Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon

All sides of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 shown off in latest render

Good news for customers of Verizon Wireless here in the United States, we have another look at the upcoming Nokia Lumia 928. We first got a nice render from @evleaks about two weeks ago. It showed off the front and back of the upcoming device, but now we’ve got a look at the sides as well.

Since @evleaks supplied the images, we’re pretty sure they’re legit.

Fire up the memory pistons and you’ll recall that the Lumia 928 is a Verizon/CDMA variant of the current champ – the Lumia 920. A few differences, the most obvious being the outer appearance, but you’ll also get a Xenon flash and thinner frame. The rest of the specs we expect to be similar.

Anybody on Verizon getting this bad boy?

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All sides of the Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 shown off in latest render


I wish they would continue to use the same form factor as the 920/800, i.e slightly curved back and glass. This one looks a little taller although lighter, might not be too ergonomical to hold. Will have to wait and see once it is released.

The specs are great but the phone is hideous. It looks like a 810 with better specs and the 810 was a truly hideous phone its like a brick!

I wouldn't judge it until I'm able to see and hold it in my hand IRL. Except for the Verizon-logo it looks ok to me for now..

Idk how HTC got away with no branding on 8x but I actually prefer HTC logo found on mobile 8x. Looks better with HTC logo imo.

It looks *really* bad though.  Might just take the crown from the iPhone 5 for ugliest high-end phone out there.

Yes. You want be able to defend yourself against a mugger with the 928. With a 920 you would knock him out. With the the 928 you'll probably break your phone and just piss him off if you throw it at him.

Actually the Super Snakes are not better looking than the regular GT500s.  Not a good comparision.  At the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice.  Hence why I have a 920 and drive a Boss 302!.

Same color as the '70 Mach 1 I had back in the day. Just driving an 04 Mach now. Fun car, but miss the '70. Wonder what the new redesign will look like. IRS?
Would be nice to see the phone in a different color. OH.. Terence_27 posted this link below showing the phone in Red. I tried to repost the link here, but the site marked it as spam.  I can see how the back and sides match up. In Red, that looks pretty hot. Shiny Grabber Blue would look good too :-)

Every time I see a red L920, I think it needs a Ferrari logo on the back :) Of course the price would triple.

As you say, it all comes down to personal choice. And why isn't that a good comparison btw?
Gotta love a Boss 302!!!

Yes, the 810 was not even a recognizable Nokia device without the Nokia logo on its casing. They just threw something together no thought whatsoever in terms of design.

The 810 looks great with the optional cyan wireless charger battery cover. i wish they made that the default and/or offer more color choices. The phone probably would have sold better. I just bought a light grey battery cover off ebay as well.

Truth I have an HC and I truely love how it looks but it is lacking in sine spec areas but the lack of loyalty from HTC is appalling. I am positive I will never buy another HTC phone......ever.

Didn't want to spend 400 for two. (wife and myself) I just got two free 822s. That expandable memory was too good to pass up. Maybe next time around, I'll see what's available. It can only get better. I'd love to see a 920 vs 928 video.

or wait until may or June when you can just buy an unlocked 920 from at&t cuz the exclusive rights thibgy will have ended! Best bet if Catwalk is ugly I'm going with the unlocked 920

Guys, I "reposted" a picture that I saw in the Photoplay last week. The guy who posted sayd the picture was a Lumia 928, in a red color. If you search for me in the Photoplay you will can see this too....

Can't find you on there. Can you share the link? Right now searches for "Lumia 928" don't bring up anything that stands out. There is a red render, but that doesn't exactly match the render above. Thanks for sharing though.

Verizon and their black phone obsession. I can not. Personally, I feel like the WP branding is thrown out the window... Or are there optional color accents?

except there's already been an article with a screen grab of verizon's internal inventory system listing a cyan 928. cyan has never been glossy, so i'm assuming it will be matte. white may be glossy as is their white 822, black matte, red glossy?  i'd rather them all be matte but they could all look nice in the former as well. guess we'll find out when we get to see them in person! i'm getting one of them when the phone launches, leaning towards red to end my string of black phones i've gotten for my last few upgrades. red could be fun!

Cyan is a Windows color. look to the left and right of these comments... Cyan, based on Windows colors.

yeah I am retiring my tmo hd7 and moving to verizon for this. But I think I will just use the money I made from work to buy it (and not street work).. XD 

Mine too, and it can't happen soon enough. My Trophy is getting strange and laggy. I just hope it comes out on the 2nd so I can get it on the 6th when my renewal comes up.

Kinda wish I would of waited but I wanted new hardware with WP 8! Imo, Nokia dropped the ball by not releasing it earlier.

6 month exclusivity with AT&T is now up. I just waited. Now I am considering waiting for the Catwalk... it is a never ending cycle.

Verizon does not "suck", they have the largest 4GLTE footprint, they invest more money back into their network than anyone, and they have the lowest churn over rate amongst the three largest US carriers.

What does AT&T and Sprint carry? Android...check, iPhone...check.....what was your argument? You pay more because they have more, and they're not always more, depending on the situation (More lines 4,5,6 etc.) they're even cheaper.

Verizon is getting the Lumia 928, which is comparable to the 920. I'm not trying to disprove you, because it's obvious you know not what you speak of. I'm simply defending my job.

the way these messages stack i think can be a little confusing visually but just in case you thought my comment wsa directed at you, it was directed at the moron you were responding to originally lol. if you didn't think that, then yea we both share the same lack of patience for ignorant idiots haha

Okay, I was super confused lol, I originally thought you were referring to me being "dumb". My apologies, I understand now. And yes, that guy is impossible to argue with.

My only complaint with Verizon is that it is constantly behind with regard to what are typically considered top of the line phones.  It took them years to get the Iphone, the HTC One is not being released, the 928 is 6 months after AT&T, and I'm pretty sure that it hasn't announced when the S4 is coming out.  Other than that, the service is pricey but worth it.

yes very true.  i debated leaving verizon for att to get a 920 because verizon either has the worst selection of higher end phones of all the carriers and/or is so delayed/behind and takes forever to announce them that i was losing patience.  i decided to not pay an ETF and jump ship to att and wait out my verizon contract (ended a few weeks ago), so it just so happens that the timing works out perfectly with the 928 now, but i do agree that verizon's release schedule (or lack thereof) is very irritating.

They were late to the iPhone game only because they didn't want to agree to the same sort of deal that caused AT&T to lose money by carrying the iPhone. When Apple became less greedy, Verizon agreed to sell it. The HTC Droid DNA is essentially the HTC One minus the Ultrapixel camera, the aluminum design, Boomsound, and Sense 5 (Which HTC already came out and said that the Droid DNA will definity get Sense 5 with Blinkfeed etc)(Also, the Droid DNA has been out for a few months now, so it was first for that). AT&T made the deal to keep the Lumia 920 an exclusive for this time period, and Nokia agreed. Nokia has even mentioned that carrier exclusives are the best way to get carrier support and advertisement. Similar how the Lumia 900 was hero status for awhile with AT&T, so it got front and center in every AT&T store.

All speculation points to April 25th, with a actual purchase date set sometime in early to mid May. Verizon typically releases new phone to the public on Thursdays (Kinda how AT&T typically does the same but on Sundays). I don't have an official roadmap, but I have a strong feeling the 25th would be a great assumption.

"Cheaper" not cheap, is the verbiage I used, I agree, Verizon doesn't have the best Windows Phone lineup, but it's better than Sprint right now and if you wait Verizon will soon have Lumia 928, HTC 8X, Lumia 822, and the ever lasting Trophy lol. (That last one was more of a joke)

Let's not forget the Samsung Odyssey (Ugly) Instead of the ATIV S. I would take the 822 over the Odyssey any day. I think VZW didn't want the ATIV S to interfere with their BS android obsession by giving the consumer space an appropriate Windows Phone Phablet-ish option like the SIII (which the ATIV S essentially is) or the Note II/DNA etc.

I'm almost positive that the Ativ Odyssey was more a lack of effort on Samsung's part, but either way, things are going to get better. Verizon just wants to make sure Windows was established a bit, the more users we get the more phones we'll probably see.

At&t can eat a bowl full of Richards. Add to that the 928 seems to have no sd card support means I'm getting the Z10. It's been fun, but the lolly gaggling has gone on long enough.

The Z10? Lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol. You might as well get the storm.

You should wait for the might have a slightly better camera than that of the Z10. Oh wait, I forgot the Z10 has a horrible camera. Any camera from the year 2008 can beat it.
Anyway, this post was /rant /s.
I just think it's kinda funny you automatically assume the 928 doesn't have an sd card. You know that OEMs on other OS's are not including sd cards in their phones? HTC One anyone? Why don't you be like the other Americans and upgrade to cloud storage? Im taking a graduate course right now over the technology. I hear it's"the wave of the future in tech." Anyway you have to have a data plan to use any smartphone on any carrier, right?.

I edited it...but how can I be wrong when you know it's true?  OEMs are moving away from expandable storage by sd slots in high end devices because cloud storage is becoming more available.  HTC does it...Nokia does it....Google/LG and the latest Nexus doesn't have an expandable slot.

I am sorry to say this but you guys need to get in touch with the mobile world more.  Go and read a phone neutral site... Pocketnow ....Phonedog....etc and you will understand that mobile technology is evolving. 

Cloud storage and virtualization is the next big thing in technology.  Even the upcoming PS4 will have cloud storage as it's secondary storage device for games. 

Remember removable batteries?  - Only a few OEMs give that option now. 

Technology is moving should move on with it. 


Disadvantages of the cloud versus a memory card:
1. You have to pay monthly or annually if you want more than a few GBs.
2. Uses more battery.
3. Requires a constant connection.
4. Slower
5. Uses up your data plan.
Until all of that is fixed I don't see any reason why I would use it exclusively over a memory card.

i played with the z10 and i used to love my blackberry. i walked away from it and said to myself "that's it?"  really was just disappointed with it.  the UI isn't intuitive to say the least although it's sort of a cool take on the mobile UX. just felt meh. wasn't good enough for me to care about BB again. the rumored 32gb internal (or even if it turns out to be 16gb) plus cloud storage is more than enough for me.

Just wondering what's up with men given wives there left overs? "here u go wife this is another sub-par toy I use to play with that is now yours" How about buying her a phone for mothers day why don't ya lol im really joking but I see this alot

wifes are not technology addicts. they use a few things from the phone and that's it. so it is a waste getting a new phone for them..:)

ok now I got to go in hiding from the lady warrriors.

Can I quote you on that statement later to all the women who are into technology and happen to be wives

Hiding is an excellent idea cause I really want to shoot an arrow through your heart

Why should he hide? For speaking the truth? if women dont like slightly used phone of a family member then they can buy can their own phone.

I'm pretty sure he said he was going to hide it was a JOKE and your right his statement is true of some women but all of you don't see past the real reason there taken ur phones im sure a closeted nerd or geek had a phone in mind for themselves maybe that phone ur given them but alot of women aren't going to bitch about getting a phone that isn't even a year old and to hopmedic you made the most sense and kudos for not lumping her with other wives... I'm joking but im not sure im far off Etios ur a dick for pointing out she can buy her own phone my mothers day statement was a joke also but if someone pushed out your kid the thought of buying her a phone shouldn't turn you into a character from madmen where they only buy wives kitchen appliances have a great day husbands

take your feminist crap elsewhere. you won't change the world posting in the WP Central comments section.  anyone with half a brain knows there are both men and women in the world who are into tech/gadgets. does it really matter/bother you that much what others post/think in here? just skim it over and move on.

Lol I see the d-bags have come to play and if I was that serious about the topic I'd be trolling the fourms so go eat a sword slowly

@LaNiQuE:Yes, everything was a joke but you still got butthurt over it. Everyone knows what you meant by writing those hostile comments.
No offense and please take it as a joke but i  think you are a typical feminazi bitch, you are showing all the typical feminazi traits like misandry, superiority complex, playing victim, blaming everyone else for own failing. But times are changing you know, men are no longer going to lie down and take it in the backside, when you shout off you loud mouth, do expect fight back and reality checks.

Rmicheal comment was taken in consideration just like everyone else's who commented on the topic without calling me a feminist so I wonder what made you and tvolpe so upset when other husbands had no issue with what I said they gave their 2cents with decent points of view and went on about their day I am not a victim or pretending to be one you don't know me and i don't know you but if I offended you sorry but I didn't take any of this as serious as you did like i told the other guy I don't get on here to troll I love my tech news and I am so far from some man hating bitch you think I am your first mistake is thinking you have an idea of who I am I don't think men should bow down to women we are all equals in my book

If I give my wife a used phone she'll put an arrow in my a-hole, we both have 920's, she's not a tech freak but if she likes she wants.

What?! Women aren't technology junkies?! Grahhh, where's my pitchfork! ;-). No, a lot of women like technology just fine, they just don't usually care about specs. If it makes you feel better, it's the reverse for me. My husband tends to inherit my stuff provided I don't sell it to get the next best thing.

Thanks Ladydias It's different for every married couple I see i was just curious about the guys who give their wives their phones but i guess i came off too harsh lol really i believe my only fault is responding to rude replies that didn't get I wasn't being feminist im pretty far from that

My wife is geeky, but not nearly as geeky as me - she's more of a closet geek. She accepts that I need the latest (assuming we can afford it at the time), and likes that that means she gets it the next time around. She likes my 928, and it will replace her day 14 Trophy when 928 comes out, and she knows she will get 928 when EOS makes its way to Verizon. It's what they call true love. :-)

She also says she likes this arrangement because by the time she gets it, "all the bugs are worked out." 
Oh, and I don't lump my wife in with "all wives."  She is all by herself!  :)

My wife is not the techy in the house and she is Ok with that. I program the TV, I program the Harmony remote, I create the RaspberryPI media center for XBMC, I research technology and build computers, I do the cooking.

My wife could care less what phone she gets as long as it takes good pictures and is easy to use and has an option to put our baby as the wallpaper and have a purple theme. Why take my post as a sexist comment? I show her how to use the phone and she Likes my 8X, waaaay better than her HTC Rezound and loves WP7/8 UI way better than android. She isn't techy like me and android is not for her, but she didn't want my old Trohpy because the Rezound is better than the Teophy Spec-wise and has LTE. In fact she is asking me when I am getting my next phone so she can have mine. No sexism meant by my comment and besides it is personal preference, I bet she wouldn't lime the 928 because it is big and Boxy. The HTC 8X has a superior design, I just want the VZW 920, as long as the screen is bigger than my 8X. I would actually take the HTC one with WP8 if it was coming. But no foreseeable plans as of yet. 928 it is.

I'd say this phone is like a hot guy wearing a tuxedo and not because im shallow it's because it's really that damn sexy to me

it looks very sophesticated. I like it.. the only ones missing are the top and bottom views... lets see if there is anything else that is added or not.

I don't know. I don't think black does these polycarbonate Lumias justice. The vibrant colors really bring out the curves and subtle little design elements.

Turns out the L920 is the overall winner of these variations as the design is the most beautiful. Nothing can beat the original. Yes I know, the weight and overall depth is somewhat of a drawback but built tough as heck. I surely hope the EOS does not look anything like this. It is my next phone or the phablet.

I am a new WP8 user, switched from iPhone. Much happier with the Lumina 920. I still respect the iPhone, infact I still recommend it to people based on their needs. But since my switch I have been touting the phone around my co workers and have gotten many Verizon people, both iOS and Android, psyched for the 928. Needless to say I have forwarded all articles on the 928 to them. Lets hope they make the merge too.

Thats the spirit! keep on spreading the windows phone love, the platform really needs good word of mouth marketing as biased blogs dont give the real picture.

when taking calls..? ..why put mouthpiece below the home key..or maybe I'm that a fingerprint scanner?

For all people referring to the 810. You are all being tricked. The side shots are taken from an angle. You are seeing depth, not bulkyness or thickness.

What's this flash about, I'm guessing that it doesn't ruin your pic by putting a big bright light right in the middle of the pic, or as much of one. I rarely use the flash any on 920, don't need it. As for 928 not to keen on shape. I really like 920's rounded edges. It's really going to be hard to beat the design of 920 for me. Love that phone. Only thing they could do is maybe thin it down a little and not sure I even want that. Just leave greatness alone.

Prefer my Lumia 920 which would have better reception for cell n WiFi as no aluminum to impede signals, xenon flash is better though.

I am a current Lumia 920 owner with AT&T but my second cell is a Thunderbolt with Verizon, I can't wait for the Lumia 928 to arrive, dumping the Tbolt right away.

It's hard to tell from these images.  Are they bringing the glass right to the edge on this?  Will the screen be more prone to damage from corner impacts?

To me, in this render (and maybe my vision is blurry as I just woke up ), it looks like a Lumia 900 if it were reversed. Or something.

Definitely getting one to replace my Trophy. Wife has the 822 and it's much nicer than the renders were for it so I have no qualms about the 928. I'm sure I'll be happy with one!

I switched from an iPhone 5 to a Trophy, and don't regret it, because I wanted the windows phone OS and don't have another upgrade for a LONG time (was able to get this on eBay for $58). It is an adjustment, but it hasn't been one I regret one bit! I will definitely get this phone or the next in line as my upgrade. Trophy is nice for me, but I love the Nokia design and feel much more :-)

I'm using an 822 coming from an iPhone 4 - bounced back and forth a bit, but I enjoy the Nokia a lot better. Plus their repair service was extraordinary when I had a problem.

The more I look, the more it reminds me of the HTC 8x. The overuse of bezels is also not pleasing to the eye. The Verizon logo also needs to come off. Either way the Lumia 920 is still the most beautiful with a unique design. Though it would have been nice if the corners were I little rounded or curved.

I WANT IT. Been on my Galaxy Nexus, but have refused to downgrade to a phone that's worse, ie 8x. Finally the 928 will provide some flagship quality competition. I'm getting this sucker as soon as it comes out. This wait is killing me. Hopefully more colors?

It's pretty nice, but has none of the personality of the original. I hope they at least offer it in other colors, or is Verizon so lame that they want to limit the color palette of the devices they carry?

It does look like the 810, which honestly, I like very much. I thought it was ugly until I had one in my hand and in person, it looks quite nice, and FEELS a LOT better in the hand than you would think. I think this 928 will be similar.

Wife can upgrade in July, I already got the 822..maybe just maybe I can convince her to take my 822 and I could this this beast.. :-P

im so underwhelmed by design of this phone. based on the first render i thought it was going to be very 720 ish which i was cool with but now those flat sides (like the fcc leak) make this thing look super uncomfortable to hold in the hand. 
im running a trophy still so im ready to upgrade but with catwalk right around the corner and unless this thing completely changes my tune when i get my hands on it, i think ill be switching to tmobile to save some money, still have a great selection of phones, and not have to have the same phone for 2 years. 

I like it... actually looks very fetching in black.
I'll reserve judgement on the color versions until I see final renders.
What I'd really like to see is a high-end phone with those drool-worthy dual-shot color shells on the 620.... mmmm... delicious.

That's so true. I'm rocking an 810 and design cues are similar. Wish Nokia offered more interchangeable shells for the 810 besides the cyan/black.

It still looks kind of thick.  At least they shed some weight.  I still get comments on my 920 like "wow, that's a huge phone!"

Looks great, but the downside is they're splitting their form factor. More of the same body, more cases and accesories. If they have a ton of different ones we'll be stuck with whatever we have: not a lot of options (or good ones).

That's an interesting design! The edges are very sharp and rectangular, and THEN they taper. It looks cool.

Been waiting for something like this from Verizon.  My wife and I will almost certainly be getting one to replace our HTC Trophy's.

The sides & back look similar to the 822(flat sides) which could be a Verizon Nokia design theme.  IThe back would even closer if the 822 was unibody like the 928.

I love it! Those comparing it to the 810 have somewhat of a point but I have always thought the 810 looked the best out of the 800 phones! I love that it has the flat sides.... I hate the tapered sides on the 8x... Feels horrible to me. Now I just need a release so that I can retire the trophy!

Why can't they just leave well enough alone?  The 920/800 is by their best looking handset, just stick to that design, Im so pumped for a high end Nokia to come to VZ, but of course with my luck, it has to look like this...

hey, i am not familiar with US cellular carrier policies, but can't you just buy the Lumia 920 lets say on amazon and put a Verizon simcard in it?

For the average Verizon customer, I feel like this phone is totally irrelevant now. I know they couldn't release this earlier because of the exclusivity deal with AT&T, but now you have another WP8 device being released with no hype or draw. I mean, to your average Joe Schmoe with VZW, how is this any different than the 8X (which was released last November, if my memory is correct)? I know we know the differences, but I don't really see this device flying on the shelves? I hope I'm wrong though!