bing health and fitness app and probably to health vault also.

Want to give a shout out to Marathon Mobile.  It's been around since the Windows Mobile days and works flawlessly on WP8 with live tiles and more.  I love the app and have used it for years now.

While maybe not a 'fitness' app I want to mention that 'Livescape' is an excellent and easy to use 'Tracker' app to keep up with caloric intake, caloric burn, exercise, activies as well as keeping up with, goals weight, BMI, body fat, etc. I like it much better,and think its much easier to use, than Bing Health. Even has a Live Tile. I highly recommend checking it out if you are keeping up with your weight and fitness.

I tried it a while ago and I emailed the developer about his commitment to the app an I never got a reply. it seems that there have been no updates till 2012. It is a pity because I really liked it but two years without updates or even comments is not reassuring....

Lol. Only 19 comments. Come on windows user. You guys talk about the health and fitness trend yet there are no comments here. Again, do you really care about the health and fitness trend? I do to some extent, but this quite a good example of its success in the future. There are many that do work out, but not all.

Informative article that I for one like, but a question have WPCENTRAL ever nie story for WP? I'm pretty sure they have, but I can't locate it anywhere. Can any help please?

Bing's app is pretty good. I use it on my phone and it syncs with all devices. Its actually pretty awesome for a free app. Use it!

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