Windows Phone App Roundup: Sports Apps

WPCentral's Sport App Roundup

Windows Phone Central's Roundup of Sports Apps for your Windows Phone

In this week's Windows Phone App Roundup, we're focusing in on sports apps. Apps (not games) that will keep you up to date on all the scores and news from the sports world. We have a few all encompassing apps and then a few that are sports specific.

And now for the customary disclaimer. If an app doesn't make the roundup it should not reflect poorly on things. These are just a collection of apps or games that have stood out to us. If we've missed an app that you think should have been included, sound off in the comments.

ESPN ScoreCenter for Windows Phone

ESPN ScoreCenter (free): The ESPN Scorecenter app is one of the all encompassing sports apps for your Windows Phone. The app has sections devoted to your favor teams, leagues and The Lead which covers the top stories of the day. Sports leagues covered by ESPN ScoreCenter include the NFL, NBA, NCAA sports, Premiere League, UEFA Champions League, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, Formula 1, Golf, Tennis, MMA, Cricket, Rugby and more.

ESPN ScoreCenter can provide a ton of sports information to your Windows Phone and the only downside to the app is that navigating around the app can take some time to get used to. ESPN ScoreCenter is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  

Please note that ESPN ScoreCenter is different from the ESPN app exclusive to the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.  That ESPN sports app can be found from the Marketplace app on your Lumia Windows Phone under the Nokia Collection.  In a nutshell, it's a more condensed version that some may consider more appealing.

At Bat 12 for Windows Phone

At Bat 12 ($14.99): Once the sticker shock of At Bat 12 passes, baseball fans realize that this Windows Phone app delivers a lot. Features include stats, scores, home and away live radio broadcasts, game day pitch-by-pitch tracker, In-progress video highlights, breaking news, schedules and Live Tile support for pinning your favorite team.

At Bat 12 is one of the most comprehensive sports apps available for your Windows Phone. If you're a Major League Baseball fan, this app may be too tempting to pass up. You can find At Bat 12 here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

ScoreMobile for Windows Phone

ScoreMobile (free): ScoreMobile is much like the ESPN ScoreCenter. ScoreMobile delivers scores, stats, news and videos from a wide variety of sports leagues including NFL, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, NHL, EPL, MMA, NASCAR, PGA Golf, and more.

While navigating around ESPN ScoreCenter takes a little getting used to, ScoreMobile lays everything out with a little more ease. You can limit the number of league pages for easier navigation and still access the information from the League page. ScoreMobile is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Official SEC App

The Official SEC App (free): Okay...so I'm a little partial to the Southeastern Conference and to be fair, there are other Official Conference Apps for the MAC, CUSA, Big East and WCC. They are all free and all bring all the news, scores, videos and stats from those conferences.

The apps, all developed by XOS Digital, have pages for news, game scores, videos, live events, and a sports page to drill down to your favorite conference sport. When you drill down to a specific sport, the pages become populated with content solely for that sport. The menu page breaks down the standings and rosters for the teams as well as a library page and local link to television videos.

The Official SEC app is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. The other conferences can be found here at the Marketplace as well.

Racefan Ultimate for Windows Phone

Racefan Ultimate (free trial/$2.99): Racefan Ultimate is your source for NASCAR news, stats and standings. Racefan Ultimate covers all three NASCAR Series (Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Trucks), provides up to date schedules, standings and drive statistics, In-race leaderboards, and driver profiles.

If you need to keep up with NASCAR while on the go, Racefan Ultimate is a nicely laid out Windows Phone app that is worth a try. There is a free trial version available with the full version of Racefan Ultimate running $2.99. You can find Racefan Ultimate here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Euro 2012 Live for Windows Phone

Euro 2012 Live (free): There are plenty of soccer news apps for your Windows Phone and we tapped Euro 2012 Live for two reasons. First, it's rated at 4.5 stars based on Marketplace reviews and second, it's free.

Now I'm not a soccer fan but I can see where the features of Euro 2012 Live would be appealing to those who do follow the sport. There is live tile support for your favorite teams, news feeds, live scores, stats, schedules and goal notifications. The goal notification is a setting based on the team. If you want to be notified when the Netherlands scores, just flip the switch.

Euro 2012 Live is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

ScoreKeeper for Windows Phone

ScoreKeeper (free trial/$.99): Remember going to the ball park and keeping score as the game progresses. ScoreKeeper is designed to let you keep score from your Windows Phone. Be it a major league baseball game, a college or high school game or even you child's little league games ScoreKeeper lets your track pitches, hits, runs, errors and all the baseball stats from the game.

On top of all the stats you can keep, you can share the games progress online through YourGameLive.com. If you like baseball stats, ScoreKeeper is worth a look. There is a free trial version available and the full version of Scorekeeper is running $.99. You can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

So there you have it. These sports apps will keep you up to date with stats, scores, news, and videos from your favorite sporting activities. There are pages and pages of sports related apps in the Marketplace and for those we left out, feel free to sound off in the comments with your recommendations on Windows Phone sports apps.


Reader comments

Windows Phone App Roundup: Sports Apps


I used an app by the name of Fantasy Football last season.  It was great for yahoo - best I could find actually.  It hasn't been updated for the 2012 season yet.

AT Bat 2012 is my fav, no question. Yes, it's not cheap but, for an offical MLB app that is desgined with features you would dream of, it's awsome.
If your a big MLB fan, it's worth sprining for.. I use it almost every day.

Same here. At the beginning of the season I contacted the people that make the official F1 app (Soft Pauer) for BB/iOS/Android and "they dont have interest in making it available for WP at this time". Maybe next year....

I pretty sure they will make a Win8 Metro App at some time in the future and now with native code support they might aswell just port that app to WP8. 
At least I hope so :)

I emailed the developers and they said no this season too. My hopes with WP8 and the 2013 season that will change. Stuck in camp this weekend reading about Valencia is not enough.

I love the ESPN ScoreCenter app, but it really needs an update. Live Tile and/or toast notifications, and some bug fixes are definitely in order.

Plus the videos NEVER worked in the app. Totally useless and behind. I just use ESPN on the web browser much better experience.

No mention of Pro Sports Scores? The app itself is kind of barebones, but it still has the best live tile out there for any sport IMO, but especially for MLB games. And it's free! That and At Bat 12 are must haves for baseball fans.

NBAll of the pro apps(basketball pro, baseball pro, football, and NHL) I think are the best specific sports apps. The developer made them all the same and there quality.

Sounders FC is probably one the nicest apps, but obviously is limited to just the Sounders. Also their app would have to be good, given they have Microsoft and Xbox written everywhere! Score Mobile FC is a good app for soccer that covers all leagues world wide. The Pro Sports apps fro Neuralnet (spelling?) are also some amazing apps.

This is on area WP needs to make improvements in. The lack of top end sports apps is one of my biggest issues. As a die hard sports fan, I need more apps!

Yea, it's serviceable when I want to quickly view the scores for my favorite teams, but it's not even upgraded for Mango yet. Then again, they also still haven't ported ScoreCenter XL to Android tablets yet, so I think we're FAR down the devs' task lists.

Sky Sports app in the UK is good as ESPN Goals if you like FOOTBALL (not soccer!!) - gives you access to goal highlights in the Premier League as they are scored except for the "protected" games (Saturday @ 1500 kickoffs) that are not allowed to be screen live in the UK.

Baseball Live is beast! An this is coming from a non baseball fan. I just got the app cause it works so good and is beautifully designed.lol So good.

I am pretty happy with Baseball Live, myself. I pinned my team and it's a great quick reference for scores/game updates. I also like that it pulls data into the app rather than linking to the web.
I use it on the go to augment my mlb.tv premium subscription. I refuse to pay $15 on top of my subscription for the at bat app. It's a FREE ADDITION on iOS and Android and I don't understand why they couldn't just add an mlb.tv login screen for it and make it free for us. As it stands, I swap my sim to my old iPhone 3GS if I want to watch live games at the gym.

SportsScores, not Pro Sports Scores, has been pinned to my Start Screen for over a year. It's got a live tile that let's you put up to four teams on it. For example, I have the Texas Rangers and FC Dallas on the front side now and the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks on the back side. When football (American) rolls around in a couple of months I'll put the Cowboys on the front along with the Rangers and then the Dallas Stars and then the Dallas Mavericks as hockey and basketball season come back. The live tile updates in a timely fashion too.  

I'd still prefer toast notifications to the live tile, but still better than nothing. For .99 its worth a shot.

What we need for the Non-Pro groups is a port of some of the other Apple/Android apps that are most commonly used.  I am into my son's little league games and during tournaments, parents will update the game on one app(I cannot recall right now....will update) where parents with iPhones and Droid devices can keep track of games.  Alas, no such app for teh WP.

GameChanger is the App I was trying to remember.  It's great in that it allows people to sign in a team(any team, anywhere, Little league etc.) and otehrs can search for taht team name on teh sight and keep up with scores.  It does require someone at the game to readily input the info but, with so many Parents out there with iPhones and Droids keeping up with it, it's not really an issue.  During our last away tournaments, many others who were not able to go were able to be up to date on the game in near real time.
We NEED! something like that, which crosses platforms for our devices.

I for one am disappointed with all the sports apps out there right now. They are all a navigational nightmare. What is up with this segment - its just not improving either.

Don't really need an app just to find out some stupid score. All you need to do is open up your internet explorer web browser and go. to ESPN.com or yahoo sports. Simple

Your the troll dufest. I was just you dont need stupid app to get sports score. You understand troll. Shows you people like you are loners have nothing do check on your sports score.

You dont need an app to check the weather, news, WPCentral, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. either, but its easier if you do.
Now get back under your bridge.

Anybody know if win 8 will support live tile score updates? I know it's possible bow but it updates like every 20 or 30 min. That's not exactly live. I'd love to see that feature in all future sports apps.

I don't see why you would be "watching" a game from a Live Tile.  20 -30 minutes is fine for occasional glances like you'd want out of a live tile.  if you have have 5-10 minutes to dedicate to looking at your phone, just open the app.

Mango supports it in the form of push notifications, but not a lot of apps use them. The Pro Sports Scores tile, for example, updates pretty much in real time during a game.

Actually, SportsScores updates much faster than that. More like every 3-5 minutes even though the lowest setting is 10 minutes.

Yeah no mention of Sports Scores App. It's not complicated but it the best live tile for sports scores. Tells you what time the game is starting and keeps score for the duration of the game and it supports 4 teams from many different leagues. It flips with two teams on each side of the tile.

I have been using the TuneIn app to listen to the Euro 2012 games since they are on while im working. It works great and only uses about 10mb an hour.

ScoreMobile is a complete joke and everyone using it should uninstall immediately and contact support. I emailed them multiple times about when the app would be Mango compatible. Over the course of several months they ignored me while the app continued to be glitchy and not even support fast resume. I called them out on twitter and they blocked me. Then they have the nerve to release their FC without fast resume support months after mango was on every single device.

What the Windows Phone needs
App to stream march madness
App to stream nba.com streams
App to stream NFL streams
THEN it will be a true sport lovers phone

Great list! Would like to see as well apps for the upcoming olympic games in London.

We have just released an app to combine news, videos, pictures, twitter, facebook and pictures. To bring you more news in Metro format, we have setup index servers to collect content from more than 250 sites. Our goal was to create a beautiful app using live tiles, slideshow and animated twitter tiles to show off the Metro design against other phone OS. 

The coming weeks the app will be updated with new features. Hope you like it and that you can give us feedback.


London 2012 Experience