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Security concerns

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Windows Phone Lock Screen version 2

WP Central

We previously covered the Windows Phone Lock Screen wallpapers by AJ Troxell, which provided owners with an extra layer of protection should they misplace their phone. The wallpapers are customizable with editable files included in the pack so personal information can be added including name, email, number, etc.

As AJ is being non-secret Santa this year with 12 days of freebies, and because the lock screen wallpapers proved to be popular, he's released version 2 today. What's new? 4 styles, 43 backgrounds, 4 variations of complete icon sets, and comes in Photoshop and Illustrator formats. Head on over to AJ's site (link below) to download version 2 of this truly useful pack.

Source: AJ Troxell, thanks AJ!


Reader comments

Windows Phone Lock Screen version 2


These are good looking lockscreen wallpapers. And the ideaof having you contact info on them if you happen to lost your phone is great.

Im using version 1 right now :P
Love my lockscreen, just wish I could delay the blackout-timer of the lockscreen. :/

ive seen a few of these now, i think people are forgetting that windows phone comes with a similar feature
in the "find my phone" web page thing you can lock the phone with a message, which turns the wallpaper black with a sad face at the top and the message in the middle
and u can map where the phone is and erase everything on it if all hope is lost of getting it back
so yeah, dont really see the point of apps like this
for those who dont know what im talking about    (this is the australian link)