Will Mango get more colors? Probably not.

The other big news today is the two new accent colors found on the Toshiba IS12T--namely a grey and citrus. Some people have taken this to mean that Mango itself will have these additional colors, to which we reply "probably not".

For one, Joe Belifiore has stated before that there are no new colors in "Mango" and we see no reason why that would change in the remaining builds of the OS. Second, OEMs and carriers have always had the ability to add custom accents to their devices. Case in point, my HTC Mozart from Orange UK--it literally has an accent called "Orange UK" and yes, it's different and in addition to the regular Orange (the former is darker).

That's obviously what is going on here as Toshiba wanted accent colors to match their unorthodox bright scheme--so they did. But we're going to bet you won't have any citrus in the final Mango build.

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Will Mango get more colors? Probably not.


I have an LG, how do you change the default colors in the MFG??? I'd love to be able to do that.

It's sad that they can't even give you a color slider and a button that sets it back to the stock color.Good thing I have the Optimus 7 and can change my colors. Thanks LG.

A very silly ommission of a feature which would make people happy. There are a couple of sideloaded apps to do this, but Mango actively shuts them down. All those apps are doing is a few registry entries. Microsoft should allow apps to write to certain registry keys. This is how it works on the Windows desktop - non administrator accounts can modify a limited set of registry entries which do not affect the operation of the machine.

I doubt it'd take years and the whole development team to make a color picker available to consumers. Even if it's a low priority, it seems like it'd be a quick job that'd satiate many people.

This is so stupid, c'mon MS give us some damn options when it comes to themes, just make an official MS accent app so people can create own accents, honestly this is a huge feature to me and almost everyone I know with a windows phone 7. My gf was ready to give up her windows phone when I told her she couldn't create accents in mango. I really hope MS reads this and understands it is something people need/want and how easy it would be for them to make people happy...

The accent colors must allow visible text on a white and a black background. That means that an accent must have a color value sum of about 384 (3x 128) for R, G, and B. Any darker and you can't see it on black, any lighter you can't see it on white. All the basic colors are represented, so all that would be left is some shifting in hue. Imagine a user who couldn't read anything on their phone, and could not see enough to even reset to default colors. Really good industrial design never comes out of large committees, say the size of all WP users. Practically speaking, it would be easier for you to change girlfriends then to redo Metro. Just saying.

lol, DUH! Don't people read the design guidelines? Hardware makers and networks have ALWAYS had the option of one (1) custom accent color per phone.

Its fucked up that I have to buy a specific brand just to get the color I want on the tiles.Get your head out your a**es MS and let us customize the very little things thats possible to customize in this OS.