Verizon to get HTC One (W8) for Windows Phone on August 21

Reports that HTC would be reconfiguring their popular Android based One M8 for Windows Phone have been circulating for months with Verizon as the flag bearer, but details of the device – and release – are now coming into focus. Tonight, Engadget is reporting that the name of the phone is called "One (M8) for Windows," which is a little awkward, although if you drop the M8 it has a nice ring to it.

Engadget reports that they phone should launch by on "Verizon during the third quarter, or no later than the end of September" although our sources tell us that Microsoft Stores have a planning date of August 20 with a launch on the 21st. The off-contract, full price of the phone is listed at $610 with on-contract price most likely nearing $199. The name is also confirmed as "One (M8) for Windows" according to documents we have seen.

Indeed, Microsoft Stores are getting ready to take stock of numerous accessories, including the Dot View case that leverages the new 'smart cover' feature found in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. The One M8 for Windows comes in silver, as expected and since cases like Otterbox and Speck with the M8 designation are in the plan, it is very likely that the W8 is an exact clone of the M8. Interestingly, the W8 is the first Windows Phone to support Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which is once again yet another feature of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, making this phone highly likely to ship with the update on board.

There is no word, at the moment, of other carriers are following Verizon, as so far they are the only one listed as launching the phone, leaving AT&T users on the side.

Finally, the W8 is supposed to sport BoomSound and Duo cameras, with the former giving a significant boost in audio and the latter greatly improving the imaging.

More information is expected in the coming weeks. For now, you can read the full review of the Android HTC One M8 at Android Central to see what is in store.

Anyone here excited about the prospect of picking up the HTC One for Windows? Let us know.

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Verizon to get HTC One (W8) for Windows Phone on August 21



Exactly, and they release the budget phones on almost every carrier which is also another reason why they sell so well, I just don't get this exclusive crap, do they really think people are going to step out of their comfort zone (carrier's) just for a phone?

I switched to AT&T specifically for the Lumia 920. Then again I was coming from the realm of hell called Sprint, so it was a pretty easy choice.

I certainly won't, and even though I'm a pretty good Microsoft supporter I'm about ready to tell MSFT to piss off and have their phones.  I'm pissed that the best thing I can get on AT&T is the 1020, which was instantly outdated with its dual core CPU that can't properly handle the monster camera it is meant to operate.  I love WP but can't get a phone that is worth having for most occasions.  I was excited to hear about the HTC rumor months ago and hoped it would pan out.  It seems to be, but for Verizon.  If I don't have a decent upgrade path on AT&T I'll just sell my 1020 and buy a G3 or something.  At least I know there's no shortage of Android handsets that are flagship worthy for AT&T.

Absolutely agree with the sentiment. Who do they think they are? Apple with an iPhone? People don't switch carriers for phones unless they're truly revolutionary. Especially these days when you have competitive carriers like T-Mobile offering deals too good to be true. I want to buy this phone (given that Microsoft killed Nokia and decided to focus on crappy budget phones now). I'm due for an upgrade and none of the Windows Phones currently on the market feel like an upgrade to me, except for this one. Sadly, HTC decided to shoot itself on the foot by going exclusive instead of trying to dig itself out of its hole by selling products to any customer who wants to buy them. Let's just hope it's a short term exclusive and that they support their Windows Phone offering better than they did the 8X (which was a great phone, but the lack of support made me switch to the now-defunct Nokia).

This may be more the carriers doing than Microsoft. Has anyone ever thought of that? Have you ever repaired an iPhone 4/4S? Did you know that the internal layout of components (or more specifically the frame brackets) are positioned differently? In situations where there must be custom changes for a phone to work on one carrier over another, Microsoft (hardware) vendors may have to choose which carrier has the better chances of moving product before larger scale roll out where investment in those customizations can succeed in producing a return. I'm not saying this is the problem. But there are factors we are simply not privy to that influence exclusivity (nevermind the "hotness" of being the first carrier of a product). Then again, maybe that is all it is... Why get so angry? It's like MMO or followers of stuff that say "if they do , I'm going to quit/leave/switch" but then never do. Just switch platform for god sake, I'm sure there plenty of well paid people thinking about this precise problem and what it says to consumers.

I hate exclusives as much, if not more than anybody else. But when you say "they" are you referring to the carriers, or Microsoft? Because the carriers are the problem.

A 1020 successor, or what Daniel said, a 925 successor. 5 inch screen 1080p, S801 AT LEAST, 2GB or more RAM, microSD card slot and/or 64GB internal storage, and the other late 2014 specs.

Not really exclusive phones like the icon or the 928 are helping the platform. But i think things like the 925 32GB version exclusive to Vodafone is hurting the platform because everyone else who isn't on Vodafone suffers from a 925 wit only 12 GB.

If you are in US, Verizon this month started a very compelling prepaid (no contract) offering of $45/month with unlimited talk and text plus 1GB LTE data. Additional data can be bought - $5 for 500MB, $10 for 1GB and $20 for 3GB. The additional data (called bridge data) has 3 month validity so unused portion rolls from one month to next. Solid no contract offering in my opinion. Plus the fact that all LTE Verizon phones have an unlocked SIM slot that can take any carrier SIM if you are ever not happy with Verizon.

Att already has this exact plan and an option of 2.5Gig of data for 60 bucks, which I think is a better deal. (it's called GoPhone)

You can also get a Straight Talk SIM that uses the AT&T network for $45, pretty much the same deal talk/text/data-wise.  That Verizon plan sounds really good too for someone like me who doesn't use a ton of data.

Yes but with Straight Talk it is 45 dollars without fees added. With Verizon it is 45 dollars plus taxes and fees which is an extra 10 or 12 dollars added to that 45 dollars

Nonsense. The iPhone was exclusive to AT&T for years and sold truckloads. Certainly, it's sold more since going multiple carrier, but that's a consequence of having marketed well and created demand first. Microsoft needs to deliver a true flagship phone, something that's unique and offers something brilliant nobody else does. Something that people will be willing to buy. Once they have that, then they'll sell gangbusters.

iPhones with a 480p screen (2014) will sell truckloads, people just like buying iPhones because its an iPhone

Not to mention, the iPhone was the first phone of its kind. There were no Android or Windows Phone --- instead we have basica phone & Windows Mobile powered "Pocket PC's". Samsung's Galaxy S line wouldn't be doing as well if it was only on Verizon.

The iPhone wasn't exclusive to ATT the way phones are carrier exclusive today.  None of the other carriers were willing to take a risk and comply with all of Apple's demands for the phone (ie no 3rd party carrier made software, direct firmware updates, etc).   After it started selling "truckloads", with the intro of the iPhone 3G, the other carriers wanted in, but ATT had an exclusive contract for a few years.    

But yes, if MS makes a truly great phone then people will buy it regardless of carrier.  

It wasn't exclusive the way phones today because the iPhone created carrier exclusivity. Verizon had first option and declined.  No one could care less about what phones were exclusive to a carrier before then.  They were all Motorola Razors and LG flip phones. Verizon was already miles ahead of the competition back then.  This is before At&T bought Cingular and Verizon bought Altell. At&t was the shittiest carrier out there coasting on its 80's monopoly cred when they got the iPhone.  Sure they sold truckloads, but no one liked being on At&t.  It was all about the iPhone.  The biggest reason At&t exists today is because of that.  At&t had a two year exclusivity agreement.  Could you imagine that today? Everyone sites how the iPhone doesn't have to deal with carrier exclusivity as opposed to Microsoft, but they were the ones that started the trend only to beat it.  Win win.

There's a lot of misinformation here. The AT&T we know today was Cingular before they rebranded in 2007. Cingular was far from the "shittiest carrier out there". The AT&T that made the deal with Apple for the original iPhone is the same AT&T that exists today. And while the iPhone certainly propelled their company further than would have otherwise been possible, they do not owe their existence to Apple so single-handedly.

Wrong. The iPhone sold a truckload while it was an AT&T exclusive because it was the only smartphone of its kind back then. If you wanted an iPhone, you signed up with AT&T. Apple swore it was always going to be an AT&T exclusive. Then Android happened. 

One of the reasons Android grew so fast was because anybody that wanted a smartphone and didn't want to change carriers had no other choice but to buy Android. 

Many analysts have pointed out, repeatedly, that if Apple wasn't locked into the AT&T exlusive, Android would never have gotten any kind of traction. It was laggy and not ready for primetime. It survived the tough times. By the time Apple got out of its exclusive contract, Android was much much better and could now hold its own.

WP is making a mistake tying itself into exlusive deals. True, it doesn't have a choice in some cases. It just doesn't have the kind of pull that Samsung or Apple has. Those two can dictate terms to carriers. With Nokia, that is not the case. 

Still, in any exclusive deal, only two parties lose; the customers and the platform.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I don't know why people don't seem to understand this. If Windos Phone came before Android, it would have a boatload of marketshare now. 

Android was shit. You're fooling yourself if you think the reason ATT/Apple exclusivity ended was because of Android being a threat. ATT/Apple exclusivity ended because their contract ended. Simple as that. They jumped over to Verizon and sold truckloads, they jumped over to T-Mobile and sold truckloads, and they jumped over to Sprint and sold a bunch. Android gained traction because their phones were cheaper, they caught onto the ignorant crowd of people wanting a smartphone because it was a "smart phone" and Apple's long-term goals always sets themselves up as a niche market with overpriced devices with limited mobility.

Best analysis and commentary on here dude. Right on. Wish Microsoft/HTC were reading this. Apparently, they're highly paid executive lack basic understanding of why Android is where it is today and how to avoid making the mistakes BlackBerry made when it was trying to rebound (remember the Storm and the Torch "exclusives"?).

I think we can all agree that the iPhone is pretty much the exception to everything. Plus, it didn't really start dominating he market till every carrier had it.

Exclusives is the reason this product is actually going to launch in US.

People fail to realise that Carriers are HTC / Nokias customers . They buy phones from manufactures  and hence they have say in it.

Nothing Microsoft/HTC can control , unless the demand is there like Iphone of Galaxies  , Carrier buying power and monolopy will stang

Carrier Exclusivity is the main reason that WP doesn't sell well in US.  Lumia 930 is a great phone, but so what?!  MS/Nokia just don't want you AT&T users to have it.  Verizon, with its Nokia and HTC WP lineup, only has 13.7% WP market share in US.  HTC One M8 WP will be just another WP phone with limited success.  This kind of self-imposed restriction marketing is killing them.  Sigh!  I remember that Stephen Elop had spoken highly about his carrier exclusivity when they introduced Lumia 900.  Ever since, this exclusivity deals has continued for most of their WP phones in US. But the WP sales can't go anywhere.  Wonder who should be responsible for this failing policy?



Agreed. If there were no exclusives, my family would have had a 1520, 1020. 928, Icon, and 52x....

Nearly the whole idea behind this phone is smart. The benefits of having the same design as the Android version negates any issues with getting support for accessories for dedicated WP phones. It's one of the top phones out there currently and will only look to boost market share for Windows Phone.

HOWEVER, being a carrier exclusive is completely moronic. You would have thought that phone manufacturers had learned their lessons that a carrier exclusive doesn't do anything except limit their potential market share. Carrier exclusives might have worked years ago, but considering where the market is now, it doesn't do anything but limit a phones appeal.

I don't know of many, if any at all, that would change their carrier just to get a phone, no matter how great that phone is. Microsoft needs to realize that if they want to gain market share, they are going to have to release the same phone on all carriers at the same time, like all other companies have.

I was planning to get the Lumia 930, but it isn't sold in the United States. I was gonna get the Lumia icon instead, but its a Verizon exclusive. I was gonna look into getting the phone in the article, but its only with Verizon.

WHY IS EVERYONE SAYING THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE? For all we know, AT&T might release it two weeks later.There's nothing in the article that says it's a Verizon exclusive.

Probably because of this: name one Windows Phone that launched in the U.S. that was available on all major carriers, simultaneously. There are zero.

HTC 8X was on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Only WP ever to have that, this HTC device may do the same.

AT&T better get something awesome this fall, and not be square and bulky like the Icon, and needs to have Glance and Qi wireless. Or I might have to start considering Verizon.

Haha....I sense you are making fun of the perpetual whiners. "Waaaaah, these exclusives are killing us and I'm going to get an iPhone". Hahaha

Pssst...switch carriers...it's easy.

Switch carriers it's easy bahh. Unless you have for phones in the contract all with different upgrade times. Then you have to time all phones to not get upgraded when they are supposed to our party a butt load to break the contract

Why does every single article have whiners? Can't anyone see that this is actually a great non Lumia phone for once? Unlike Samsung who sell the old Galaxy S4 as new Ativs?

LOL, it I'd funny. The ATIV articles have people all over it singing it's praises. I've never had good experiences with Samsung.

Another point: The ATIV is based on Samsung's phone from a year ago and the S5 is already out, whereas this rumored device is current hardware.

Hopefully it will have the edge to edge screen. It would be so cool if we could get extra wide tiles like the m8 UI on Android.

Exclusives only work well if they are advertised like crazy. A great example is the original iphone in the UK which was only available on O2. It was advertised everywhere - billboards, TV, magazines, radio etc... Everyone knew about it and almost everyone wanted one. That's what MS and their partners are going wrong IMHO

I have no idea why you folks don't rebel against exclusives. Bombard the carrier hotlines!

In Europe most carriers stopped locking the phones they sell to their network because people just unlocked them anyway.
WP has 10% marketshare in Europe, close to nothing in Japan and US. Guess why.

In the USA Verizon phones are also already unlocked. There is nothing but money stopping people from buying these phones outright and inserting a SIM of choice.

Whether all LTE bands will work is another story, but the option is there and you have 14 days to try to get it to work.

Well I used the unlocking as an example of what the voice of customers can do.

Same can happen with exclusives if the customer voice is strong enough

Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.
The definition of insanity - Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
At this point, with respect to the mobile phone market, I can only hypothesize that MS/Nokia's Windows Phone strategy is insane.

Remember their line of phones running WP7? Back then those phones were top class, I don't see why are you surprised?

The HD7 was the worst phone I ever owned, aside from running WP, which was its only saving grace. That piece of shit was the reason I went with the Ativ S over the 8X when my carrier passed on the 920. I liked the 8X design better, to be truthful, but I didn't feel I could trust HTC to deliver a quality product. I never regretted it for a moment, either. The Samsung is the best phone I've owned to date, never an issue. It just. Plain. Works. Just like the OS running on it.

I can't believe an OEM which isn't Nokia - technically Microsoft but still - is making a high end Windows Phone.

HTC has been making Windows phones since Windows mobile. And they had several solid offerings in WP 7. So yeah not really surprised. Just wondering what took them so long to make a successor to the 8X.

And you hate this.... Why? Does HTC have a new phone coming out tomorrow? No? So what does it matter. The further this progresses, the more likely we are to see same day launches of the same hardware with the OS of your choice, seems like a win.

But phone like these are ones that will drive the OS (app development, etc)... With popular phones like this scarce Accessory won't be a problem anymore... A competition for Micosoft/Nokia also gonna drive it to create better different phones. It's a win win actually... Though, I won't like the idea of Double OS or Microsoft giving its exclusive feature... That's plain stupid for me.

I completely understand from a business perspective that this is a win win. For HTC, it's killing two birds with one stone by designing one phone and selling it to two platforms. Sure, I agree that the M8 and many Android phones look very nice. However, everytime I hear things about this I can't help to think that Windows Phone is considered an "inferior" platform and not worth spending a lot of time and effort into creating new hardware specifically for it. I guess it's better than not having one at all, but my favorite motto from the old Windows phone website is, "it's not a phone for all of us, it's a phone for each of us." I know it's meant for the OS, but I personally think it's important for hardware as well.

Unlike the Samsung Ativ S (re-badged Galaxy body), the HTC One is an amazing looking device and I'm happy that it's coming as a WP handset. This is the only non-Lumia phone I'd consider as I currently have a HTC One M7. I just wish they'd create Blinkfeed app for WP. I love it.

To me, they should have released this phone a bit earlier. The WP version is launching late. Still happy for more WPs though.

I haven't had a HTC phone since pro2, to me HTC fell off a bit. This could be their comeback and with a WP8.1

Should not be a problem... With all that spec and W8.1 it will be a treat ... Hope HTC will give more attention with its own application though.. A blinkfeed for WP will be awesome :)

I loved my HD7. If they could put the imaging capabilities of the Lumia line into the M8 I'd buy in a heartbeat.

The Titan II was probably the best WP7 device and I hear the HD7 and Titan were ok. I do miss my Pro2 sometimes tho.

I always liked htc wp phones. I hope they release the international version soon. Might choose this one over the lumia 930 if it becomes available in the Philippines in Q4.

Yes, I'm just hoping they use the same exact hardware or equivalent and not something that looks like M8 but a stripped down version in terms of specs.

I know.. At least I can feel a little better with a DSLR, but smartphone photography means a lot to me. That 4UP aren't bad at all, but still needs a little bit more..

The camera in the htc, at least in the comparisons I saw, outperforms most 8 megapixel cameras. And lets face it, 99% of people using their phone as a camera are just putting the images on Facebook anyway (slight exaggeration, but probably not by much). That being said the current iphone (and obviously, Nokia) cameras perform better, as well as the high end Samsung stuff.

I'd actually be nice if they just beefed it up a bit, maybe 5 or 6 mp, however the sensor would be bloody huge if they retained the pixel size.

Because it have The Duo Camera like the M8 which includes a 2 Megapixel Depth Measuring Camera (up top) & a 4 Ultrapixel Main Camera ... Aka the 4 Megapixel camera.

I was actually impressed by their approach and it was a good way to differentiate their products, the duo cam is a bit dumm though.

I agree ... Gotta give HTC credit for trying something different instead of just stuffing more megapixels into it ... It's kinda okay for a v1 product ... I remember reading a interview with HTC's Camera guy & he said they are close to launching phones with Optical zoom (18 months).
Nokia was reported to be working on a very similar concept to the Duo Camera (also 2 cameras setup)

Completion is good! Makes OEMs try different approaches & experiment with different stuff.

The HTC One really is a beautiful phone but its camera is mediocre. Also, that supposed name is confusing, it's even worse than the Microsoft Windows Phone Nokia Lumia xxxx thing. Simply call it the One (W8). And hopefully, it'll be priced lower than its Android counterpart at launch, somewhere around $550 would be nice for the same specs, or $650 if its internals are updated.

Of course not, like no one will say "HTC One (M8) for Windows" but simply "HTC One W8". Still it will be its official retail name.

People aren't even calling the original M8 the "HTC One (M8)". They either called HTC M8 or just M8. But I get your point. It's a stupid name.

I refer to it as One M7 and One M8, it's really no different than "Galaxy S5"...just doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

Yeah, my 8X technically isn't even an "HTC 8X," but rather a "Windows Phone 8X by HTC," but nobody calls it that. They call it the "8X" or, if trying to be a little more specific, the "HTC 8X."

You should speak to Ballmer. Because he and a couple of idiots in charge of Microsoft DID thought that people called it by that name. Hence the talks of "easying the branding"...they failed to realize people did that for them by not mentioning neither Microsoft nor Windows Phone in the name of the phones. Often not even "Lumia" got through and was reduced just to L1020.

Damn it I was hoping not to be stuck in HTC land like I have with my last three phones, but this phone is really nice looking especially that cover.

I hope they release it worldwide (India as well).

I know its out of my budget (android version is $725) but I will definitely buy it.

Unfortunately, WP8.1 only supports up to 1080p (lol like that's a bad thing) and update 1 only allows for a few mid-range resolutions. Hopefully Update 2 or WP9 adds support for 1440p....

You don't need 2K phones anyway. As per the various reviews from Android Central the 2K isn't noticeable at all. It only has a positive effect on those Asian languages with complicated drawings.

It does, however, have a negative effect, because you notice the apps aren't optimized for 2K. Many of them aren't even optimized for 1080p.

And if they still aren't in Android, they won't be on WP, that's for sure.

Heck, my 8X's display does Chinese characters just fine and it's not (even close to) 2K. Definitely not necessary, but then again, assuming apps move towards supporting it and as 2K displays get more power-efficient, why not have one?

Eh, I doubt it will get it. Pureview camera spoiled me and HTC camera is not that great.

Still guess this is good for the Nokia haters. HTC does make a better product than Samsung so I am glad to see what likely will be great hardware compared to the the Ativ.

Can we get a high end Lumia announcement please that is not 930 lol.

Eh, I didn't like the Samsung too, but a Note is a whole different world of experience, "cheap plastic" or not. Still the best one on the market including with it's camera if you know what you are doing. Nokia only gets better at low light.

Why so much fanboyism? Overblown colours?, that's what Nokia actually does.. Ofc you can fix that by knowing how to shot a photo. I pretty much manage to make true colour pictures on Samsung. The reviews we see on the web are just lame sometimes. And that PureView should be better for so called best camera.
I'm being objective here.

Over/under on Verizon's existing WPs getting 8.1 before this thing releases?

I'll say Icon probably, 928 maybe, everything else not a chance in hell

Lol Verizon. That's the network for old naive people who just blurt out "BUT COVERAGE!!1"
It's true. I have VZW as my work paid for phone and ATT for my personal. I use my personal phone for work conference calls because Verizon drops to many calls. And CDMA data outside of LTE is dial up. Just terrible.
Bet hey congrats people who overpay!

Let's see here, which point should I tackle first?

Verizon is the *only* carrier with LTE where I go to school. AT&T and TMobile barely have 3G.

Verizon and AT&T are basically equal in their overpriced-ness, but at least my dad's work has a contract with Verizon that get's us a 20% discount.

The only advantage AT&T has is the ability to bring your own device and that will probably be a non-issue once VoLTE is available network-wide and everything CDMA is phased out in a few years (which they've already said will happen as soon as they possibly can)

How about you live where I live and try to have a different carrier? I'm sure you would overpay just as quickly as I do. I hate Verizon prices, but there is literally no coverage from any other carrier where I live.

I travel all throughout Montana every month. ATT works way better than Verizon. Just saying. I guess ATT has better coverage in the West ...

Nothing more irritating than a circle data icon on my Verizon iPhone... Useless

I could not keep using my 1020, the processor was showing is age and 1520 is too big for me. Since 930 was not coming to US, I decided to get the Verizon Icon (basically Verizon version of 930) and that is the reason I am with Verizon.

Yeah, but it's not necessarily a better option. Verizon generally has better coverage (especially in non-urban areas) and many users never use even close to 2.5GB/month. Note that I'm on T-Mobile, and am speaking based on experience from road trips with people on Verizon.

I had Sprint for many years, AT&T for 2 years, T-Mobile for one year, and now Verizon for the past 3 months... I gotta say, I have not had a single issue with Verizon so far, knock on wood. Not a lost call, no having to resend text, not a single instance of no coverage. I'm pretty impressed. It's not even close how much better it is than the others, for my usage at least.

Ring Bell > Dog receives food

Ring Bell > Dog expects food


Call ATT > Get shitty customer service

Hear ATT tone > associate tone with raging frustration

Hear "ATT" brought up in conversation > bash ATT til everybody switches.


ATT has such shitty service in my area that they offer free Uverse internet if you sign up for wireless service. ATT is so good at sucking that they're putting whores out of business.

My guess is their corporate customer support is equally shitty and OEMs don't even want to deal with them. And before I hear a "U Mad Bro?", I'll answer professionally:

Why yes I was. However after switching to Verizon, I'm much happier & reccomend you do the same.

As a over the road truck driver Verizon hands down has better coverage. That's why I went to them at&t just has no where the coverage. I get 4g in places that my at&t phone would be lucky to have 1x. Just wish T-Mobile coverage did not suck donkey balls. Or I would be over there before I could finish this.

I might actually consider this phone if it weren't for HTC's habit of "release it and forget it." Maybe I'm just spoiled by the frequent updates on my Lumias. But it sure is tempting!

I'm with you there. It would be a risk to go with HTC on WP given their history.

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