Viber for Windows Phone 8 submitted to the store, should be available soon


Viber for Windows Phone 8 is still on the way, but we're now almost there. According to TruTower, the Viber team has submitted the app to the Windows Phone Store and expects it to be available in the next few days. We previously looked at CEO Talmon Marco confirming that Viber is indeed coming soon to Windows Phone, and now the same soul has revealed that the app has indeed been submitted.

We'll be sure to fire up an article when the app is live on the store with a quick walkthrough on what's new for consumers to take advantage of. Should you be eagerly awaiting voice support, you won't have to wait much longer. Also note that this release will not be exclusive to Lumia devices through the Nokia Collection, but will instead be available for all Windows Phone 8 devices

via: TruTower; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Viber for Windows Phone 8 submitted to the store, should be available soon


He actually confirmed on Twitter that it was Temple Run. But still, a lot of people seem to want this, so this is great!! Loving the momentum lately.

He didn't confirm that it was Temple Run. If anything, he made it clear that it wasn't Temple Run. He mentioned that Temple Run suffered from that tile issue because it was rushed to release to time it with the other games, which clearly means it wasn't slated for release on Monday.
Edit: never mind, just saw a thread in the forums with one of his tweets that confirmed Temple Run was in fact that fun app.

on skype when we call friends on android or ios then they need to be online on the app, but on viber we can call even if they have not app open, it such an big advantage for me, I m so happy its coming soon

at the moment they have no plans for it, but if many user request for it, I'm sure they will develop it sooner than later

instagram have many user request for it also but they turn a deaf ear to their users.. lol
Dump Instagram haha lets go PhotoPlay wooohooo

thx God whewwwww! now give us a major fcbk update and my apps problem are done!! Instagram will surely come is just a matter of when not if

One app less in the list, Only instagram, snapchat and few banking apps left in my list. Once the next update (blue) release with atleast top 25 feature requests listed  + 1080p support  means nothing infront of wp to compare by end of this year.

Guys, there was a Grovveshark app in the MP before which was later pulled. Its strange MS allows wrappers to the website but don't get your hopes up as they will not allow this. Since this app uses a hacked API and not official access. It would be great if MS would accept it but in general they are very strict regarding these type of apps. Its a direct competitor of xbox music and spotify, and unfair since its illegal and without groovesharks permission.

non the less, great work by the developer.

Which Viber is in the store? Viber Messenger is in the store, and Viber Voice is in the Nokia WP7 store. Viber for WP8 is not in the store though. Read the title and article.

Pardon me. Heathcliff74 released Interop Unlock for Omnia W a while back. After you unlock it you can use HomeBrew apps such as Market Config or market select to replace your Samsung store with nokias store and you'll be able to download Nokia exclusive apps.. Though some apps like camera extras, Nokia drive, city lens won't work on our Omnia.. Viber works fine. You can go here www.wp7roottools.com and click on the download section and download the first file "interop unlock for Samsung 2nd Gen devices" you'll have the instructions in the file.. If you have any doubt feel free to mail me at surajdazz@live.com and make a donation to heathcliff74! That guy rocks!

The big "app" is still yet to come.  It's brewing right now and I just took some metamucil.  It will be out soon.  Stay tuned!

No! That temple run shite was the big app apparently. This actually is a big deal, viber is very important!

Temple run is doodoo on WP. So glitchy. I can't see how Microsoft would be proud to announce it. I would be embarrassed.

Great. Fcbk / Skype update and a little instagram to calm the waves and I'm a happy WP user. Not that I'm not now but it can be better :)

This link is for viber messenger. Keyword is messenger. The one being released is a voice app like Skype. Glad it is out soon.

This article makes it seem like viber just has never been present on windows phone, its not like that. Chances are, the app that has been submitted is an update for "Viber Messenger"

Viber hasn't been avaible, Viber consists of VoIP, text messaging, photo sharing video sharing, group messenger.
Having 1 part of a service is like having none of it at all, could simply use whatsapp for messaging.
It must be a new app.

Its sad when the author has to deliberately say the app will be available to all windows phones, so sick of all the Nokia exclusives.

awesome best news ever, viber is the only app I had missed so much, absolutly amazing love uu viber plz come up before wednsday, their CEO said if it doesn't make before wednsday then it won't make this week

I don't know what all the hype about viber is for. Been using it for a while (the full package, not just the messenger), but I wouldn't say I'm all that fond of it. Feels kind of sluggish and there is no option to pin the conversations to start. It always opens with the recent calls list, which is mildly irritating. It also has to load itself every time you open it again. Hoping that Skype will be a lot more "native" than this when/if it finally gets released on WP 8.

This app, just literally brought 2 more family members to the 920 and 1 to an 820...The other two love the 920 but still holding out till Instagram arrives. 
Considering recent reports that Blackberry is lacking in sales and people aren't buying into it...I get this feeling that developers were waiting to see the reaction towards BB before commiting to WP.  Either way, glad the 'A-list' apps are finally rolling in.

Yes but will the call function be in place? They keep saying it is "coming soon". I don't want it if I can't call...

Do any of you guys have the closest approximation of its actual availability on store for download? I am,desperately wainting for viber upgrade!

What's the complaint about 7.8 devices? I mean viber is already available - well, for lumias at least. Using it on an 800 with 7.8. Though it might be a Nokia exclusive app, I have no idea. But I seem to recall when the full app was available outside the Nokia collection as well.

Alright, Angry Birds SW is out already. Airline apps, like which specifically? Because there are several. Plus an app called Skyscanner that helps you find and book flights.
Pinterest... nope, but at least one of the apps is just a pinterest web wrapper.
FB? who knows...
IG? Who knows
Which brings me to google. I need you to really feel me on this, other than youtube, and I still think MetroTube is better,  there is no google app that isn't already covered, and covered VERY well by WP, and or Nokia.
Search is covered, and despite the odd complaints about it I am really happy about Bing search on WP. especially when you mix in music search, local scout, barcode searching, word translation, and the movie search local search, and news when you swipe from the main Bing screen. Maps, to me are just fine. But one thing I miss from having google maps on my HTC Kaiser running WM (yes, Windows MOBILE 6.X) was that it showed traffic obstructions. Nokia here maps has that online, but not on devices yet.
Just my personal feeling; F*ck google for taking the stance they've DECIDED to take, but thank you anyway. I'm glad to not have them on board now.

You can try to rationalize the lack of those HUGE name apps all you like, but it doesn't change the fact that for the average smartphone buyer it's a huge negative.

what is average smarthphone buyer? There is more than 1,5 billion smarthphones sold, and for example instagram has combined 100 000 downloads, so no average smarthphone buyer doest care about such an apps, not saying that we don't need those apps, I personally have missed viber so much but now viber comes and I m so happy

Its now Monday here in NZ and this was written on Saturday... I don't think viber is legit anymore I have lost faith in them ever doing anything on time! Sort it out viber!

.....Viber team has submitted the app to the Windows Phone Store and expects it to be available in the next few days.......
10,20 or 30 days????
Oh sorry I did not expect ! :)
available in stores :)

Is there something about these messengers that I just don't understand?  Viber, Kik, Whatsapp. I see posts about these messenger services all of the time and I don't get it. I just don't get the point.  I have calling and unlimited texting on my device.  Someone enlighten me please.