Venetasoft wins Microsoft's Appload contest, offers apps for free in celebration

Security Toolkit for Windows Phone

Microsoft recently held a Windows Phone developers contest in Italy, "Appload and Win", where developers were challenged to create an app and upload it to the Marketplace for a chance at €20,100 in prizes.

Venetasoft walked away with first prize of €3500 for their Windows Phone app Security Toolkit. It's a rather neat Windows Phone app that turns your Windows Phone into a security station with alarms and audio/video recorders. You can even turn your Windows Phone into a security camera by streaming videos to your PC using the companion desktop app.

In celebration of winning the Appload and Win contest, Venetasoft is sharing the joy. All of their apps (that you can find here) will be offered for free for one week. This includes the Security Toolkit, Intrusion Alarm, TurboCameraWebCam Viewer and more.

Venetasoft has just thrown the switch to offer the apps for free. The changes should be seen on the Marketplace within the next 48 hours.

Thanks, Lorenzin, for the tip!


Reader comments

Venetasoft wins Microsoft's Appload contest, offers apps for free in celebration


wpcentral: Please post something alerting us when it is available free. I wouldn't like to check every so often..

Been waiting for this to go on sale.. I was going to buy the security toolkit, but it was too expensive. Now I definitely will get it. And I already bought turbo camera.

As of now, most of these apps seem to be showing up free for me so they will probably show up for you as well!

One after the other, all apps are going free, last one will be Ultimate Recorder because an update is waiting for certification.

Waiting for Turbo Camera I already bought it ages ago but want to get it for the wife's phone, great app