WP Central Round up of Jogging/Running Apps

WPCentral's roundup of running/jogging apps for your Windows Phone

Several months ago the popular fitness app RunKeeper was pulled from the Windows Phone Marketplace. The reason was simple, the developer decided to drop support for the app and focus on other platforms. This opened the door for other fitness apps to step up and fill the gap.

We decided to take a peek at the popular fitness apps that concentrated on running/jogging to see what alternatives are out there. Plus Dan just joined a fitness center and is looking for a good jogging app.

After reading user reviews on the Marketplace and taking a peek at the apps ourselves, we've narrowed the field to five.  All five have similarities with online components and making use of your Windows Phone's GPS.  One even adds a storyline and a bit of suspense to your workouts.  As always, if we missed the running app that you think is the bee's knees, jump in below and share your thoughts in the comments.


Runtastic (free version/$4.99 pro version): Rated with 4.5 stars Runtastic covers a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities that includes running, jogging and walking. Training is tracked via GPS by automatically recording times, distances, speed, and elevation. Runtastic will also let you know how many calories you've burned, display your routes on Bing Maps, and create a training history so you monitor your progress.

There are two Runtastic versions available.  There is a free, ad-supported version and a paid, pro version. Runtastic Pro has a few more features than the freebie version that include voice feedback on your workouts, live tracking to share your progress with friends/family, in-app music player, a heart rate measurement and a split table feature to compare your lap performances.

And if that wasn't enough, you can upload and track your performance online through Runtastic's website (registration (free) required). The website will also give you detailed analysis and stats on your runs.

You can find the ad-free version of Runtastic here and the $4.99 Runtastic Pro here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker (free): Sports Tracker is part performance analyzer and part social networking type app.

Sports Tracker does require registration (free) to make full use of the apps online components. The performance tracking will tap into your Windows Phone GPS to record distance, speed, elevation and map your routes on Bing Maps. You have two views during your workout. You have a map view that will show your duration, distance, pace and a thumbnail map. Then there's the data view that replaces the map thumbnail with additional stats such as altitude, max speed, and calories burned.

The social aspect of Sports Tracker allows you to share your performance progress over Facebook, Twitter and email. Much like Runtastic, Sports Tracker's online component will offer analysis of your runs along with stats to show how your exercise has progressed.

Sports Tracker is a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.


RunSat (free version/$2.99 version): RunSat is a simple, straight forward way to monitor your runs. It may not have all the bells and whistle of the other apps in the roundup but it does a decent job of it.

RunSat covers outdoor activities such as running, walking, cycling, skating and other exercises. During your runs, RunSat will monitor your distance, time and speed as well as map your route.

At the conclusion of your runs, they are saved on a diary page for review. You can also upload them to RunSat's website to view online (registration required).

There are two versions of RunSat available. A freebie that you can find here and a $2.99 version of RunSat that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker (free): As with the other apps in our roundup, Endomondo Sports Tracker uses your Windows Phone location services to track fitness activities that includes running, cycling, walking and other distance based exercises.

Endomondo has large controls to start, pause and stop your workouts and will track your distance, duration, average speed, average pace and calories burned. Your routes are mapped out on Bing Maps and a History Page will display your workout history. Workouts can be shared on Facebook and you can follow your friend's workouts as well (see who's burning the most calories).

Add audio feedbacks for every mile, the ability to set distance goals, and Zune play integration and Endomondo is a rather attractive fitness app. As with other apps in the roundup, your exercise data is sent to a personal training diary that can be accessed through an online component (Endomondo.com) to help you analyze your training routines.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is a free app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! (free trial/$7.99): Okay... so Zombies, Run! isn't your traditional fitness app. It combines the functionality of a fitness tracker with a role playing adventure.  The app adds a storyline to your exercise routine.

With Zombies, Run! you play the role of Runner 5 who is part of a community of humans who have survived the zombie onslaught. Your runs are missions to gather supplies that will help your community survive and grow. As you run, the storyline is narrated with various motivational moments where you have to pick up the pace or get your brains eaten by zombies.

Zombies, Run! will reward you with vital supplies during your runs that can be applied to your base camp at the end of your run. The supplies will be used to strengthen and grow your group of survivors and help defend against zombie attacks.

As a fitness tracker, Zombies, Run! will track your distance, duration and pace. Zombies, Run! contains thirty missions with over forty runs worth of game play or exercise. There is a free trail version available to let you try things out before buying. The full version of Zombies, Run! is currently priced at $7.99 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

WPCentral's Running/Jogging Roundup

While Runkeeper will be missed there are plenty of alternatives available to fill the void.  Each of these apps, save Zombies, Run!, are very similar in functionality and features.  Each track your runs by way of your Windows Phone GPS, each will track your running history, each will map out your routes, and each have an online component to help you analyze and track your fitness progress.  Which one is the better?  Our best advice is to download them all and take them out for a run.  I'm partial to Endomondo (not that I run a lot) but you may want a little more adventure and opt for Zombies, Run!

As mentioned before, if we've missed a fitness app that focuses on running feel free to sound off in the comments.