Update 3 and Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 on Telus

Lumia 620

We’re less than a week away from seeing Windows Phone 8.1 publically unveiled. All Windows Phone 8 handsets are able to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Windows Phone when it becomes available. However, there are customers out there still waiting to get Update 3 and Lumia Black. Our friends using the Nokia Lumia 620 on Telus can now check that off their list. The update is rolling out for them.

Our friends north of the border using the Lumia 620 should be getting Update 3 and the Lumia Black firmware update right now. The over-the-air update appears to be rolling out.

Head to Nokia’s support site and it’ll still be listed as ‘waiting for approval’, however we’re getting reports that users are seeing the update. You can check yourself by going into settings, clicking phone update and then tapping check for updates. Your Lumia 620 will check with the network to see if the update is available. Be patient if you don’t see it right away, the update is still rolling out.

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 and Lumia Black bring a few new features to the mix for users. Look forward to better Bluetooth, custom ringtones, improved app switcher and more.

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Update 3 and Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 on Telus


And I check it everyday for updates. I even tried to use the Recovery Tool from Nokia without any results.

Sadly I was expecting that phone. :/ My brother and sister both have it, at least the Extra+Info add the new Glance features if you have the preview, but that's about it. :/

Yep, still waiting on that one myself.  I think AIO signed some contract that they're guaranteed to be the last carrier to publish an update.  Not sure how that helps them, but that's what the empirical evidence suggests.

Both my aunt and cousin have AIO 820s that need updating. It's pathetic how long the delay has been for them.
I factory reset one and now it does Not even say it's Amber anymore! The other phone does say Amber. I've checked and they both have the exact same os numbers. Attempting to update says they're both current. Weird and sad.
Edit: Remember people AIO is AT&T and AT&T doesn't care about what their customers want or how they feel. I'm sorry but they don't give one shit. They'll continue to strong arm as many people as they can.

Still not available for my Lumia 620 Jamaica on carrier digicel and not available for my Lumia 920 that's a puerto rico country variant :(

I'm on the exact same boat.   My wife has the 620 (Digicel) which aparently comes from Jamaica, and I bought the 920 (Multimax) which aparently is from Puerto Rico.

I'm in Panama by the way.

If these guys just receive the black and update 3, then how long they gonna wait for 8.1? Cause thats depends on the carriers right?

it's not consistent in terms of timing, I'm on rogers and we were one of the first in the world to get NL920 and then get GDR1, took us forever to get GDR3 though

8.1 is a Microsoft update, which we can get as soon as it's released via the Preview for Developers.

Black is a Nokia firmware which has to be approved by the carriers.  So, we will be able to get 8.1, but at this phase, Blue will be a long, long wait.

Yeah but not all people are aware on prev for dev. Well if they are not aware on prev for dev, then they dont care for update.

I am very happy that the Windows Phone 8 update process is much better than the Windows Phone 7 update process.

I thought we were done with GDR3 & Nokia "Black".

By this rate, people will start getting 8.1 & Nokia "Blue" by the time Microsoft releases GDR4 (or does 8.1 count as a GDR update?)

Lumia 620-brazil. Just got amber few weeks ago. No sign of black yet. Expecting it for end of 2014 if lucky

FWIW, successful update here with an unlocked Telus 620. Took about 25 min to complete. Though it looked like it stalled after the download was complete, and again when it was "preparing the install," I gave it time to churn and crunch through the process, and resisted the temptation to intervene with force quitting the phone. Just for belt and suspenders caution, I disabled the phone's password, SIM password, and plugged in the charger; then, rebooted the phone; and then initiated the Black/GDR3 update.

Wishing everyone a smooth and 'unevenful' upgrade  :)

Sending our fellow AIO, Brazilian, and Jamacan L620 compariots my sympathies. It really stinks y'all have to wait even longer. It ain't fair  :(

T-mobile user here, Windowsphone 8x , still awaiting gdr3........ I feel like the last kid on the block, still using dialup !