Nokia Glance Background

Winners from the Windows Phone Central Glance Background contest

Last Thursday, Nokia gave the Lumia community a nice little surprise with their beta app Glance Background. The app allows users with phones that support the Glance Screen to add images to the mix. It was welcomed with open arms and the creativity in the community was on full display with the little contest we put together in the Forums.

It was tough to pick our favorite three, but we finally settled on some images to win some gift cards to the Windows Phone Central Store. Let’s check out the winners.

1st Place: X-Ray Hand submitted by SPNG

Glance Screen 1st

2nd Place: Rain drops submitted by MrHeckles85

Glance Screen 2nd

3rd Place: Cracked screen submitted by Stefano Marchesi

Glance Screen 3rd

Congrats to those three and thank you to everyone else who entered. You helped create a great thread in the Forums where users can get inspired to create awesome backgrounds for their Glance Screens. Check your PM Inbox for a message from me in the Forums if you see your name in the winners list above! Again, congrats!

Didn’t win? Keep your eyeballs on the homepage as we’ll be having more contests over the next few months with all the new gadgets and services launching from Microsoft.


Reader comments

Winners from the Windows Phone Central Glance Background contest


There needs to be a way to snapshot the Glance. Likewise directly upload the image(s) to the forum with the app. :/ But congrats to the winners!

When your phone is on glance virtually nothing is really running in the background apart from your basic phone functionality and background processes like syncing e-mail. You wouldn't want apps functioning at that time, since your phone should use as few power as possible ;).

It causes veeeeery little drain if any at all. I've been testing it on all levels (peek, always on, etc.) and I haven't noticed a difference at all

My phone dropped 20% when it was on standby for 7 hours the first day I started using the background. Not sure if a random drain or the background induced drain

Y would i want to disable the 2 best features of the amber update? Double tap to wake is great along with glance which is always on for me.

Iv noticed this image for glance on my 920 does make it drain more its happened to often this morning my battery went from 100% down to 84% in the space of 3 hours i turned it off in the afternoon 3 hours later only dropped 2% i like it and everything but if it does that to my battery it clearly needs tweaking

Wow! That's an issue for sure. Especially since the 920 is IPS LCD. But I wasn't expecting this much drain.

Indeed its annoying cause i like the feature my glance and double tap don't faze the battery much had battery saver on and everything screen brightness was on low and the phone was idle in my pocket not being used

Anyone notice That after the update, i cant download any of my videos from my skydrive app, and anyone know if its glance background app that is draining the battery?

:) i was thinking the same... The third had his phone charging.. If not he would have his battery drained too :)) ... But they did a great job

Those are pretty creative.  Congrats to the winners and the selection committee.   The only question I have with those that were chosen is that was this contest limited to phones that happen to have bright glance screens.  Only phones sporting ClearBlack LCD screens. 920's rock ClearBlack AMOLED. Not nearly as bright. 
Just a question, not trying to take anything away from the contest or the winners.

True. And 920's supa-pupa-dupa-clear-motion-precise-colors-IPS-plus is really so fantastic as described. Unlike amoled. And so there is a question, if 920 features ips and e.g. 620 is tft, why does this app convert nice pics to that grainy battery saving crap like if all Lumias are amoled? There's no matter for battery how many LCD pixels are activated at once!

Same. Tried to replicate the rain drop oen on my Lumia 1020. Much less bright and more grainy ...

Tried on both my 1020 and 920, it seems like the pictures are more pixelated on the 1020 compared to 920.

As i wrote below, take the second to last setting on the effects slider, and leave the other settings on default. This was the best solution to minimize the grainyness and this is what you see in the picture that i submitted.

You had no other options?  
Not an old point and shoot digital camera lying around?  
Not a webcam?  
Not a friend, family member, classmate or co-worker that you could bother for 2 minutes to snap a pic for you?

What from "I dont have another camera" you did not understand?
No old camera, no webcam, no friends in the last days (just in home).

Usually with these kinds of contests I tend to disagree with the winners, but this is totally spot-on. I really like all those screens.

Let's make the thread open all the time, and set it as a site to share everyone's personalised Windows Phone (from glance background to the lockscreen wallpaper to the tiles arrangement).. Let's share each other's creations :))

Hey guys, thanks for the appreciation!
I got the best result with my raindrop-picture using the effect slider on the second to last position and all other settings on default. This way it looks the least grainy. Probably the different display technologies produce different outcomes, i don't know. I'm rocking a 920 and it looks ok!
Greetings to all WP enthusiasts out there, have a good one!

The posted images look much brighter than what I am able to get on my 928. I can barely see my pictures they are so muted. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change to get a brighter image on my glance background ? Thanks for any insights anyone can provide.

Guyz i m getting an update in my lumia 520 .. I m from India .. Have any Idea what is it ? I have amber already .. N i m not a developer ..

Thats what I thought too... ALL are B&W.

I have a Spock (Star Trek) silhouette (white spock on a black background). I changed the color to red and it looks pretty awesome because the red is the brightest color, so it looks like Spock is glowing/lit up.

I also did a rising Sun design in red and it looks pretty sweet too.

I'm missing something here. Why is no one complaining about the most useful feature of the glance screen which initially existed but was then quickly removed: the notifications. Are they coming back? They are not mentioned in Gdr3.

If i'm not mistaken, this is supposed to be part of Nokias Bittersweet Shimmer Update, which pairs with GDR 3 once that comes out officially.

I agree. The Glance background thing is very cool, and I love being able to add my custom images to it with these neat effects and all, but, how bout give us some sort of useful info on that screen? I mean, its obviously possible, there's a clock there, and we can add images.. How about some notifications? Like missed calls, texts, emails, news alerts, Facebook posts or IMs, tweets?
I'm sure all that will come in a later update.. I'm not complaining. I love my glance screen!

I thought I read that that functionality would be coming in Bittersweet Shimmer, the next NOKIA update.

Aww, I really hoped I'd win! Congrats to the winners! I'm really just curious and don't want to sound like a sour loser, but I would like to know how these contests get judged? Especially since it's stated there are more to come :)

My screen is shattered and could not post my custom glance screen. :( I have added a full sized picture to my glance screen.