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Win a home office makeover with Windows Phone Twitter competition

Windows Phone Office Makeover Competition

Are you working from home and still sport a CRT monitor with a keyboard that was manufactured in the 90s? Well this competition could be for you. The Windows Phone team are offering a chance for a lucky winner to receive a home office makeover, with celebrity designer and media personality Courtney Cachet. 

The prize will include:

  • A home office makeover consultation with Courtney Cachet.
  • A package from Microsoft - including a new Windows Phone, a Windows PC, and Microsoft Office.
  • Home office décor and accessories from popular online retailer

Entering the competition is simple (should you live in the U.S. of course - not eligible for everyone else) just send a tweet to both @WindowsPhone and @CACHETLIFESTYLE on the social network, that includes a picture or description of your home office and why it needs a makeover. Be sure to include the hashtag #WindowsPhoneWorks.

Check out the video after the break where we see Cachet handing out free Windows Phones to the public after a quick demonstration on features available, as well as a quick run through of the competition. For more information and the fine print, check out the official blog post over on the Windows Phone team blog.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


Reader comments

Win a home office makeover with Windows Phone Twitter competition


Hey, what's wrong with keyboards from the '90s? The alphabet hasn't changed since then, has it? Will Courtney recommend a Kinect for Windows so I can input my words using sign language? Hopefully, it will have the ability to misspell every other word and get punctuation wrong. That would be so modern!

A Kinect isn't a "modern keyboard", so your attempt at sarcasm is a massive fail :-P nothing is wrong with big chunky keys, but for most it's much easier to type on slimmer keyboards.

It was supposed to be humorous. It probably doesn't dictate sign language, either. I forgot to put the little :) at the end, sorry...

Well come talk to me but with a Nokia Lumia 900 unlocked for T-Mobile! And then say "this phone is all yours."lol That would be perfect.

Yea we non Americans should have at least chance to win something! Me and my mate have convinced 3 mates and two complete strangers to buy a WP plus all the work ive done convincing people the 360 is the best way play games Microsoft you owe me!! Give us a chance!!

I am sure they would but it is hard to send someone overseas to do all of this plus you guys have had Nokia competitions and we have not had one yet. Hopefully you guys will get a European(I am assuming) competition soon.