Will Cortana get the final World Cup prediction right today?


Hey. Did you know there's a major sporting event happening right now!? It's the 2014 World Cup final with Germany and Argentina battling for the prize. Cortana has made some stellar predictions during the World Cup tournament, but she did get yesterday's game between Brazil and Netherlands wrong. She predicted that Brazil would prevail. However, the Netherlands took that game 3-0. Someone on Twitter said that Cortana's match prediction algorithm didn't account for a team giving up. Anyways. Is she going to be right today? Will Germany beat Argentina? Sound off below.

Take our poll above and let us know if Cortana is going to be right about Germany winning today! Right now the score is still 0-0 going into the half. Don't forget to root for your team down below! Also, be sure to open this article in the browser to take the poll if you're reading this in our app.


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Will Cortana get the final World Cup prediction right today?



I felt the same, and I was right. I am disappointed though.

But this was an amazing world cup. One of my favorites so far (and most unexpected for some).

There were many other players for Argentina that had a chance, too much reliance on Messi is a mistake that has cost them dearly... =[

She did say probably Germany but also said anything can happen in a beautiful game..so any team could win..

Pfff fuck it. Germans are shitting themselves. So are we! This game is fucking intense. And no, not Klose, not Messi will win it. Teams will. I hope we will, though much luck to Germans. I like Germany. Hail Deutschland !

Where's the "I live in America and don't care" option? This is why I don't take polls. They never have the option I want. ;)

implying messi is from argentina playing for a spanish club since he is 13. Ozil is as German as he feels like

To Brazilians, Argentina winning the world cup in Brazil would be the salt in the wounds they've had during this cup.

Argentines can rub a 7-1 in your Brazilian faces for the rest of your lifetime.

You can never live that down. Never!!!!!!!!!


Thouroughly dismantled by the Germans and finished off by Netherlands 3-0

Shame the fans of Brazil aren't as gracious as their players

There's a news program here in Brazil (Band) which actually made a headline of Cortana. It highlighted Cortana as the PA from WP, an OS from Microsoft, that was predicting every game correctly - just like some animals predicted previous World Cups. It was very nice and surprising to see lol

That happened here in Sweden as well. One of our biggest morning shows did that. Felt good to see that happening!

I dont want Germany because they took out USA and Brazil. So I guess im with arg. I expected Germany to win by now but I guess not.

Thank god the world cup is ending tonight... No more annoying people screaming and whining about their team...

You're kidding, right? There's always another sports season with fans whining. You better leave the internet. ;)

Agree. Personally, being an Indian I should've been a cricket fan. Yes, I've watched many matches and world cups but I prefer football if you ask me to choose between the two. Everyone's taste is different, no offense ;)

There's *a* goal and *a* goal only. Argentina played head to head with Germany, much better than their previous matches though! :)

Agreed. Argentina never played like this in previous matches. Most boring one was against Switzerland. This time they created chances, couldn't capitalize on them.

Ok, so I'm just going to state the obvious, since no one else did. The Lumia 930 is not the successor of the Lumia 920, it is the successor of the Lumia 925. Thank you very much :)

By mistake once i comment 15-1 for cortana in sense of loss of GER and BRAZIL loss instead & still happens to be 15-1. Still i love the match & Germany were really the best team & they deserve this win.
My fav. Player losses but my fav. team Bayern & Germany wins..lot lot lot lot of happiness
Messi golden ball

Bummed out for Argentina and Messi but Germany truly deserved this victory.

Great final and so glad it wasn't decided by penalties.


Well Done!!!