What color Lumia 1520 should you get? Join the dicussion.

Your smartphone can say a lot about you, especially if your smartphone happens to be the massive Nokia Lumia 1520. There's just no mistaking that trademark Lumia look and the 6-inch 1080p screen. So when our fellow forum user, fawzib, who loves the yellow, but wants the professional vibe of white, couldn't decide, what did he do? He took to the Windows Phone Central forums for some input, that's what.

A large phone like Lumia 1520 is going to draw a lot of attention as it is, so choosing a color can be a big decision. And with this phablet, Nokia offers you four of its well-known choices: black, white, red, and yellow. What kind of person are you?

Does the classic black suit your desire to blend in with the business crowd, or does the shocking yellow appeal to your urge to stand out? Perhaps the white gives you that balance of sleekness and neutrality you are looking for.

Of course, if you're feeling bold, there's always glossy red, which is the preferred choice of our own Mark Guim (Daniel prefers white, but misses yellow).

If you're thinking of picking up a Lumia 1520 or already pulled the trigger on one, come join the discussion and tell us what goes into deciding your choice of colors. We're sure fawzib will enjoy your thoughts!


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What color Lumia 1520 should you get? Join the dicussion.



Brown didn't work out so good for Zune. Remember the brown Zune? Neither does anyone else.  It was even less well received than W8.

Picked mine up in yellow and then got a red cover over it. It really stands out that way. 

This sucks. I got a 925 on Tmo. I guess I'll use my JUMP and get a note. I'd much rather get a 1525. Even though Tmo sells more W8Phones than any other carrier they don't have a High End phone.

Google one of the colours of the rainbow?


Although if you're calling people "b**ch" perhaps you're not there yet at school :)

I sadly had to go black bcuz it was the only color for the 32gb model. I would have prefered white,red or yellow as that's what makes this Nokia and wp8 stand out..(at least on the outside). I was sad to get the black but again I was not going to downgrade from my 920 to a 16gb just so I could have the flashy color. Once I went black I wanted to go back...to red or white!!

I bought yellow on day one. I figured expandable storage would be okay but now I realized it was a mistake. Both my 1020 and 920 deceived me by always having storage left but I didn't realize how much storage was assigned to apps. Now I find myself deleting apps whenever I feel the need to install a new game.

It's just that you can't install apps on expandable storage. This is likely to change with the next update, so you'll be much happier.

Wait! Is it really? Cause I'm in the same boat. I got the white one, and it's such a beautiful phone. I love it. It happens to get me peppered with questions, mostly "is that a phone or a tablet". I thought it would be no problem having 16GB internal since my media is on a 64GB card, but now I am deleting games every 2-3 days because I got one here or there that's too big, like Dungeon Hunter, and it's driving me crazy! I only had 2GB of apps on my 920. It was music and all the concert videos I was taking that went through that space. I can't imagine dealing with this indefinitely so I hope you're right!

Have got white, had choice of just that or black, And followed trend seeing as had white 900 then 920

Black is the only good color for phones in my perspective, aside from maybe a dark gray or a VERY dark blue. I'm really not a fan of the brightly colored phone trend, but to each his own.

I have a white 920, and a perfect grey Nokia "case" when I want it, as well as all the other color cases they made.

Get this case for it.. It looks awesome, it's thin, and doesn't add very much bulk at all.. It adds that seriously needed grip to the 1520, and still shows off the color of the device... I've been using it for about 4weeks now, and I can vouch for it's style, quality of fit, and durability... It's perfect❕

Got black cause it was the only one available, still happy. Would've loved one half glossy black and half matte black.

I got a black 1520 with a white nillkin slim case - the case gets absolutely filthy black. Very annoying.. So might need to buy a different colour case.

On another note, I would do horrible things to get my hands on a cyan 1520 (despite not existing, but could you imagine how amazing it would look?)

I got it in red,also have a gold colored case,and one on the way that has the Eiffel tower on the back!

I want it in cyan blue. Why Nokia left out this color from the new generation of lumias, except the AT&T version of 920, but it is not aviable worldwide. Lumia 800 was so sexy in this hue of blue!!!

I'd go for the yellow with a black cover or black with the red cover. The 1520 looks so good!

Had a white 920 and loved it but figured I'd switch it up so went black for the 1520. Don't regret it. The black matte back with the glossy front reminds me of my xbox one controller. But I honestly lose this big ass phone often. My mind got used to looking for a white rectangle in the room that the black blends in with other electronics. Still love it though. best phone I've ever owned. They just have to fix the damn touchscreen issues and it's perfecto

The red 1520 is awesome.. Especially with a thin, translucent, red TPU case.. It gives it a dual shot look..
Love my 1520... Best phone on the market.

As a French military officers, I would like a mate (not glossy) camo central Europe but Nokia doesn't make it so I stay in grey or black.

Would have gotten yellow like on my 1020, but 32GB only comes in black. Haven't had a black phone in quite some time. I think I will like the black though. I think that might have been a little too much yellow. Don't care for the gloss that comes with the red. White is not my color. Likely to lose it if it gets up against my skin. ;)

Getting a 1520 with 32 gbs on at&t killed my color options I had to get black but it's inside a teal folio cover case which works because it is black

Black works for me, because I sometimes like to switch up the color of my tiles, and every color works on a black phone.

My 720 is black as were all of my previous phones, however I now have a 1520 in white. I never would have opted for a white phone before but after a few weeks I am quite used to the colour. I have still to get a case however much as I know that it is very much required, I feel that it will spoil the image of the phone! (yeah I hear ya, not as much as a cracked screen will)

Actually I have a white one too,as well as a white 920. I hate cases as well. I didn't use any on my 920,finally cracked the screen after numerous drops just over a year with the phone. My gf's black 920 is well covered. Both our 1520's of the same respectively colors don't have any case,but we'll both soon be getting them. I love the clean look without them,however I already have two small nicks lol

To me, no smartphone should have any colour other than black. So IF I were to buy that monstrosity of a phone, it would be black. to add a bit of colour, I rather use cases.

I would, however, open an exception to a dark purple one like Sony has on their Xperia line.

I'd want a black or cyan one, but preferred black since it's not that outstanding and just normal, don't like it if something's too outstanding.

None because MWC is right around the corner and I'm waiting to see what Nokia has in mind for the rest of 2014.

I wanted the 32gb phone but i wanted the red so i went on with it. This device is phenomenal hands down the best phone i have owned so far. This is coming from a iPhone and android phone user. I might just but a yellow 1020 as a back up phone also

I have the black one. I think it looks sleek and professional. Its a a safe color, that will never clash with anything and for the life of the device, is likely to always fit "emotionally" the color choice I am comfortable with. The color choice of a device can have an emotional component, and that initial emotional that may compel toward a bolder brighter color like red or yellow may not fit ones emotion s few months or years down the road. Black is also professional looking. And especially since it is a phablet which can be used more comfortably like a tablet professionally, black fits the bill. Finally as we all know, our cell phones exist in a dirty, dangerous world that is not conducive to the pristine condition we want to keep our phones in. And I know there are cases,(I use one), but this phone so thin and sleek and the matte finish feels so nice, you sometimes want to carry this baby in it's natural state. Though the Lumia of each color are polycarbonate and colored through and through - the black will likely conceal the inevitable war wounds best.

Also been debating on yellow or white. Stuck with yellow in the end. Still really want the white. Still don't know if I made the right choice.

Got mine in yellow, my 1520 is the 32 gb international unlocked version with built in wireless charging. Never liked a phone as much as this phone . I have teken 3 , twisted metal 4, Mario , Zelda, pokemon ruby ,street fighter. This phone is a masterpiece

I wanted the cyan when I bought my 920, but the store didn't have it so I went way out of character and got the yellow and I'm lovin it!

Red and white but no more gloss. Matte is the way to go. Gloss has too many stains that you can't rub or wipe off. You have wax, buff, and shine.

Once you go yellow, you never go mellow. Best color I ever chosen. Always bought black phones before.
Yellow hides dents and all very good also.

RED!!! It's gotta be red, but I bought a black one because I could not be bothered to wait until Nokia released a red one in the UK, I'm too impatient lol.

Red is the only color I buy , but I want the 32 gig 1520 , I gave up on QI charging. Any body want to buy a red 16 gig 1520 gently used.

It doesn't really matter as the decent colours will be exclusively linked to outlets with limited stock.

I got black (only color available in the Czech republic), also I got white frost Nillkin case on it...nice black&white combination. But corners of nillkin case were dirty in three days.

Y2kern where do I go to get the international 1520 , if you could post the web address, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance

I also have the Nilken red case, and I do have to say it looks good and doesn't add much thickness to the phone.

 If I had a choice, I would get the red one. Unfortunately, I'm on Verizon and still waiting on the 929/Icon and the limited selection of black or white.

I bought the black version, only because I thought fewer people would make fun of me. I would have loved to get the yellow version however.

Popular subject ;-).....

I have a yellow 1520 and all 4 nillkin's covers, I stand out with my phone wherever I pull it out, it does not matter what color it is :-))

Gloss White > Matte White (for my personal taste).  I hope that the future flagships will offer glossy white.  Matte white is just too....dull.  :p

I would prefer white, but if Canada ever gets the 1520, I might take red, just because it's glossy.  White looks great with any live tile colour though.  Glossy white phone + black screen background + live tiles = awesome visual package.

I've always had black phones til I got my red 920. The red really attracts good attention... I think I'll go white with the 1520 though because I've never had a white phone and I think I might be getting a case to protect it and colored cases look nice over white!

Ordered mine in black because I'm just going to put it in a case any way. I hate having to wait till Friday to get it. +920

I would love to get my paws on a Yellow 1520! But I live in the Great White North (Canada) so no carrier wants to give it a chance. Oh well, sucks being me.

I've always been traditional, going for classic black or metal, but I felt a need to be bold! Red is what I went with and haven't regretted that decision. My wife went with yellow 1020, (but then she's always been a little on the loud side!) Lol

After having a Lumia 900 black matte, I just bought a Lumia 1520 yellow matte.  I will receive it next weekend ! New toy arriving home! Finally upgrading to WP8 and it looks like the WP8.1 is not that far.

I had black 900, white 920, yellow 1020 and went with red for the 1520. I still have the 1020 so I don't have to miss yellow. I'm not a fan of yellow in most cases, but so far its been my favorite phone color. It certainly got attention.

I have the matte white. For a phone like the 1520, its the perfect color. :) My friend has the black one, though, which looks quite good too. But white trumps all. Muahahahahaha.

I literally just rejoined the windows family 2day I have the 1520 in yellow. Red is my favorite color but I like the way the yellow stands out

The color I WISH I could have gotten was white but since the Lumia 2520 and 1520 both were only offered in black on AT&T, that's what I went with. I wanted both to match.

What do you mean? My white 1520 is AT&T. Is the "both" part containing a hidden meaning or something? Is that all the had at your store, cause I ordered online. They had all colors except gray for AT&T online.