Watch all the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games from your mobile device with BBC

BBC iPlayer

This morning the BBC has announced its plans for domestic coverage of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and it's good news for mobile watchers. Via the BBC iPlayer app for smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs as well as on the web via the BBC Sport site, you'll be able to watch live and on-demand coverage of every minute of action from the games.

Glasgow 2014 will be BBC Sport's biggest ever digital Commonwealth Games with up to 17 live video streams available across any device - up from six streams at Delhi 2010.

All the action from every event, sport and venue will be available live and on-demand across PCs, tablets, mobiles and connected TVs, with even greater choice and interactivity than ever before:

The Commonwealth Games runs from July 23 until August 3 and this level of online based coverage is second only to the London 2012 Olympic Games. But given the amount of TV coverage that will also be devoted to the games, how many of you plan to watch on your mobile devices?

Source: BBC


Reader comments

Watch all the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games from your mobile device with BBC


BBC new iPlayer app please? The current one is unusable and of appalling quality for 21st century...

Why is BBC not supporting WP? No official apps from them and the only good third party BBC app was removed by their order.

I don't have a problem with the current app....it is perfectly usable (even on our 500KB village broadband connection).
However, we do need the download option, and also, access to live TV...

I'm not particularly interested in the Commonwealth games so won't be watching a single minute of it. I managed to avoid the Olympics so will be avoiding this too.

Haha...what a misery you are!
The Olympics were spectacular....probably all the more so for having people like you stay away;)

Hope they will make the viewing accessible to users in other parts of the world, for I know BBC iplayer videos are only accessible ♿ to users in UK

Nobody say nothing, no response from WhatsApp inc., same with Microsoft, and there aren't news about? WTF is going to happen? From Sunday WhatsApp isn't published, tomorrow will be Wednesday and will surely not be any new about WhatsApp

I look forward to watching the Commonwealth Games on my Windows Phone and using the app on Windows too; unfortunately that won't be in 2014. The WP8 app is slow and crashes too often. It will be a great day when I don't need to pay c.£150 per year for owning a TV; the BBC is perhaps 2% of my viewing.

I assume you don't listen to BBC radio, read BBC News, watch any of the myriad of global TV hits (Top Gear)...benefit from the stunning and world beating nature documentaries...
The BBC is excellent value IMO

So you'd rather pay like £50 a month for sky so you can watch repeats of ancient shows and a load of general rubbish?

I'd rather have a choice and not be taxed just for owning a TV. If the BBC is so great they should allow people to pay for it on a subscription basis.

I don't have Sky but I know it's not £50/month.