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We're here at the Marriott Marquis for the Windows Phone Summit where Microsoft is expected to reveal details on Windows Phone 8, including new resolutions, current device upgrades, developer tools and more.

Join Daniel Rubino and Rafael Rivera live as we cover the Keynote speech and any follow up developer sessions.


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WPCentral at the Windows Phone Summit - Live Blog


Hell yeah. I will dedicate myself even more to get the Microsoft Surface if they tell me my Lumia will get Windows Phone 8.

It will get 7.8, which give us certain features. I'm an L900 owner and chose to upgrade even though WPCentral kept telling us new dual/quad core hardware would be released. So I'm a victim of my actions, not MS's and I will surely upgrade devices if I need to; but hopefully we can get some trade-in option or something.

If they let me down, i'm gonna be mad LOL
Can't wait though!!! (Even though I have a chemistry exam tomorrow LOL)

I'm a little excited, I hope we don't get let down because I am on the verge of switching to Android with my family if WP8 isn't as good as I expect it to be.. I'm trying to lure my family to switch to WP but we aren't getting much help from MS that would convince them..

The problem is stigma. The solution is actually not to push anyone. Instead, just be happy with your choice for Mobile OS. They will notice you NOT complaining about your phone. They will see that when you take it out, how seamlessly it works. Eventually, they'll want to hold it, and try things with it.
Of course for this to happen, MS needs a solid product. I like WP so far, but even I'll admit, they have a ways to go on 7.5.

I completely agree. I get asked "miss the iPhone yet?" 3-4 times a week from my apple owning relatives,. I always kindly say, I do not, I am loving this phone. Now my wife answers for me saying " he love that thing". They get curious and love some of the cool things my phone can do that theirs can't. I find my self demoing it several times a week between co workers and relatives. I am a happy WP owner. ( I have the white lumia 900)

Windows Phone 8 support for all existing devices or they can go shove their OS where the sun don't shine.

(Yes I'm aware Android & iOS most likely don't do two years of support either but I don't own either of those for the same reason).

So wait...you don't own the other two and if wp8 doesn't come to your device, you'll drop them too? I take it you'll be back to feature phones then? Lol

Current owners will probably not be getting WP8. But if we can have a compatible, similar looking update I will be satisfied.

Hopefully we get some juicy details and hopefully some details on how the OS will align with Surface and W8 desktop. 

What I need to see:
Arabic support
RLT support
Data monitoring feature
Discontinue of Zune
Active sync like the old days
I hope the interface stays as it is but with small addons

Oh really? Please explain the process of getting a CD onto your Windows Phone without the use of SkyDrive, considering the uploading of copyrighted material isn't allowed.

Perhaps stop being so small minded and realize the person meant that they have announced that they are rebranding it.

Why the Zune hate? I love Zune. Not only is it a cool name, the Zune program and player are awesome and beautiful. But yes, its being rebranded so all im losing is the name.

I can't wait to get all the news I hope its good. Either way I have a feeling the I-told-you-so-s will be flying... :)

While I would love to see a Microsoft Surface Phone annoucnced there will probably be no new hardware shown.  I am very much looking forward to hearing about all the new features of WP8 and I'm confident that 1st and 2nd Gen devices will get the update minus, of course, those features that don't apply.

come on microsoft!!! i cant wait for 45 mins lol :(. I keep checking every link i can find on google for any leaks :)

Well the surface team were apparently kept in a forced air bunker to maintain secrecy but they still blabbed a few days before. No real blabbing so either no real information or they are being kept under lock and key in Surface bunker and not being let out even for pizza!

Now that I have seen Surface I really would like the Windows Phone to become the Surface Phone that would align well I think and remove the stigma of Windows.
Any information on Windows Phone 8 obviously especially what existing phone users can expect.

Yes, I too can't wait for WP8 details, but I also want some practical announcements like Tango availability for more phones and app & game announcements like Chase, Pandora or Angry Birds Space. Those apps would definitely bring more users over.

And of course, if they announce a WP8 Beta for current phones in July (like Mango last year) that'd be HUGE.

Bye bye crappy iPhone and laggy battery earring android. It's about time we get rid.of these junk smartphones

Yeah I hope we find out what devices can upgrade to the Apollo and I hope that sprint will be getting some new Windows Phones..

In other news, sales of the Lumia/Titan/Focus grind to a halt for the next 6 months.
It's gonna be virtually impossible to sell any WP7 phone for the next 6 months.  Even free on contract.  They just won't sell.  Hope MSFT has some cash stashed away to survive this.  Nokia - best of luck to you.  Your revenue stream just dried up for a while.

You're right... but half of us were already holding off purchasing until they announced WP8 upgrades. I expect WP8 will launch with W8 in 3 months (late Sept / early Oct)... devices will be ready to go on day one.

I agree...people that were already waiting (the type of people that search out news on the internet) will continue to wait.  Everyone else will just go in and buy what the salesmen are pushing.

I was just about go get upset for not getting WP8, then I heard that audible with speech command funktion is coming to 7.5 as well :-) :-)

I am excited about WP again, finally. I think giving us 7.8 for current devices is a good enough way of killing off WP7 devices, and most likely they won't have to do this again since this new architecture is more modern and flexible and should hopefully lead to an upgrade system more similar to Apple's for the iPhone.
I will be happy to upgrade my HTC Radar to 7.8 and live on that for a while until a really nice WP8 phone is available - one I'll be happy with for a year or two.

Draw Something and Words with Friends finally coming to WP is huge! I think lack of those games is a big barrier to WP adoption among high school/college aged people. Hopefully it's coming to WP7 and not just WP8.