Vodafone Italy opens up mobile operator billing support for the Windows Phone Store

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More mobile operators are implementing billing support for the Windows Phone Store and now Vodafone in Italy has followed suit. Offering customers the ability to use their contracted plans as a way to pay for apps and content from mobile phone stores, it's a more convenient payment gateway to using cards on the go. If you don't have a card or wish to use one on your Microsoft account, your monthly contracted bill will include purchases on the Windows Phone Store.

Both Vodafone and Microsoft have yet to officially announce this new feature, which leads us to believe it's not quite available to everyone just yet. It's real easy to get cracking, simply select the option when checking out and purchasing content from the store. If you purchase numerous apps or hand over your phone to other people, it may be worth investing the few minutes to set a PIN for your Wallet and prevent others from using your funds.

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Vodafone Italy opens up mobile operator billing support for the Windows Phone Store


No idea, I've been lucky that orange have had this working on Windows Phone for years.

Now if only they would support NFC payments.

I think all the top uk networks have it. But enabling NFC payments through mobile billing would be a big game changer in retail. I would assume there's a lot of technicalities involved that doesn't make it feasible at the moment but I really would hope it pulls through within the next year.

Well if they are calling "contactless payment cards" which you still have to tap to pay.. that should explain how sloow tech is moving on this side of the world, Japan have had this sorta tech aeons ago - using phones as wallets. It was even on the gadget show ages ago.
"Just touch your Visa contactless card to the contactless reader and hold it there until the display confirms your transaction has been successful"
Extract from visa website... must one say anymore LOL.

I hope next will be Vivo (Telefonica here in Brazil, largest carrier). So many people in here don't have a international credit card...