Waze: No plans for Windows Phone app update


We might never see another update to Waze on Windows Phone. At least that's what we've heard directly from Waze on Twitter. Waze is a popular navigation app that offers turn-by-turn navigation, user-submitted speed traps and more. It's a highly popular app with millions of users who prefer it over other navigation services. The thing is Google bought the company last summer, and we know friendly Google is towards Windows Phone.

A Windows Phone Waze user asked the company via Twitter whether or not development of the Windows Phone app had stopped. Here's the response from the company:

"There are no plans for an update as of now but things can always change."

There you have it. The last update for Waze on Windows Phone came out in February of this year. It might just be the last update made for the app on Windows Phone since there are no plans. The tweet from Waze is over a month old, but there's no reason to suggest their plans have changed.

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Waze: No plans for Windows Phone app update



We, the users, need to take this matter into our hands. Google thinks they can screw us up like it does not matter. 

Let's express our complaints to the developers of Waze via Social media or directly by email

With that said, I think MS is responsible for the declining market share of Windows Phone

They are giving developers reasons to stop supporting the platform. In the case of Google it's the perfect excuse

Could not agree with you more! MS is dropping the ball. They came to the party a day late and a dollar short. They are messing Win 8 platform up BIG TIME! They are not serious. They could have and should have thrown support and seriously developed the WinPhone8 platform. I have met MS employees in San Jose who do not know how to use a Windows Phone!!!!!! In fact all the employees I know have a Windows Phone as A BACKUP phone. This is sad, if the employees do not believe in the platform, why should we the general public. RT is a failure and it was a declared failure at launch, there was NO NEED for that peice of 5h!T, the general public saw that but MS koolaid drinkers kept the platform for so long.... why? Start screen or no start screen for Win 8 OS? Why not pin the Start Screen tiles on the dam metro screen? That is what I did and am happily surviving! More heads need to roll and the ones remaining need to think really long and hard. Marketing is not helping by thinking the platform will speak for itself, more needs to be done. I have fooled enough people with an Apple logo Glance screen, showing them the ability to live track game scores, stocks etc with a live tile impresses many so much so that when I tell them in the end that they are NOT looking at a new stealth Apple device yet-to-be-released and its an already in-the-market exisiting Windows Phone, they become impressed! I may speak for it and support it for a while... but my patience is running out.... stop releasing 100 types of phone, its confusing and there is no need. 4.5 should be a standard, there should be a hero elite high class phone, released with TOP specs and an annual model, an average common phone, released bi-annually and a low end phone throw in a large screen phablet AND THATS IT.

Since you have all the answers, perhaps you should contact the MSFT board of directors and see if they can install you as the CEO.

Too bad the people at the FTC are Google hacks. I thought buying competetion when you are the dominant force in an industry just to harm competitors was considered an illegal monopoly. Guess I'll uninstall and start using Here Drive again.

Under Cortana settings(notebook), there is a places list. You need to add your home, work/school and all the other favorite places and then Cortana will start giving you your work commute route with traffic.

Actually he is not alone... Was working for me before update 1.. Hasn't worked since.. Maybe I need to refresh her memory? another thing I noticed was that she isn't recognizing some tiles I have pinned anymore... Going to try re installing those apps, and see if things change.

1) Bing maps
2) Press the 3 dots to retrieve the hidden menu.
3) go to "favorite places"

Or go to Cortana

1) go to menu
2) go to places

Tadah... Done son.

No, that's not integration, that's just WP handing off requested navigation information to the default nav app.

Integration would be, your places Collection syncing with WP favorite places. I've been using HERE and have a lot of saved places I would like to easily request directions to from Cortana. It would also help in providing Cortana with public transit information a so she can update you about getting to work on time or what not. Stuff like that.

Oh, I have my places saved in bing maps, most of the time I add them asking her "where am I?". Its handy, works with cortana & here and also I get my places as I sign in my account.

I only use Here Drive anyway. Waze is obnoxious. And seriously, fuck Google. I've made an active effort for the last year and a half to move clients completely off of all Google services, Android devices, etc. So far, I've taken away tens of thousands of dollars of business from them.

Of course, it was easier before Microsoft discontinued the free Live Custom Domains service :/

Such a bad move by them. I got a lot of people on that too (instead of paying for gmail for businesses).

Office 365 with it's cost per account isn't a good alternative to free outlook.com account with a custom domain.

I though they should have made it easier for non-techies to buy and set up there own domain in outlook.com and they end up canceling the whole feature

Well said. If you have a small business, its hard not to use Gmail and custom domains.

Microsoft is loosing people in the millions because of this.

Personally I am moving my personal email off google and on to 365 small business. Because it almost free if you want to use one drive. You get 1tb of space for less that £40 a year. plus you get your domain and alias and mail groups. On top of that you can set up a sharepoint site to share with people if you want.

Show me 1 tb of cloud storage for less than £40 a year. Obviously it get more expensive as you add users but I still think it is value for money

Microsoft sent everyone who uses custom domains with outlook.com a free trial offer to Office 365 and positioned it as the replacement for it, so it is an alternative according to the company that runs both services

That petition makes no sense. Microsoft isn't forcing migration to Office 365. Current accounts with a custom domain email will still work, you just can't add new accounts or remove existing ones.

There's also no way techncally to add new accounts on Office 365 while keeping existing accounts on outlook.com. Those are two different services and your dns can only point to one or the other

Hah. Idiot. Having a monopoly is not illegal; if that were so MS would be in line first for it's desktop empire. It's illegal to abuse a monopoly in one sector to increase your marketshare in another. Which MS was convicted of doing with regard to OSs and browsers. Google buying Waze is fine. 

Google clearly sees Windows Phone for the threat it is. With Microsoft cutting licensing fees and lifting hardware restrictions for OEMs they have clearly taken a path that eventually wil create growth and succes for the platform.
With Bing starting to taking off in the USA and hopefully a more succesfull second half of 2014 Microsoft can finally make some inroads in to the powerhouse that Google is!

Well if Google does not see's WP as a threat they would support the platform, WP has million of users they choose to ignore. Well this latest Waze thing shows they go out of there way to make sure Google services will not support WP
And why? Becouse WP has the potential to become real competition to Android. Like Android it's open to use by any OEM, it offers phones on all price levels. This makes WP far more a threat then iOS could ever be.

With cutting the license fees and getting more OEMs on board WP will be wider available.

The only reason Android got so big is becouse it flood the market with thousands of different phones from over a hundred different OEMs.

With WP getting more OEMs, and Bing getting momentum in a important search market, the USA, Microsoft could hurt Google in its core business.

So even with WP not being a big threat to Android at the moment it's getting everything in place to become so in the near future.

You might say I'm an idiot? Well I think you are for not seeing the bigger picture ;-)

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Damn Google for this!!! This must be their doing - In my country, Waze is the most prominent navigation app there is. Everything is in there, and Waze can practically find anything in here.

Waze was developed here, this is why it's so widely used here...

No Waze for WP here is a serious blow to WP's efforts to gain marketshare (even though, I must admit, WP's marketshare here is probably quite minimal, I'd guess around 3% to 5% at most).


Yup. Ditto ever hear they bought Waze. I was using it but no more. I have reviewed it and given it 1 star then deleted it.. I don't use Google products I'd there is a viable alternative (which there is to just about everything except YouTube). Waze has been "Baleted"

There is MetroTube/MyTube, unless you are referring to the YouTube service in general, in which case, Dailymotion, Vine and Vimeo are pretty much your only other options, they kind of have the market cornered.

I'm talking about Google products in general, not third party developers who use APIs to make apps to access Google services.

I use Waze almost everyday. If I'm serious about trying to get directions to some place I use HERE DRIVE. Not sure why this type of user reporting couldn't be employed into the HERE maps.

Honestly, I think Nokia is willing to take the hit on accuracy than have a bunch of people playing with their phones while driving. I'll admit that feature of Waze always bothered me. But, Microsoft could keep the game part of Waze. Integrate it with Xbox Live and offer driving achievements.

But, NIST... Most of us know how to find the restroom in our own homes... That green stuff is killing your short term, dude!!!

I am betting , waze owns patents on real time crowd sourced traffic data .. Aka why Google paid 6 Billion $ for Waze

They paid less than 1 billion for it. If they own any patents it's probably about crowd sourcing map creation itself and not traffic collection (Nokia and other companies have been doing that for a while).

Map data is worth a lot of money. Nokia bought navteq for a lot more, I've read somewhere that Google has 7,000 employees working just on google maps data. Automatically created maps are worth that 1 billion alone

They are actually collecting that traffic data from all active users but the Here Drive app was using it in strange ways (only for daily commutes for a long time, that might have changed). The hazard/accident/poice social alerts are nice, but not as critical as traffic based routing

Yep, they bought them a while back, just after the WP app came out. Everyone here was saying 'there goes Waze on Windows Phone'. Then Waze came out and said 'don't worry, Google owns us now but they let us run ourselves. WP is definitely still supported.' Then this.

I'd just the usual corporate lots told to placate anti competitive government regulators. Who promptly move their attention somewhere else and then the Google's of the world can get back to their intentions all along

I think we know the full story here - Google will incorporate key features of Waze into Google maps and perhaps by the end of 2014 waze servers will be phased out. Since we can't even get Google maps for WP and the poor guy who has ported a copy has to change the name every week. HERE drive is our best bet to get features like Waze (driver reports, more route choices, etc) so my vote is to somehow convince Nokia that's worthwhile. Maybe an in app optional purchase for those additional features if Nokia can't see the point of just giving those away. I'm heading to Finland (actually just the app store to review and comment). Grass roots! Viva WP!

Now that Nokia is no longer in the WP game, I expect them to put a lot more effort into the Android/iOS versions of Here apps. Even with the licensing deal that gives Microsoft ownership like rights on the data, Nokia has to do what's best for it's shareholders. That's great mapping apps on the leading platforms.

soon enough, even the Here apps will be better on other platforms

I love using Waze. But have been worried since Google bought them. But after the previous update, my hope went up a little that this would continue. F*** Google. I guess I will start using INRIX again. It's pretty good too.

Yep, I found it handy from time to time. But I had to stop using it because it was frankly one of the most inefficient apps I've ever used on any platform. So badly built.

I don't think you used it long enough to get accustomed to how it works. It's accurate, will update frequently and provide new route if traffic slows down up ahead. My favorite navigational app on WP. Only downside... Uses slightly more battery than Here Drive+

it is so accurate than once my sister lost a boxing fight she wanted to see for that.
and it always wanted us to get in the big traffic where an accident happen... yeah sure, accurate......
and yes, my sister and her boyfriend used frequently, and it just never seemed to be that accurate most of the time.
I guess for some it works and for some it doesn't work, so you should not pretend only because it worked for you, it would work for other people, in different cities, traffic and all those variables.

Well ... If it's for daily commute, I'd rather try to memorize every potential area that might be packed with others by trying different route for first few days to memorize surrounding characteristics of every options. That way, I can always chose which option I can use best. Avoiding traffic and still find a comfort area to drive.

Pretend? WTF are you talking about?
How am I pretending? I'm giving my personal experience and I stated that he hasn't played with the app long enough and the reason I said that was BC he stated the app was badly built and I don't agree. I think if he would've used the app longer he might of seen the logic behind the design...
Its not Waze's fault your sister can't box maybe she should stop pretending.

I think you get him wrong. I'm sure he know you said the truth when you said it works for you. But you should take that as a conclusion that it also work for everyone (hence, he said pretend that it work for everyone).

I'm just correcting your missunderstanding here. To debate this, go ahead on to him, the original owner of that statement. :)

I think I understood the majority of his comment. I don't think he meant to imply that his sister actually is a boxer but more that they missed a boxing match BC of Waze routing them back into traffic. My original comment was towards Nick Rolls stating the app was badly built... I did mention "accuracy" BC that's key to any navigational application. It updates frequently BC it has a strong community to support its accuracy and has changed my route a few times in the past due to traffic change or that a quicker route has been located. The design might not win awards at first but the longer you use it the more you understand the logic behind it. My complaint was the battery usage on this app... Its not horrible but an hour drive will drain your battery down to 60-65% with the screen on.
Maybe the Waze community where he lives is small compared to mine (Los Angeles, CA) and maybe that's why he had bad experience... Idk.

I'm not pretending anything...

By badly built I mean badly coded. It is a massive battery hog and the UI is laggy as hell even on non-512MB devices. I enjoyed the functionality but when the app causes the phone to use more battery than a car charger can provide, and the device heats up significantly because of it, someone in the dev team doesn't know how to code properly.

In my experience it if by far the best navigation app for driving in rush hour. Its much better that Nokia Here Drive at rerouting you through side streets to avoid major traffic. But it eats up battery like no other app on earth. I was hoping they would invest in fixing that and providing landscape view. But given Google's track record of shutting almost everything they can out of the WP infrastructure, this is disappointing, but by no means surprising. If anyone has a recommendation for a nav app that is equally good at rerouting based on traffic, I'd love to hear about it.

That may work for the older crowd, the next gen are growing up with social media as an outlet. Not a good sign Imo... Always buried within their phones.

South africa, I checked a trip from the city centre (where all the clubs are) to my apartment building, a about 20km trip, and they qouted me R256. Now that would be about $25, for a one way trip, which I find vrazy expensive, id rather just call a friend and pay him back the petrol and a big mac for his midnight troubles haha

Strange. It is actually quite cheap in India then - I would probably pay INR 450 for 20 km using UberX here, about 78 rand. Obviously it would cost less to call a friend, but you must compare to the costs of any other car service or taxi. One thing I've noticed is that the app's fare estimation is always crazy high. It looks like 20km should be ZAR 150, at 7.50/km, add maybe half an hour to cover that distance, 15 ZAR time fee. Shouldn't be more than 200 ZAR at most.

It's garbage anyway. The whole idea behind it is dangerous. An app that encourages people driving cars to part status updates about traffic whilst driving is a bad idea.

I have been staying away everythng Google. But still use Youtube once in a while as there is no alternative.

You don't do it while driving but I guess you didn't know that, it is helpful and has gotten me to work on time when it told about traffic jams or accidents to avoid because someone was already stuck in the jam 

Incorrect. In fact, you receive prompts to update the "real-time" information. I receive one every day for the closest red light camera.

Back on topic, I believe Waze is the best navigation app for the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT). If map information is fresh (should be as it is not stored locally) and app functions, I will continue to use.

The app stops you from posting anything if the car is moving. You have to say it's you're the passenger before continuing. That said, is there any better navigation app that reacts as quickly to traffic conditions?

Nothing. But what's to stop a driver for doing ANYTHING on their phone. At least the app lays a little guilt trip on you.

You're right. I just completely made up a feature. Or, maybe you never tried to report something when moving fast enough for the app to detect it.

I can't be the only one who uses it for "read-only" traffic reports and rerouting. It does a good job of alerting me to slowing traffic and accidents, and instantly finding a side route.

It's a navigation app that encourages drivers to post status updates about their route so that people can see issues on the roads and avoid them. Dangerous if you ask me.

Yup, Kik's problem however is that windows phone wont support webkit or some BS like that so about two years ago they strongly claimed if Microsoft never supported it then they wont support the wp app no longer. -_-

Which one is BS according to you? Microsoft won't support webkit-exclusivity or Kik won't support general standard of HTML5?

For me, the later one is the BS one. Al those people who lament IE6 and then worshipping webkit which starting to be the next "IE6"... are hypocrites.

Kik team is just lazy.... and not good company, even their support sucks and they are just idiot and pathetic, not even building a windows 8 app, or updating with some fixes, at least to avoid spam or something...

but this waze thing on the other hand has to do with google and howthey dislike windows phone. if google didn't buy them, it would be updated not frequently but not bad like this, I am sure. google usually sucks in most of the things they do, I wonder how much Twitch will suck if google gets them... if twich is not any good (just popular enough), google will surely ruin it even more. and of course never release a WP app, and less a Win8 app (at least there are 3rd party ones, and one of those is nice)

WP app was already in development prior to Google purchasing them. Then, we didn't hear anything anymore about a WP app for a while only to be surprised that they released it. Well, now they're going to kill it out of spite. It's not like updating an existing app should be that difficult. Building a new one is.

Yup, exactly what I said. They were supposed to not be evil and have turned out to be the most evil of the three mobile OS companies. Only company worse than them is the fourth one, Amazon, who refuses to make video apps for other platforms, especially Windows. I have stopped by prime subscription just last week as well and have stopped using Waze.

Google is only evil towards Microsoft, and that's because Microsoft launched a smear campain against them. Do you hate that Google neglects Windows Phone? Thank Microsoft.

That "smear" campaign was because Google was already evil and they haven't supported WP since day one. Google's push to eradicate Microsoft's superior YouTube app was before Microsoft's "smear" campaign. And that campaign brought to light to the general masses practices that consumers who give a shit, already knew Google did. Stop trying to defend them. You don't even know what you are talking about. Google is evil to its users. Look how they run YouTube, and use peoples data to earn money off of them. And how they are already starting to destroy twitch and they don't even officially own them yet. I think you don't really know what your are even talking about.

Everyone uses your data to earn money. Do you think Microsoft provides email and other services to you for free because they're kind? Stop being ignorant.

They don't scan my emails, or use any other data they have on me, to provide ad content to me. I know I don't get random emails because they sold my email address to a third party. Not sure how else they would be making money off of it. If they are using it for internal research to better their products, that's fine. But they aren't mining it for an extra source of income that is solely dependent on that data being pushed back in my face in the form of ads, etc.

The other thing is that if Microsoft want to use your data, they ask you first instead of just thinking it's fine to use it without consent.

You ignored everything else SeraphX2 wrote, and chose to only answer using data to earn money. Like he said, the smear caampaign only came after Google has been actively dissing WP/Windows for some time.

Yeah i agree the campaign was unnecessary, but your timing is off. Google has been playing bully with WP long before those ads.

Y'know, if you look at their employees, it kind of makes sense. It's a young, competitive generation being recruited, and not exactly mature. Being childish may not be too far from the truth as a lot of their recruits are in their early 20s.

Yeah I remember this as well. I stored using the ago long ago. Perhaps that is why they are currently not planning any updates... They see people leaving it. But in any case, does it actually need an update currently? Are there plans for future updates to the app for other platforms? Maybe it is fine the way it is...

Screw you google. Worst company ever, your gmail sucks, forcing your stupid google plus shit, laggy android os, useless chromebooks, new google maps totally suck, all u have suck! Only service I use is Youtube

I use Waze daily on an old Iphone I keep in the car. But I tether it to my Lumia 920. Nice to be able to use it right on the Lumia sometimes. If they are indeed cutting off support then I guess Ill stop using it too. Very sad, can't we all just get along.

Two words: NOKIA HERE.
Use their apps, they're better and you get them for free with your WP anyway.

Don't blame Google for not wanting to invest a lot of money and effort in a platform with shrinking numbers. You wouldn't either if you owned a business and you know it.

So shouldn't you blame Nokia for not including Pakistan's data? You WP idiots are so funny, even for Pakis. You blame Google for not supporting a platform with 2.5% marketshare, but you are so blind and stupid that you won't even see that it's MS & Nokia's fault for neglecting YOUR ENTIRE BLOODY COUNTRY.

He told me to use HERE maps. But Nokia didn't map Pakistan. So I said I have to use Waze. I am not blaming anybody.

Here works fine IF you only have one option or way to get to your destination. I have 3 separate ways I can drive to work in the morning. Having a 40+min commute everyday, its VERY convenient that waze gives you 3 different options and judges them based on traffic, not distance. If Here worked as good, trust me Id use it, but unfortunately it does not.

Negative again I see.... What about other businesses that supports windows phone, are you saying they are stupid for supporting this platform.
Google have the funds to support if they want to but they are not going to. It's not about the low market share, its the fact that windows phone is the only other platform that can really threaten their dominance due to it being the only other free OS that is not locked to an OEM and that Microsoft has the funds to back it.

Why should they support something that brings them no revenue? Google is the kind of company that pays on the order of ~120,000 USD/year to the average engineer and that doesn't count the cost of benefits, stock options etc. Google depends on number of users since most of their products are monetarily free (you pay in other ways, mostly by seeing ads or allowing them to use that information to anonymously target ads). Most of the other businesses operate on a paid basis (like Uber or Amazon or Netflix - you directly pay them money for a service. So it is in that company's interest to reach every possible user, so they have WP apps. The cost of developing a WP app is not justifiable to many companies (like Tinder or Snapchat) because they do not charge money for their services and depend on ad revenue, so there simply aren't enough users on WP.

HERE drive is great for basic navigation but for rush hour you can't beat waze! The response from other drivers letting me know of accidents and hazards has saved me countless times! Pretty please add this feature to HERE drive not that Waze is basically Google maps now...

First, numbers are not shrinking, just other platform numbers growing faster. It's a matter of optics. There is a difference. Small but there is.

Second, you are trying to apply your consumer knowledge to business metrics. It's not that great. It really costs very little to support the front end. That is what this mobile app is in this case. Especially on WP it can cost you $1500-2000 per month and that if you are a big company with frequent updates. The API is there for everyone and is a standard cost. If you get serious usage in terms of API call bandwidth it will cost you more but then you will start making more too. But it is not platform related cost. In any case, these amounts are ridiculous for waze. It is good before you offer your opinion, to double dip it in facts. But I guess this is the internetz and everyone has one!

The reason why this happens is because google is an unscrupulous company who got by extreme chance and luck to become the Microsoft of 2010 by using Microsoft's strategy against it. MS did the same things at some point in the past, same as apple did. They got fined and got monitored and restricted heavily. They improved a lot in being considerate about privacy and allowing competitors to grow. Google's time is not here yet, but not that far either. They have more failed products to demonstrate than successes. And slowly but steadily people start getting tired of them. Search and YouTube keeps them afloat.