Windows 8.1 Spring Update now rolling out globally

Today, Microsoft has kicked off the release of Windows 8.1 Update 1, the highly anticipated release for the desktop operating system and RT devices like the Surface 2. What makes this update special to consumers is the vast array of improvements implemented for mouse and keyboard users.

Windows 8 was a major step forward for touch, introducing numerous Windows-based tablets, but it’s time the classic peripheral setup received some much needed attention. If you're rocking Windows 8 and/or Windows 8.1, be sure to check the store and/or system updates to see if it’s available in your region.

Do you require some a refresher as to what's new in this version of Windows 8.1? Check the below video or this blog post from Microsoft:

As noted above, the release isn't available everywhere just yet (we weren't able to locate it here in the UK), so be patient and let us know in the comments if you have received Update 1 already.

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Windows 8.1 Spring Update now rolling out globally



Ready to roll in CT (USA)
Edit: Just wanted to add that Office also updated on RT
Edit 2: Just installed. Mouse controls are definitely better. Touch stays unaffected but responsive on Surface RT.
Edit 3: Has anyone noticed changing icons in taskbar depending on which folder or page you are on in an app? Example would be clicking different folders and drives in Explorer changes the icon in the taskbar. It's like a quick "Glance Tile/icon".

And to remove Boot to desktop,,, right click on desktop toolbar, choose Properties, then choose the navigation tab, then uncheck the first box under Start Screen. Apply then Reboot.

does anyone know how to use the metro apps on the desktop?? and most of the metro apps i open now (fb, store, twitter, bing) doesnt seem to have a minimize button but only an 'X' button on the top right. is there an option that i have to check/uncheck?

I usually run my metro apps side by side with my desktop. Just drag in and slide to resize.

Running Metro apps in a window on the desktop is coming in a later update. This feature was announced and shown at Build. MS said it was coming later this year.

Not true. It this update. I just installed the update and it's there. This was also confirmed earlier that it was this update...

Wrong. I also have this update. You cannot use the metro apps in a windowed mode on the desktop in this update. You can only snap them like you always could. The windowed mode plus the new start menu are coming in a later update.

Maybe. I would personally love to see that happen from someone like MS who is usually not good with surprises.

Absolutely correct. But more importantly, WP fans. And this, my friend, is WPCentral, not...some kind of "show-them-their-position-central". Sweet you. :)

Everytime Microsoft tries to surprise customers, people start complaining that they don't listen to customers. Surprises work for Apple. For a comapny that has a large amount of enterprise customers, surprises aren't good.

Well MS wants to unify everything, why not unify OS update cycles? They got the same name already(almost), so why not sync up update times?

The only reason not to do it is to get more press and publicity attention, that's why they didn't release any update at build, smart move

Well your life is fucked up then or you're female but you don't know it yet...

Second option seems viable..

Updating OS cycles is happening. But Phone, which has to go through carriers and OEMs, is a bit different for updates than say your PC, which requires no such process. Shoot, if updates come out in the same quarter that is still syncing. Doesn't mean it has to be the same day.

@Daniel Rubino, what is Microsoft's stance on updating Windows Phone without carrier's intervention (like how Apple rolls the ball)? Have you heard about their future plans regarding this matter in conference (or from sources)?

Please revert. 8-)

MS can't afford doing that, it would be a suicide

WP simply isn't popular enough to get balsy against carriers

Microsoft gave the ability to update without the carriers through the developer preview program. Without it my Lumia 810 would never have seen GDR3.

thats where apple will always have an advantage... they update iphones 3, 4 or even 5 times in a year.... no carrier bull...


It doesn't HAVE to.

They just make us put up with that malarkey for some damn reason. If I were them, I'd give the carriers a big middle finger and update whenever.

As a user, I could care less what the radio waves think of my data. It would be like caring if the water company likes me making tea with their water, it's not their business.

This is a Warren Buffet type of bet, "I will give you a billion dollars when you make pigs fly". Hint: It's not gonna happen.
Nothing like a sure thing.

If it is so Important to you you can download and install the update.

It is available in six downloadable patches. It was on official microsoft website till yesterday but they have removed it now.Some tech sites have already downloaded and uploaded mirrors.

you can get it if you really need it.

I know Windows and Windows Phone are getting united... But not certainly to that extent..! Windows 8 receives update today and tomorrow you are expecting Windows Phone's update?? Naah!

What we need is a WPCentral Windows 8 app update. There is currently no way to get email notifications to people replying to us when we right a comment using the Windows 8 app, so everytime I write a comment I first have to get my phone or go to the website to make sure I'm notified if someone replies to my comment.

Oh, and... what's wrong with Whatsapp? Everything works fine on my side. It has all the same features as my friends' Whatsapp on iPhone, and it's much nicer to look at!

Oh, and... I wrote this comment using the Windows 8 WPCentral app, so I won't get notified if I get a reply, so no need to answer my question...

Yup, checked in the morning and nothing. Woke up now, checked my beloved Surface 2 and the update was there, waiting for me. Along with a bunch other updates.

Wpcentral said the core team is finished, but 8.1 has not gone RTM yet due to UX team ironing out some bugs.

Why the firmware update are only OTA(over the air)?... In olden days we update our symbian Nokia phones by two ways: OTA and OTI (over the internet via Nokia Suite). There are so many people who doesn't have any free WiFi hotspots nearby here in India, and also the Updates will not download via Cellular Data connection, then how should we Update our phones? OTI method is best update option for us.

Does it have any extra advantages for Surface Pro users or is this just mainly adding mouse and keyboard support?

From FIFA 2014? Not yet..

Spanish and Brazilians are ready for y'all.

Nonetheless, its gonna be F.U.N   :D

BTW, Microsoft's updates are normally rollout on Tuesday and takes few hours to reach all regions (Wednesday max and it would be available worldwide).

Evil magic.

It showed up on my Surface RT, but on on either install of 8.1 on big computers, so clearly a dark wizard is at work.

I don't know if I'm missing something, but on my side it says it's about 30 megs... maybe not all the updates are showing yet I don't know...

Actually, there was a couple of updates (30 megs) to do before the real update. The real update is over 800 megs...

It should be. I downloaded the individual files for RT a while ago and installed them on my Lumia 2520. It works fine on my tablet.

Got all 5 updates, they're installed, and nothing happened. Not one of the new functions. Any help?

Same thing happened to me on my Venue Pro and two laptops.  People on neowin are saying the same thing.

Doesn't seem like it's actually available yet. Just updated my Surface Pro 2, HTPC and Steam Box... none of them got anything new (In the US).

After doing the standard updates go back in updates, search for updates again. It will find it but you need to click on details to manually select it.

Same for me. I got a bunch of regular patch updates, but not the one we're all waiting for (KB2919355). I've tried checking manually several times since the reboot, but nothing yet.

lol, at 7 pm (German Time) I tried to search for new update since this is the 10 am PT here and got a bunch of updates including some for Windows 8.1 thought the Spring Update would be also there, but lol, nothing was kinda surprised after my PC restarted and nothing seems to be changed...

same here in the UK, currently 'installing' on my Surface 2 but my Acer laptop recieved a bunch of updates and like you said, nothing changed.. its exactly the same. Does this mean that Update 1 is still out there then? i didnt see any specific mention in the updates aside from what i normally see, a bunch of security updates. also the update history doesnt include those i just installed...hmmm.

Edit: MJ Foley just tweeted that what we appear to be seeing is the regular patch Tues updates and NOT Update 1... must be en route soon. Confusing!

Yeah, read that tweet too. But really, they should have included the Spring Update too into this normal Patch Tuseday. Hope we don't have to wait until tomorrow to get the Update.
Edit: Wow, after 1h 30min, the Update is in the Windows Update~ Can't beleive it. ^^

Go back in the updates section and click on search for updates. It'll find it. You then need to manually select it. I guess since it's 800 megs they didn't want it to install automatically or some people would have been mad.

Ok...I just got almost 1GB worth of updates...yet Update 1 wasn't in it.

I'm usinging Windows 8.1 Pro 64bits. So, I guess they also issued a bunch of patch updates too before sending 8.1 U1? And I'm pretty sure I wasn't behind on updates since I checked for updates 3 hours ago and nothing showed up.

Dude chill the world had more things to worry about than piracy.... Besides in 6 months when I do go into the IT field I will get a genuine one, no worries till then though I will make the most of those websites.... M$ has the enterprise market to make money.... Back to the question will we be able to get the update or not....?

Not much at all, actually.


That said, there's no fucking excuse to have not bought 8.0 when it was $40 the other year.

Installed it but there must be some serious problems with this update because I can't see anything from those update 1 changes on my PC. I don't have any of them. I can't see e.g. the shutdown button on the top-right corner of the start screen. I've no idea what have happend. Can anybody help me or have same problems?

I can help you. Just wait for the Update to come. What you have installed is just bunch of regular security updates. :D

I saw a whole bunch if updates which I assumed were part of 'Update 1'. I installed them, my laptop rebooted, but I don't see any of the new features! Checked for updates again and there's nothing new! I clearly don't have 'Update 1' yet. Anyone else get sold a dummy?

I did all the first batch but I just got another update that is taking a long time to download and install. hopefully this could be update 1. I am in the Uk. fingers crossed.

I just checked an hour back and there weren't any updates. I rechecked once again a few minutes back and I got a bulk of updates, 5 for W8.1 and the remaining for MS Office 2013. Looks like India will get Update 1 tomorrow as its already 11:40 PM (IST) here.

I thought the same updated and thought it was 8.1.1 but clearly it is only patch tuesday updates without 8.1.1. Hope they release it today.

I totally agree. I didn't need or want these "improvements". But MS announced that if you had 8.1 installed, you have to install this update or you will not get any future security update. Luckily, I was able to turn off boot to desktop, show AP in task bar, re-unable the side AP task bar. It was a pain to do. But I got it done. Now if I can figure out how to get rid of the stupid title bar. This update sucks, it's a major step backwards.

The problem is, if you don't install it, you won't get any future security update if you installed 8.1. That really sucks. For the most part I got it to behave almost like pre-update.

The menus added to the start screen look like... Well, like discarded bodily tissues.

Dried, shriveled and horrid, cut off from the healthy body and left to rot. Whoever thought of mixing the bland desktop style menus with Metro needs psychotherapy.

just installed it and yeah big dissapointment the way MS is giving in to dumb consumer demands. i hate how i can't no longer put my mouse at the top of the app, drag down and close. and the right click menu on the start screen is pretty ugly. argh!

My wife's Surface RT is getting the update... but my SP2 and laptop did not get it.... will  commandeer at her Surface to get a look at it. ;)

Today is also the day that Mars, the Sun and Earth ate aligned. The 14th is when Mars and the Earth are at their closest..


No start menu, the start menu is f*ck'n retarded, go back to the 90s, its people that want the start menu back that are slowing down the progress of technology.

well not everybody has latest touch hardware and ready to accept changes. I saw some screenshots new start menu looked very nice ...

got the update! windows 8.1 pro 64 bits. (Malaysia here)

Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based Systems (KB2919355)

Download size: 887.6 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Important

Windows 8.1 Update is a cumulative set of security updates, critical updates and updates. You must install Windows 8.1 Update to ensure that your computer can continue to receive future Windows Updates, including security updates. For a complete listing of the issues that are included in this update, see the associated Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.


Just a question do I have to get the Windows 8.1 Update first and then this or can I directly update from Windows8 to Windows 8.1.1 Thanks in Advance :)

In US, you have to click "view details" and check the Update 1 because it's not automatically checked with regular patch Tuesday

Via MaryJoFoley Tweet per MS: 'Beginning at 10am PST (USA), you can manually force Win 8.1 Update (KB2919355) through the Control Panel..'

Tried it and received the Win 8.1 Update ....Westcoast, USA...:)

you may need to restart your pc after installed the thuesday patches to get update 1. and check in the update details if all updates are checked. on my surface it wasnt

got in india, done installing.. some kb####4355... got d new stuff.. direct boot to desktop.. n windows store looks diff.. i dunno wat oder changes r der i wasnt excited anyway m mor into windows phone 8.1.. juss came back frm work n checked for updates.. first few patches n office 2013 updates will come.. install.. restart.. den agm search for updates in windows update.. ull get new 8.1