WhatsApp and Microsoft still working together on fix for missing app


What’s up? WhatsApp is still not available for those to download from the Windows Phone Store. Late April, we reported that WhatsApp for Windows Phone was broken with no fix in sight. A few weeks after that, WhatsApp was pulled from the Store. Microsoft later clarified that they were working with WhatsApp on a fix. Now we have an update on the situation from Microsoft. Details after the break.

Head into that same Microsoft Answers forum thread and you’ll find a new update from Microsoft. Here’s the latest statement:

“WhatsApp chose to unpublish their app from the Windows Phone Store after discovering an issue with how notifications are being handled on Windows Phone 8, Update 3. We are working closely with WhatsApp to resolve the issue quickly. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.”

Microsoft has no specific timeline to share on when WhatsApp will return. Hopefully we’ll see the app return sooner than later. If you really need WhatsApp, despite being broken, do not uninstall it from your phone right now.

The good news is that Microsoft and WhatsApp are working closely together to resolve the issue. 

Source: Microsoft

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WhatsApp and Microsoft still working together on fix for missing app



Why do think that because something is widely used that it is beyond breaking? The expectations based on what you want are a bit unrealistic. Is not as if they aren't working on it and none of us know what the real and specific issues are. Were DO know that WhatsApp pulled it because of a notification issue and haven't said one word. Microsoft is assisting them and the only ones acknowledging the users.

I bet it does: Whatsapp and Microsoft are likely committing more resources than if the problem was with some minor app that hardly anybody is using.

Yeah it is, doesn't matter if the app is used by a couple people or thousands, it needs to be perfect. If you'd like, learn how to code and make a new app - today!

Yes I hope they act fast because WhatsApp is a big part of my life as a student. Using it daily contacting all my friends. I have a lot of disscussions and groups there from university stuff to the personal stuff.


Seriously what's really wrong? How come it came in the first place? This is serious I cuz by the time it reappears, all whatsapp lovers on WP might have jumped ship.

Only new users will miss the app.not saying this has to be fixed asap but all WhatsApp users on windows phone already have it installed, so why the hell would they jump ship?

WhatsApp is also not updated for f****g 5mnths and is full of bugs for all the users..Don't you get annoying vibration during the chat?

If you think that's bad... Kik hasn't been updated for over 2 years.  Not even updated to use WP8.0 features.

How many really does use kik?haven't u seen the poll here in wpcentral?WhatsApp is the most popular app...In other platforms it was updated almost 5mnths ago..and we are suffering as usual

Some uninstalled it accidentally, others were needed to... So it is an actual problem to al of is users

In view of this, I don't even understand why they withdrew it from the store. If the bug is really serious (data protection, security) they should have blocked existing installations, as well. If the bug is minor (delays in notifications or the like), I don't see the need of withdrawing the app from the store: no Whatsapp is worse than a buggy Whatsapp, especially in view of the fact that it appears to run pretty fine on WP8.1 dev preview.

It doesn't run fine on 8.1 Notifications are a joke, often only coming in more than an hour after the message was sent.

I know some people have issues. Luckily, it is working fine on mine, so I'm a bit biased ;-) Still, I'd like to upgrade to the new Lumia I bought, but I cannot, or I'd loose Whatsapp altogether.

So I'd prefer to have the option of downloading Whatsapp from the store, with a warning that it may not function properly, rather than not being able to download it at all.

Yeah true... Its not inconvenience to us... Its an inconvenience to your own OS... So the more you delay the more it affects the sales... At least here in India... What's app is a make or break app... Now there is the news in market that WP doesn't have what's app... This news will still be working even weeks after WhatsApp comes back... Further denting the sales... Like WP doesn't support data transfer over Bluetooth... Nokia fixed it in 7.8 but people still believe Lumia series don't support Bluetooth data transfer... Moronsoft...

You should have said 'Thank you' in the mail with a photo of a Rose flower!!!
Munnabhai+Gandhian style protest.

Lets stop waiting and switch over to another messaging system. They deserve a slap in the face..
So does facebook for not launching a stable app on wp

Agreed. To me whatsapp lacks vision these days, if they are going for cross-platform, why haven't they made a w8 or web version?

In my opinion there was a random bug that let users to posticipate the expiration date. That would really explain why the app was removed by the store.

MS should atleast have the brains to tell whatsapp to publish the app for WP8.1 users since the bug is not related to WP8.1 notifications. This is seriously lame and doesn't make sense at all. There are apps in the store available only for 8.1 then why not Whatsapp?

There is a bigger show show running behind the curtains that no one is aware of and both the sides do not wish to disclose......

yeah... let's blame Microsoft for developers who just don't know how to do their work right.
do you understand Microsoft is being too nice trying to help WhatsApp team?
it's WhatsApp team resposability to give the customers the features, microsoft has NOTHING to do with it, only for being the OS maker, it doesn't mean they can automatically fix whatever mess developer do with their app.

WhatsApp was the one deciding to pull the app from store, even for 7.5 and 8 users that had no problem (besides the buggy stuff already present on whatsapp), and Whatsapp team never pushed any update after months of months of an invisible Beta few users could enjoy.

Why should microsoft tell whatsapp the OBVIOUS?? WhatsApp knows they have to publish the app, and they should have never pulled it from store... I know maybe this is too advanced for you, but Microsoft = OS maker
WhatsApp = well the WhatsApp developer and the responsible for what happens to their app.

so again, Microsoft is being nice helping whatsapp for their incompetence. since 7.5 WhatsApp has shown that. I don't really even know why people still use that stupid app, my sisters and mom use it, I wish they would go and find something else because honestly, whatsapp, just like kik, in any platform sucks, but they obviously suck more in WP because they don't care.

Are you this much ignorant?why should WhatsApp have this bug problem?it's obviously the shortcomings of WP..They don't have any problem in ios and android platform..so who should be blamed?Use your sense,don't just be a fan boy..

Well said, WP is going no where at this rate, oh sorry they have too much on their plate as they are a big company, WAKE UP MICROSOFT!?? And when you do, have the decency to tell your customers when you decide too do so!

Obviously??  So you know EXACTLY where the problem lies?  Ugh.
Why is it that NO OTHER APP has been pulled because of this?  Please Mr. Name Caller and know everything, give us the benefit of your superior wisdom.

Only Whatsapp has this problem with notification every other apps that I use have no problem.

the problem is in the code of whatsapp and incompetence of the development team that works on the app for Windows Phone. 

I totally agree. It's the hopeless implementation of WP8 /8.1, many apps suffer. For example, extremely limited third party file managers, gallery locking applications, no good third party video players,limitetions to adobe pdf reader, limitations in attaching files to email etc. Because WP8/8.1 allowes extremely limited approach to the core system and stupidly, gallery is included in core system. I guess it's the same for Whatsapp. It's very limited, doesn't support attaching videos etc. Correct me if I'm wromg.

MS ought to tell them because its MS that goes at stake if Whatsapp isn't there. Whatsapp is not the loser. If Whatsapp ever ditches WP, WP would dig its own grave. In several countires for eg. India where Whatsapp is stable on Android and iOS u think friends are going to change just for you because you have a WP and no Whatsapp? Sorry that's not going to happen.

Live the reality and open your eyes. Just because Whatsapp is not used widely in your country or by you, you cannot speak for the rest of the world where you haven't been. I have personally heard with my very own ears people telling others not to buy a WP because Whatsapp sucks on that platform. And mind you India has huge sales for WP....

It's realy sad for those new users who just bought 630..what would be their 1st impression..what f*****g phone did I just buy which doesn't have the most popular IM app in their store..

This is how things work: There is deep things hidden in situations like this that for sure MSFT is not gonna share with the users, but for that users is just an issue...
That's why you don't have any app at all (but I'm supposing of course)

This is really bad, especialy for people who had just bought a Windows Phone. It's better to leave that ''sucky'' app in the store than completly remove it.

obviously, but WhatsApp doesn't think that way... I mean how long did the beta stayed in beta stage and never they pushed a single fix from it to the official app? well that's how WhatsApp cares about WP users.

I held off from buying my first WP until there was a WhatsApp app. Just imagine hiw many people it's deterring from purchasing a new WP if they rely on WhatsApp to communicate with friends/family/groups.

Hey aafa ... I think you should think about Android or iOS... I personally suggest everyone to not buy windows phone because it sucks :'(

Taking too long. Every day people buy a WP and everyone someone returns it because WhatsApp is missing

Why does it sound unbelievable? I wouldn't put it past Google to do this. They would stoop that low.

An issue Whatsapp said didn't exist and was due to Microsoft's push notification servers.

Meanwhile, it means I am avoiding hard resetting my WP 8.1 DP phone as I do not want to lose my Whatsapp installation.

Losing only less than 5% of their user base? I don't think they'd care. But it doesn't take more than a couple of missing apps to ruin WP as a platform, Whatsapp is one of them.

Don't get why Microsoft doesn't put more urgency on fixing their Skype app and then push to have Skype be the go to messaging app?  With Whatsapp and BBM taking their time to come to WP, just update and fix Skype so that it can take on all those other platforms.

The is Windows Phone version of Skype is the worst.

Even on iOS and Android it's better. Shame on you, Microsoft!

I made the switch to Android...was a more than a year and + Windows user....

Couldnt believe how good was Skype.

Even onedrive is good, office apps... 


What about the outlook app, you can send by any aliais, you choose then right on the outlook app.

really fantastic been on android now...


Dont hate me guys, but apps on android are fantasticaly better

People are returning phones because of this?? Guess I don't know what I'm missing since I don't even use the app...

To each their own I guess. I don't see anything about this app that would make me leave one phone brand for another.

I have it sitting there with notifications disabled. People who want to talk with me via WA first send me a FB/Skype chat ping to check whatever they send me to WA or they just repost into FB/Skype chat. I don't think it is that big deal.

Maybe EEUU doesn't use that app, but hey Microsoft, you have the lowest share there, and where you sell your phone is outside, and you know what? WE are who use that app as first messaging option.
So.. Well played

do you understand Microsoft doesn't develop WhatsApp?
do you understand that simple thing?

what do you want Microsoft to do? put a gun on Whatsapp team and make them publish the app? Microsoft IS BEING nice trying to help Whatsapp team incompetence, but hey! let's blame Microsoft for what WhatsApp team is not able to do... let's blame the OS maker for developers like WhatsApp team who don't care about doing a good job, a good job and fast, and it's clear they dont care about WP users.
maye we can blame Microsoft because kik never updated their app after 2012, I mean... it makes sense to blame the OS maker!! /s


It's not all about WhatsApp, Microsoft doesn't care about people outside the U.S. we just support them and they ignore us, so good job

I don't live in USA and although I think they can be better they are not as bad as you want to think.

For you information, MSFT says they CERTIFY ALL APPs, so they should get involved, so SHAME on MSFT for being so dumb on NOT understanding their own business!!

I have worked with software companies as a client and they can quickly fix small stuff like notifications if they really want to. Obviously WA doesn't care and is asking something really big from MS... you just have to think the 5 months without updating the app.

The only thing that MS could have done is to stop rolling out update for WP8 and stuck the OS because WA would end broke... if you ask me I prefer to see WA gone that WP8 stalled.

This is why it is unconscionable that users can't back up the contents of their phones.  Once I've downloaded an App, if I am responsible enough to back it up, it should be mine forever, regardless of whether the developer or MS decide to delist it.

Yes i agreed... I also uninstalled this app because i have the package install file ... And the hilarious thing is when i was having WhatsApp the manually installation procedure saying available....
And when i uninstalled WhatsApp (without worrying its published or unpublished status because of backup) then it started to say Unavailable. so disgusting thing Microsoft .... Why do you want to restrict all people when they have paid for it??? No restrictions is the key of success of Android :/

My friend works as Manager on CLARO here, he always tries to sell a Windows Phone (most of the time 625 and 520), but the very first thing that users asks it's sort of "I never heard about this Windows Phone, are all the apps available (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc ... ) ?

A LOT of costumers simply give it up, even if you say that issue it's temporarly. I really mean it ... A LOT of users.

well of course, in many countries where whatsapp is the nr1 messaging app nobody would want a phone that doesn't have it. WP will honestly get 0 sales there.

Uau that is strange, how addicted must someone be to WhatsApp to the point of not buying a phone because it will be absent for a few weeks?

'Cause a non-expert person doesn't understand that. I'll never gonna buy a phone without Whats App. Mostly of my friends and family are there.

Its not an addiction... Its just a very efficient, simple and free chatting app which every one else is using so even tho I may not want to use it... I have to as most of my family, friends and business contacts use what's app... So its not addiction its a necessity...

I don't know I have seen several times that they will start to charge. My account expires next year.

You are just buying a phone, why would you have to wait to have what you need? When just there in your eyes you have options

This was such a dumb move from whatsapp to unpublish the app as if they had awesome ratings.. Its getting embarrassing day by day for every windows phone fan!!

I heard from a friend of mine who's got the beta version that it would just fine... Plus is got a ton of extra features over the original app.... So I know this might sound silly... But it there anyway in which the beta becomes open to the public... It would definitely help everybody.....

it was always a sucky app with sucky notifications, they why didnt they pull it a year ago? and the year before that? heck, with this logic it should never have been in the store..

actually whatsapp notifications were working just fine 80% of the time... enough to keep it in the store. even with no notifications at all it should be kept in the store.

what bullshit this is!!!!!

Who is at fault? Microsoft or WhatsApp? What's app realised the issue and pulled it from store and Microsoft then started working on it. This means its Microsoft who is at fault here and the issue is not new. Meaning that what's app had to remove it so that MS takes it seriously. Come on MS the more time u take to fix the issue the more customers u lose. It may be just a messenger app but it is The Most Essential messenger app. Its really frustrating. All of this and MS wants people to switch. Lol.

Yes, lets all blame MS instead of the incompetent app developers. Lets blame them for a broken 3rd party app. /sarcasm off. WhatsApp hadn't been updated for 5 months, and you're trying to say that Microsoft should have fixes the issues instead of the actual devs? Stupid.

If the issue is with the gdr 3 update then why have they started working towards fixing it in may 2014. They should have done this immediately after the gdr3 update came out. Personally I have been experiencing delayed notifications on wp8.1 also on my Lumia 520. Most of us will be upgrading to 8.1 in a month or two so they should rather be focussed on 8.1 and look towards the notifications issues & other issue of the app being sooooooooo slow.

While i see why the developer pulled the app from the store, i completely disagree with how they treat their customer. We now pay for this service, so we wish for some kind of feed back to stop all the speculations and the rant. I'm affected in this problem because i bought my L1520 after it was pulled, and I'm hoping for a better app when it comes back.
And by the way, making a new entry in the forum for absolutely no info added is BS. Seriously.

This situation is horrendous I bought a new windows phone and sadly the WhatsApp is not available. What should I do with the phone then. Oh god, I'll just be patient then

In a month or two I'm going to buy a new phone, I love Windows Phone , but I'm really thinking about to buy an Android. Really thinking.

Do it. I've been jumping between platforms and I do have android and WP now. Try everything. You wont appreciate what you have unless you try something else.

For the time if u buy wp your gonna miss just watsapp but of u buy a droid ur life is ruined with lags, bloatware,malware etc

Even I but like in being forced to use watsapp coz my Colg grups are on watsapp. So imp conversrstions, notes etc happen there.

That's completely idiotic in my opinion. They should focus on how to make the app perfect for WP 8.1 . This will be the version of the OS the coming months. GDR3 is on the hood for many months and they did nothing(5 months without update).

Yeah the problem is with 8.1 yet people on windows gdr3 have notification issues, yeah sure.

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Sorry, it might be just me, but I have notification problems with every messaging app I've used. And the apps I've used until now are these three: Messenger(Facebook), Whatsapp and Telegram beta. I'm on WP 8.1 DP fully updated on Lumia 925.

Because i also made a hard reset after the app was taken down I had to start searching for alternatives. So far LINE is the best app I found. Too bad we can't use the beta version....

A lot of users in Brazil are switching to Android when buying new phones when they know that this app is missing. That is a very big problem to WP ecosystem. Maybe someone on Nokia/Microsoft doesn't see this.

I wonder what "working together" means. Can WP Central do a little journalism and find out? I mean, we could read that answer ourselves on their message board. It's time like these that news sites could be valuable as something other than just link aggregators.

What say you, WPC, ready to step up to the plate and try to find out what's going on here? Without being afraid of losing "access"?

Please get in touch with some WhatsApp employee who has just made a million dollars from Facebook, and grill him on the issue.

Where's Rudy Huyn when you need him?! I bet he could make a killer WhatsApp app in less than 2 weeks.

I believe majority is moving towards Telegram messenger. Whatsapp i think your countdown had begun.

In India BRINGING CHANGE is not easily possible. In terms of software avg users don't care about that. They will go where more public is there. Certainly true

Why won't they provide the old version on the store until they fix the new one?? I rely on whatsapp daily, just got a new phone and now i'm scre###d! 

And what about the Youtube app Microsoft? Working closely with Google too for the last 8months? Microsoft is so full of s#$t!! 

You Redmond idiots are digging your own grave.

Sincerely, a WP fan. 

I don't want any stupid google apps in windows store. Look at the app google inc had made for wp. Of u know that then good if u have not seen that app made by google you will really feel like vomiting seeing that awful app


We’re listening, and understand you are eager to have Whatsapp returned to the Store.  At this time, I don't have a specific timeline to share beyond the following statement from Microsoft:


“WhatsApp chose to unpublish their app from the Windows Phone Store after discovering an issue with how notifications are being handled on Windows Phone 8, Update 3. We are working closely with WhatsApp to resolve the issue quickly. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience”.


We know it is taking longer than expected to find a solution and make WhatsApp available again. However, quality is a top priority for Microsoft and WhatsApp and we want to get it right. Rest assured, we understand your concerns and are working together with urgency on a resolution.


Thank you,

Eli A.


Eli A. replied on  May 29, 2014

What is there to work on, Windows Phone 8, Update 3 is already history. Don't tell me Microsoft is gonna release a Update 4 to fix this WhatsApp notification issue???

Just release Windows Phone 8.1 to the general public now and let the OEMs and Carriers take their own sweet time testing/optimising their firmware for a later firmware update release.

There's always that one guy on every important app-related article going on about how he never cared for said app and can't understand why the rest of the world does.

Few of my friends brought lumia 630 ! On my recommendation and now WhatsApp fucked it up ! They are without WhatsApp cursing me -_- and many others not switching to WP cause they are afraid WhatsApp might not return :/

So I did a reset of my phone completely forgetting about WhatsApp so how can I get it back? Lumia 620 WP8.1

I just bought Windows Phone. Switch from iOS to Android and now to Windows. Such a disappointment not to have WhatsApp on my Windows Phone. My family, friends and colleagues are using WhatsApp to communicate. When my friend told me that she wanted to create group chat for an outing, I apologize to her and said Sorry, my windows phone do not have WhatsApp. What a shame! Definitely I will switch back to Android and iOS after using Windows for less than a month.

So you bought wp one month ago and did not download the most important app, because, whatsapp was pull two weeks ago. LIAR!!!!!

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What a bunch of queens replying and dying cause of WhatsApp. It's like some have orgasms when using WhatsApp. (ill bet some do) Also Funny that people think Microsoft has a big part with What's F-Ing app. No they don't! In this case its that team Whatscrap is simply to late with responding after the tons of Complaining people. The decisions are theirs not MS. To back up @ _Emi_. Microsoft is doing good helping Team Whatsapp, fixing things that should have been fixed earlier.

This is old news and seriously 2 weeks with all the experience on both sides can't resolve a notification issue. There has to be something more to this story

Apparently no news website wants to take their head out of the sand and find out what though.

The death of WP began with this, Europe, India, Brazil some of the most important WP markets and they cannot live without Whatsapp. Microsoft really is blind to this situation.

Seriously! In India people mainly just need three things the most WhatsApp , facebook and candy crush ! 1st and the 3rd is presently not available on wp and facebook app sucks too ! They have no reason to buy wp ..cause they don't think beyond these 3things

And with ms and watsapp working together, m certain its gonna take at least a month before they foxes it.... I really hate their dev team for wp so lazy

This amount of delay is unaccepatable. One or two days is different, this is actually hurting your sales and street cred!