Windows Phone Challenge ad campaign coming to TV, shows off Lumia 920 camera

Although the “Smoked by Windows Phone” shenanigans are mostly over and Microsoft is not routinely engaging in phone challenges anymore, it’s still great to finally see the gist of it coming to TV. Such is the case with this new ad featuring Microsoftie Ben Rudolph and a couple who were using a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The concept is the same: do a challenge between two phones, in this case take a photo at night, and see which device wins. Of course, the GS3 is up against the Nokia Lumia 920, a phone designed for low-light shooting, so it should be little surprise to see it win here. For their trouble, the couple gets a Windows Phone.

The ad will show on ESPN and CBS throughout the men’s and women’s NCAA tournament during the week and should be high profile enough to catch some eyes. Having said that, it did take a year for this brilliant operation to go from tradeshow to Microsoft Store to TV and that’s just not fast enough. But as they say: better late than never.

You can watch the clip that will be airing this week above.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks, Justin S., for the tip!


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Windows Phone Challenge ad campaign coming to TV, shows off Lumia 920 camera


It's a commercial.  Who is buying that any are 100% truthful.  It's about planting a message.  I think this series is very good.  They should keep it up and expand it. 

I don't think Samsung sees the Lumia 920 as a real threat. S3 sold 50+ million and the 920 sold 1, maybe 2 million times.
Responding would only give Microsoft and Nokia free publicity. And if they do respond, it would be comparing the S4 to the 920 and although I know most people on WPcentral won't like this, but the S4 beats the 920 on most levels, except for low light and shaking video.

why some people keep saying 'Droids'? it is ANDROID, that's the right term for Google's Operation System.

I thought this would have happened a long time ago. Why only now?
Well I'm off to Play Gears of War Judgment. It's a shame there is no smartglass support or a windows phone game for this release. Microsoft really needs to wake up. Their late for everything.

Glad to see any commercials. But where phones are really sold are in the carriers stores. If the employees in the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile stores push Android or iPhones devices Windows Phones will still lag. Those stores is where it begins and ends. Some of us can walk into a store and know what we want but many can be persuaded by anything the sales person push. Sadly many don't push Windows Phone.

"... and that's just not fast enough," you can truthfully say that regarding just about anything involving Microsoft and Windows Phone. Pity. In a race with two extremely creative, innovative and ruthless competitors, Microsoft seems content to just get by instead of doing everything it can to sprint and draw even.

Has anyone noticed that Microsoft has now slowed down advertizing the HTCs? I think they probably realize that showcasing Nokia is their best bet

Lumia 920 is the best! Last week I went to the restaurant with friends. When we finish, we took a bunch of photos and everybody was blown away by the quality of the camera of the Lumia 920!

Does anyone know why AT&T doesn't advertise the L920 that much? They have put the Will Arnett commercials and nothing else to my knowledge... Really? Why? At least rumors have Microsoft and Verizon heavily advertising the L928 so that will finally be refreshing to see.

About time Microsoft or Nokia to advertise features of the phones in TV. Nokia 920 is very innovative but many people don't know what it could do.

Focusing on simple strengths that the average joe can understand, a smart move. No offence to they buying people but they are not necessarily that clued up in the first place so messages like this help a lot.

Obviously this should've been brought to TV a while ago but at least it's happening.  Apple, and now Google with the new Chrome commercial I've recently seen, has always made their advertising about the product and what it can do.  Hence always having a closeup of the iPhone and just showing someone tapping away on it actually doing something.  Msoft made a mistake with the silly Surface ads with people dancing to techno music or whatever.  Show the product, show how it can be used, and people will understand it. Show a bunch of people dancing and clicking keyboards together and it becomes a toy.  The new Chrome commercial shows how all their devices can sync all the information from phone, to computer, to tablet, to the web, using only animation.  Obviously we know Msoft products can do that, but if they don't show things like that then no one will know.  These commercials are perfect because they highlight things the phone can actually do, and how simple it is. 

what bout daytime photos (yeah the 90% of the time when people actually take pictures)?  afraid Nokia?

Most smartphones (920 included) take good photos in the daytime. it's night shots where most fall down and the 920 shines.

My Nokia isn't afraid of daylight! Well, it needs meds, but after that the anxiety is gone and can go out during the day!

Finally! It was actually about time they stopped spending money on celebrities. All they need to do is give WP8 time on TV to show what they can do.