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Vine for Windows Phone is now available for download

Updated 11:30 AM ET: The Official Vine app is now live in the Store. Link below.

Vine has today announced on the official blog that their Windows Phone app will be released today. Fans of the service have been left with little choice but rely on third-party solutions (6sec and Viner to name a few) while Vine looked at developing an official app for Microsoft's mobile platform. We covered an unveiling of the official Vine app at Nokia World 2013, but soon you'll be able to download the app and create some awesome short clips.

If you're not familiar with the service, Vine enables you to create looping videos with sound - think of them much like animated GIF images. The team will be releasing a product, which is in line with what's already available on iOS and Android. However, they have confirmed specific Windows Phone features such as the ability to pin favourite Vine accounts to the Start screen and we bet there'll be integration with the camera.

Download the official Vine app for Windows Phone here in the Store. 10 MB, Free. Windows Phone 8 only.

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Vine for Windows Phone is now available for download



Yes❕ You❕.. You're Jasper❗.. That's why we all bow down to you.. Thanks for your ever continued support of the WP platform, and WPC.. You are a WP GOD, my friend.

Really❔ I've been waiting for the day Kate Upton knocks on my door and ask to wrap her lips around my rooster.. I guess we all have different aspirations.....

Yeah, but he was waiting for something plausible. You are waiting for a fantasy that will never happen.

Hey, I just want to let you know that it happen around 3:24pm today. So, don't ever try to crush my dreams again... And yes, she does smell like bubble gum, just like I suspected... Jokes on you❕❕

This is how I feel about 6tag / Instagram.  It's good for companies to support WP, but honestly, with such great third-party apps, I'm not chomping at the bit like I use to. 

Tom Warren of The Verge replied to a comment saying it could be here before the end of the month.

The hell does he know. I could have said the same thing based upon "in the coming weeks". I actually think it will be out before next Friday for obvious reasons

I'm still waiting for a few..

A DirecTV companion app that actually works.

Instagram (coming soon)

A Proper Youtube App

Subway Surfers and other random games


No worry pal, he still has to fill the gaps from Waze, Gtalk, GVoice, Tinder, Hangouts, Dropbox, Pinterest... 


And he might also try to make REAL apps for Facebook, Facebook Messenenger, Gmaps, Youtube...

The bad news is that waze has a step so it could delay the birth    Taht sob  lol

If you realy think there needs to be a "gap filled" for missing google apps, you must be smoking sherm.

Yeah, cuz 99% of WP users are fanboys that hate the evil Google and doesn't relly on Waze, or Hangouts or Gmaps, or Goggle Docs, or a dedicated Gmail app, or G+, or Google Earth, GTalk, or Analytics, or Google Translator............

Why someone would move from other platforms to find no Google apps when you can have an Android/Iphone and rock with Skydrive, Hotmail, Skype, Office... Where Facebook and WhatsApp (ok, this ones you can't say nobody uses) actualy works, and have that many thousand apps that don't work here or relly on a few good third party developers to FILL THE HUGE GAP

Yeah, I must be drugged

Like your comment. Hate to disagree, but WhatsApp is one of the most awful apps compared to the other OS. WhatsApp on Android is a beauty.

I agree with you. I said that people USE these apps, not that they are any good. Like facebook for WP, WhatsApp is a total embarassment for the platform. Even Wechat or Line, which have fewer users are better apps

Waze is already coming. The Google has announced that they are cutting off 3rd party apps in early 2014

Pinsation works pretty well.  Focus should be on apps that don't already have a viable alternative.


Pinterest! My... um... my wife, yah... SHE wants a Pinterest app... its for her... I swear. Sheesh, guys don't use Pinterest... *ahem*

DAMN. .... Would be great if instagram came out before the release of the 1520. I am not abandoning 6tag, but that would be great for 1520 commercials to promote the phone and ecosystem to future WP owners.

I have been using 6 sec and its an amazing substitute for Vine. I'll still use it even after this one drops but I'll check this one out as well.

Instagram is coming by the end of the month supposedly.  Mint is supposed to have a release by the end of the year, so hopefully that is still the case.

Check the news feed. There just was an article about an official beta starting for both Win8 and WP8 for

Candy Crush with achievments would fly like hotcakes with wings and muscles (unlikely though)


I'd love to see GTA IV and 5 on WP too. IOS has all the gtas.

but IOS can keep all those so-called'freemeium' +IAP apps, with the exception of asphalt 8 and qonqr I guess. (they aren't plagued with ads and are not PTP.)

Woo! There are some vine specific features that haven't made it to 6sec so I am excited to see them

That being said, 6sec is amazing so I am ready to see if vine can have the same fluidity.

I bought 6Sec a while ago.. but right now they show me some ad's! tha's it not right... so i will use vine official app instead

Even if you stick with 6sec (like I will be), you should still download and login to the official Vine app.  If these companies see lots of dowloads/use of their app, they and other developers are more likely to bring more and more apps to WP.

6sec unlike 6tag, it doesn't offer more features than what the official application already does. On the other hand, 6tag does the job better.

Hurry up Instagram. Getting official apps on the platform really adds momentum. People from other platforms keep telling me that WP does not have Instagram as an official app. I hate to hear that. Bring it on folks!

I love when they say that cause I have a chance to show them 6tag and how different it is from there official app as well as the WP features to 6tag

If they add the DISGUSTING shadow under the nav bar like they did in the recent Twitter update...I will kick and I will SCREAMMM!!

Instagram tommorow! Haha I'm just wishing. Probably will need Carrier update...*sarcasm* :( least its coming!!!! :)

Awesome! Can't wait for the official instagram app. Hopefully snapchat joins the party soon. With those two I will no longer need to use third party apps (Rudy's are great but I prefer official apps)!

Okay we got vine ready to be downloaded, now where are the other line ups at the 1020 announcement apps like path and flipboard, waiting for those apps seems like forever since both dont have any thirdparty Client to fill the void.

I am proud to be a windows phone user and very very happy that i choose windows over ios n android... I was a Symbian user... Nokia is just awesome

Laggy. Doesn't allow to disable AutoPlay on Vines. Very few options. Another bad port to WP8. Sticking with 6sec.

I never said any "official" app does, but its annoying and can be disabled in 6sec so I'll stick with that. :)

I get an error code when trying to download from the WPC app. Also I can't find it in the WP8 store when I search.

I signed up for the beta and nothing yet. Anybody received a message about being accepted to participate in the beta for mint??

Have no desire to download the official app. sticking with 6sec until it'll no longer be supported.

Who gives a crap! Go 6secs all day!!! :-) its cool with the support an all. But its too dam late. Sorry vine!

The only thing better in the official one is the tools to create the Vine. Everything else is better in 6sec (not to mention it's likely Rudy will replicate those tools soon)