Video of Nokia Maps so stunning you’ll do a double take

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Videos from the tech community never stop amazing me with their creativity and work. For example, the Lumia 920 has had some crazy unboxings and hands-on. Here’s one from Paul Wex that made me do a double take once I realized it was using images from Nokia's 3D HERE maps.

Wide Web World is an impressive video taking you around the globe to major cities like Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, and more. Maybe I still need caffeine this late in the day (or some new glasses), but I clicked play and watched this without picking up on what exactly I was looking at. I assumed the footage was from Lumia or something. Either way, it’s impressive how detailed Nokia has made these 3D maps for us all. Now all we need is to get some 3D mapping on our HERE Drive apps and we’ll be set.

Source: Vimeo, Via: FastCoCreate

Thanks for the tip Amir H!


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Video of Nokia Maps so stunning you’ll do a double take


King Nokia, and Lord Elop-sus-ssiah-llah always making the haters seethe. Keep up the good work, I am not worthy of all these amazing efforts.

Not trying to disrespect and anything, but you always post the same and is getting me sick.. Dude is just a cellphone company (if make with sarcasm once is ok, but is getting a bit out of hand IMO)

Why can't they build a Flight Simulator using that?  Microsoft canned Flight after only two area pack releases (Alaska and Hawaii) and said no more.  Ask Nokia.  Maybe they can do it.

Awesome, now lets get the entire world 3d mapped and get that app out on lumia's ASAP and watch everyone jump ship to WP. Within one month the marketshare for android and iphone would plummet to single digits.

So... HERE Maps 3D, licensed from C3, which was bought by Apple, and used in Apple Maps. Still Nokia made those for us all anyway?

Is it bad that when you go there, it says you need a non-IE browser to use the 3D feature? That is not a good thing for IE, especially for Windows Phone

Try downloading the vimeo app then playing the video in there. I initially could not play the video. After downloading the app and registering I had no issues (I did have to search for it within the vimeo app).

Hoorah! Thanks for the tip! I thought Vimeo was a MS product? I was thinking it was odd that one MS product wouldn't work on another, but then, this IS MS/Windows we're talking about! :)
Phone's charging for the night, so will take a looksee online

Huh. I just tried here.com on my pc, and it says for the 3d mode I need to use firefox, chrome, or safari... Why not Internet Explorer 10?

The more I see stuff like this from Nokia, the more I want MS to let Nokia HAVE AT Windows Phone. Let them do what they do without restriction...to a point.  But let them rock the OS, Nokia style. It'll be all kinds of awesome.

Symbian was awesome thanks to Nokia. Even Nokia/Here Maps are from Symbian. Until today Symbian is the most accomplished OS. Even Android is still trying to catchup.

Clearly. Never used it.  Tell me about Symbian OS? In YOUR experience that is. What was/is so amazing about it that your unbridled enthusiasm over the OS lead you to make the point?

Ok, doesn't Bing maps give you a view similar to this? And doesn't Here Drive use Bing maps? I think I'm missing something

How did he get that view? And how come his HERE 3D maps look so much more realistic than what I get when I visit HERE.com?