Microsoft's Xbox One invades our hotel bathrooms; watches us while we shower

Xbox One Hotel Ad

Okay - the Xbox One isn’t actually watching us shower, but Microsoft doesn’t want us to go even a few minutes without seeing an ad for their latest console. Our Editor-At-Large, Simon Sage, tweeted this picture after getting back to his Los Angles hotel room.

The advertisement states: “Drive fast. Defend Rome. Skype on your TV. All in one. – Xbox One” The first two statements are references to Xbox One exclusive games including Forza Motorsport 5 and Crytek’s RYSE. The third statement is reference to the console’s new ability to make Skype calls via Kinect in full screen or snap mode, while playing a game.

Here is another closeup of the ad grabbed by our writer, Sam Sabri:

Hotel Ad Closeup

We love our Xbox One news here at Windows Phone Central and it seems we won’t be able to escape it at this week’s E3 event; that being said – we really don’t want to. Except for Simon, Simon wants his bathroom back.

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What do you think about Microsoft’s advertising campaign for the Xbox One?

Source: Simon Sage via Twitter


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Microsoft's Xbox One invades our hotel bathrooms; watches us while we shower

Since this is my bathroom I can confirm the above image contains no Photoshop. I'm afraid to shower and come out seeing Kinect on the counter next. p.s. Bonus point for guessing which scent that is for the deodorant.

I'm sorry Sam, but I can't let this iOS 7 BS slide.. I know this is off subject, but its just so pathetic that Android fans are now saying that Google came up with this look, and Apple copied Google.. I know I should just ignore it, and let it go, but im pissed! Can we get a 3 platform screenshot comparison?? I'm, how you say, flabbergasted!!

This has been posted in so many articles today... this needs to be counted as SPAM. Make a forum post or comment in the actual related thread, but don't go around being off-topic and spammish.

Sorry dude, you're right. I'll chill out. Sorry for calling you iBoy. I never thought you were a Apple fan. I just thought it was funny. No hard feelings partner!!!

Haaahaa... Probably lasagna, or salami, or something.. Nevertheless, I'm sure he smells like food... But, that's not exactly a "bad" thing...

In other news PS4 is $399, NO restrictions on used games, and no internet checks. Ouch! MS, that's going to hurt. This coming from someone who isn't going to get a PS4

Why wouldn't it hurt them? Not everyone is a MS fanboy. Some are going to go for lower price, some are raging over restrictions and DRM. To pretend this means nothing is silly. Have you bothered to look at the reaction to any of this around the internet?

I own two ps3's, a Wii, 2 360's, a ps vita, 2 3ds's and a custom gaming PC. Fan boy? No. Hard core gamer for over 25 years.

The reaction is negative, but consider how many of those people are ps3 users, and how many of them are xbox 360 users. Now consider how those 360 users compare to the total 360 users. Relatively its a small percentage that is raging. I'd say this doesn't hurt them much at all, and even if it does MS has that capital to push it forward regardless.

So they lose a small percentage of their users, dont gain any Sony user and someone leaving nite do would most likely go for the cheaper and less restricted choice. How does this not hurt MS??

lost sales, or low revenue would not hurt them in the long run. It may hurt them in the long run, but nothing that their other divisions couldn't fill.

I agree when I saw the policies every restriction was like nothing for me. Everything in my house is connected 24 hours a day. My Kinect is always on so what's the problem really? You can even use your phone for a connection. What I want to know though is if the gaming offline restrictions apply when the disk Is being used?

You don't need an internet connection to use software with no online interactions, period.

Twist it all you want.

The percentage of gamers who don't interact with friends or other gamers online is small and as we go forward will be even less. Funny how Sony has an entire page on their website talking up internet connection required features.

You're thinking about yourself only. A lot of people I know are in the military and get deployed to Afghanistan and those places with a lot of free time and no internet connection whatsoever. So why not think of these people? Or better yet, what about the people who aren't lucky enough to have a stable connection 24/7? You know not everyone lives like you and the world has 7 billion people. Microsoft fucked up bad with these greedy policies and it's people like you who do not give a shit about others and do not care about their privacy who are the target of these greedy companies.

I completely agree with you man. Some people do not understand that no matter how they look at it, these restrictions will affect Xbox One sales. Microsoft happily put too many barriers between the One and potential customers. Let's hope that the TV part they introduced translates to a lot of unit sold because I am pretty sure the Xbox One will lose a large number of gamers.

It won't hurt,as Xbox offers more and Xbox games announced today are much more appealing than those for PS4.

I agree that there are those who are gonna buy an X1, regardless if it ate puppies to power itself. Same for the PS4. This might, however, be a factor for those who aren't really fanboys of either company and are sort of waffling between the two.

It seems good in theory, until you realize that publishers will implement their own DRM, and since games on the PS4 don't have direct access to the system, the most lenient DRM system they can make would require connecting to the internet on game startup, ouch. And there's no restrictions on the Xbox one for used games, ouch.

Why it won't matter - one word: Halo.  Plus current fanboys won't be throwing away their gamertags and achievements anytime soon.

It's the game developers whining about not getting a cut of the used games market or losing money because of them. For this reason I don't believe PS4 will not have some sort of DRM model. All game developers have to do is create more exclusives for Xbox One and SONY will get the idea to conform.

I was thinking the same thing. With the Xbox Policies they are the more developer friendly console. I could see a shift in support based on the Xbones policies. They did however say this in my email I just read.

"Features and requirements are under development and may change prior to release. Available features and content may vary by country. Broadband Internet (ISP fees apply) and high-definition TV hardware required. Games and media content sold separately. Xbox Live Gold membership, paid subscription, and other requirements apply for some Xbox Live features."

I think microsoft is counting on this, publisher support.  But in the end the publishers go where the consumers are, and microsoft is alienating its consumers in a couple dif ways right now (high price, DRM).
I think the DRM will be less of an issue as long as microsoft can get some good games out for xbox one and keep its servers up.  However, the price point is a serious problem IMO.  For people with a lot of money it seems ridiculous, but there are MANY people and families who will be making their decision on which console to buy based on which is cheaper.  I am thinking that microsoft needs to do one of two things:
1) announce a $300 xbox with 2 year contract for xbox live.
2) announce a year free of xbox live if you buy the premium $500 xbox and have a $400 xbox available too with less storage and no free year of xbox live.

Well Sony hasn't detailed how many Gigs the PS4 will have and it was quite funny to see them doing the same old me too strategy. Like they will get cloud next year and following the Xbone with their TV strategy. Seems like the same story from last year. 360 with a complete feel because everything was designed to work together vs Sony and it tacked on feel services because they scrambled to add features based on the competition.

That's not true at all. There was an interview yesterday with one of the dudes from EA who said exactly the opposite. Basically the gist of the "do publishers hate used games?" question was that Gamestop and Gamefly (and those like them) provide a key service by getting games into the hands of millions of gamers and those who rent today may buy tomorrow. EA, at least, seems to wholly support the used game market and has no intentions to attempt to cripple a global multi billion dollar industry. I can't imagine other developers/publishers moving too far from that mindset.

Guess what consol/network gonna be hacked first?...hmmmm I think we have only one option here, its Sony, as always...so thank you but no thank you, Xbox One all the way

Um, the only console/network to be hacked so far was Sony's, why do you think that is going to change going forward? Microsofts network security is miles ahead of Sony's and thats just a plain fact.

Are you fucking kidding me? Read my message, that's exactly my point, I want security of my information that's why I choose MS

Sorry  my bad then, I must have read it quickly and thought you meant that Sony was the only option going forward as Microsofts network was going to get hacked because of these policies. Too much crap being spewed yesterday so I appologize for not fully reading/understanding your post.

Yea it would be great if Microsoft changes it last minute, but either way I'm still getting the one over ps4 even though its $100 more

Considering the "always on" Kinect debate going on now, it wasn't very smart putting that ad in the bathroom.

I hate when people bring up Always On as if it means Always Recording and Always Being Viewed. And they have said already you are in charge of it and can turn it off so it ISN'T always on.

People also need to stop being so paranoid. Microsoft is not trying to be big brother, they have no want to, nor want to put the operational resources into that would be required. With all the info that people give out freely, the Kinect is the least of their worries.

The NSA could also get your info from Sony as well, or anywhere they choose, that is an issue with the NSA and the US Gov't not an issue with Microsoft. I'm Canadian though so it isn't really an issue for me all together.

It doesn't turn on until you say 'xbox, on'. Otherwise why would you have to say 'xbox, on' to turn it on???

Well...with PS4 costing 399€, with NO restrictions whatsoever regarding what we can do with the games we BUY and no need to "check-in" online or certifying anything...Microsoft will have to make a hell of a good job in advertising to be able to prevent the XboxOne from flopping. Way more effective than bathroom messages...

Xbox offers a lot more and exclusive games announced today should be enough for Microsoft to sell more than enough consoles. Ryse, Forza, Halo, others.

Except that Sony will still announce other exclusive games. Also the PS4 will allow streaming of older PS games...that may also play in favour of Sony. Hence Microsoft needing a hell of a campaign to sell the XboxOne for 100€ more and with all those idiotic restrictions...

Speaking as an MS fan and someone who WILL buy an Xbox One, I agree with you.  That hurt, a lot.  I don't think it's as bad as the lunatics online are making it out to be, but Microsoft did a horrible job of communicating things and providing clear information and the analysts went wild with it.  Now people are raving about all of this and more (including the stupid posts about Microsoft spying on you and being in league with the NSA).  Terrible communication and terrible handling of it.  Instead of turning it around immediately, MS let it go too long and now people are raving and posting some pretty awful comments on the various Facebook pages.
I still think there's more to it on the Sony side.  They made a big deal about no restrictions, but some of the publishers will restrict - it MAY come back to bite Sony later.
To make matters worse, Sony posted this:

The age of digital gaming is (almost) here. Though I've never owned a console, I believe that this is the direction of the future, 10 years down the line, I don't think there will be physical discs anymore. But then it's just my prediction, we'll see how all this play out soon enough though.

Yawn. I'm buying an Xbox one, plugging it in, keeping it connected and playing new games. You guys hash out playing that old crap.

Sony a few weeks ago already said that the would impose no restrictions, but that the publisher still can. That just seems to me to be what the X1 is doing too, people just like twisting shit around.

LOL That video made my night. As soon as they announced it I though to myself..."I hope they make a commercial regarding this." And they obviously did lol

Now, thing is, from the moment the PS4 doesn't require you to register the game, everything will remain as it is today with the current generation of consoles. The only way publishers could prevent that would be by forcing you to register the games with THEM. But still, no publisher will do that. They've seen the rage the simple idea provoked on XboxOne. They won't risk losing customers because of such a stupid imposition.
And I'm pretty certain Sony made sure that no one who publishes PS4 games would attempt that.
I think publishers may have thought about that with Sony and Microsoft. But from the moment Microsoft announced that, the consumers were so pissed that not only Sony immediatly jumped ship but so did the publishers. Microsoft was left alone in the boat. And now, for their sakes, I hope they reconsider those ideas of fees and resales at "certain partners" and daily online check-in etc.
The XboxOne had everything (except the looks...but PS4 doesn't look much better) to be a killer console but Microsoft ruined it with greed. Now they got shot down by Sony. Luckily they still have time to change that. If they have the will.

If you don't register the game then you can't play it anywhere on any X1 because then it's not in your collection. You are really making a mountain out a molehill over these quite simple issues. I suggest taking a day or two away from X1 news and reflecting on what's really bothering you about the X1.

Regarding fees - Microsoft already made it clear they were NOT charging any fees for resale. That's in the licensing article posted on news.xbox.com and posted here on WPCentral last week.  Fees are all up to the publishers.  MS clearly stated that each publisher would make their own decision on any restrictions and that Microsoft Studios would NOT impose any restrictions on used games or resale.
I think Sony's being disingenuous about the whole thing and we will see what happens there.  And if the publishers truly are going to jump off of that boat, then it'll likely be the same old story for the Xbox One, too.  You should be able to install the game and have it registered to your ID, at which point no one else can play it UNTIL you unregister it.  If it's unregistered, you have to have the disc inserted to play.  That would seem to solve the problem all around.  There would have to be a way to ensure the game has been unregistered when you resell it (maybe just a way to confirm it online?), but otherwise, problem solved.
Obviously games you purchase digitally will be the same as they are today - they're registered to you, you can't resell, and you can't loan.  Or maybe there's now a way to loan them, but you just can't resell... whatever.

It seems good in theory, until you realize that publishers will implement their own DRM, and since games on the PS4 don't have direct access to the system, the most lenient DRM system they can make would require connecting to the internet on game startup, ouch. And there's no restrictions on the Xbox one for used games, ouch.

I love my Xbox 360...i will be getting a Xbox One for sure, but with the ps4 selling $100 cheaper and does NOT require internet connectivity..its hard to say Xbox will out sell playstation..too many people in the world DO NOT have internet..

Are you kidding me? First, when ps4 was initially announced, they said HDD is 500gb, and playstation eye come bundles with ps4s. Second, you're a little delusional. Look at twitter and other social medias. People are excited over the ps4... More than the xbox1

Let me tell you a little secret. The Internet is full of PS Trolls because playstation doesn't have a proper social network. They need to go to the net while xboxers use Xbox Live.

You do realize its not always about "afford"? Hell I can afford a new car, a new home, all new appliances even for my existing home. Sometimes its more about financial responsibility a one time purchase of a console is nothing compared to a broadband connection fee over the 5-7 year lifespan of a console.

And yet a lot of people want internet service to be declared a utility that most be regulated like electric, gas, and pots phone service.

and i wonder what is the problem with used games on xbox one........ you buy them and they will work. i wonder if you even have read the faq or you are just going by old rumors about it.

How did the advert get there? Is it in all the rooms or just people attending E3? Seems very creepy to me.

Seriously...dont open articles you're not interested in, there are others here who are more into the whole ecosystem rather than jst the phone part of it..

Why? Only reason I see is price, and people are stupid to think MS won't rethink that bit now. Especially after what happened to Sony last time around.

Not only the price... And this is coming from someone that already pre-ordered the Xbox One and completely distrusts Sony... Microsoft will not be painted in a pretty picture with all the online restrictions and DRM issues. That is big. Specially with all the media showcasing it so much. Even without the media showcasing it, most gamers that I have interacted with are not happy about the DRM and check in restrictions.

Most don't understand it, because of overreacting to hype and fear. Besides, why do we think MS won't address the issue with a future update based on the feedback? They always do.

I don't think Microsoft is too worried. And this is why....game updates and dlc. Case in point -- Skyrim. I have it on my Xbox and I got all the updates in a timely manner. My friend had it on PS3 and he waited forever to get an update. IT was so bad, he bought the PC version because it was unplayable on his console for months. And I'm talking updates here not timed exclusive dlc. Sony is difficult to work with and the system was a bit buggy. Bethsoft always said the problem was getting Sony to release the updates.

A lot of the comments on this debate are bullshit. My PS3 requires Internet-downloaded updates at least monthly to run multiple apps and features already. Out of date = no app. Why would I expect any less from PS4? Same with Xbox 360 today, so why is it a shock that they're saying 24-48 hour checkin instead of monthly? Those of us who buy our games will have no problem, and those who steal will, and I'm all in for the features and integration X1 offers. And... AND... If it were anything else we'd be bitching if we DIDN'T have 24-7 connection!

Hummm? What? First of all if an Xbox 360 is not online it has no idea it needs an update so it does not require that you update it before you can use a game. And even when it is online you can refuse the update and still play the game offline.
If you are using an online app, that is different because you are puposedly using an online app... It only makes sense that it has whatever updates it needs before running. However if there is no Internet the user would not be using an online app so there is no point in saying they would be required to update before being able to use the app.

You're a fool to not see that the next step from an app needing a connection is to extend to the game level. And since most games offer/require a connection for DLC, again I ask... Why the outrage over a not-so-new idea?

I'm a fool and you're a close minded idiot I guess. Your point of view is the only correct one and everything should be online all the time and ring home. OK.
EDIT: I guess having a discussion is not possible with the "enlightened people" that think that whoever doesn't agree with Microsoft requirements for games is a fool and have to start with the name calling.

The license check for games could be handled differently - like it doesn't have to be required IF you're using the game disc. I can give you that.

However, many games on the Xbox One will be cloud-enhanced, which WILL require an Internet connection. Microsoft's making a big bet - allowing cloud-powered enhancements can significantly increase the power of the console, well beyond what Sony can even begin to approach. However, Microsoft often gets a little too ahead of the curve (Windows Mobile, tablets) and they may have done that here. They likely thought they were making it all easier, but jumped the gun a few years. I suspect we'll see some relaxation on "used games" and the "always connected" parts IF you're playing a game from disc that has no cloud requirements. Those games that do take advantage of the cloud or games that publishers choose to require registration for would still require the regular connection.

Just my thoughts/additions based on what your comments.

They didn't even have any tech demo or smth. to show the benefits of the "cloud games and cloud rendering" stuff they were constantly talking about. I think it isn't even realized yet, just being a plan for the future.

People just like to make mountains out of molehills I guess. I was discussing this with my friend and Steam's policy of a month for offline usage would be good for the X1, but as you said games updates and app updates come all the time and need internet for that, people just like to complain.

And with no allegiance to any of the systems (not having yet tried any of them out), I found the little dig at MS from Sony quite funny. Curious to see if and how MS responds

I think it was a little more than a little dig. I think they were trying to beat them to death. I am also curious to see how Microsoft reacts but at this point at night my mind is gone and I cannot come up with anything that Microsoft will use.

Ha! And I'm being closed-minded. But seriously, you have to at least concede their will be a response eventually. I admit I'd like something sooner than later.

I never said they would not respond, if I thought Microsoft was stupid I would not own all the Microsoft products I do... But at this point (and I mean tonight as we are all going to bed) Sony has the upper hand in the mind of many gamers because of everything they just said... So Microsoft needs to react quickly or what I am saying is true, they are in trouble.
We will see what happens tomorrow.
Me saying that Microsoft policies of check in  and DRM management disgust me is not the same as me saying that having a Console with online capabilities that can expand in-game content using the Internet is bad or not a natural progression.

My consoles are always online, always buy my games new, so sorry if I sound a bit cold hearted, but I couldn't care less, very excited with the One's presentation today. You can do do whatever you want, that includes watching me play on TwitchTV.

My consoles are always online as well. Doesn't mean there shouldn't be something in place in case something happens to ones internet.

What I would like is to see it change to something akin to Steams offline mode, where it gives you a month without requiring internet connectivity, but either way it doesn't matter to me. I think that twitch tv thing could be very cool.

All in one.  Except if you want to play TV, in which case you need another box.  Or if you want to continue to play your 360 games.
If that "All in one" tagline is really what they're going with, it's dumb.

Not sure about the other TV services, but here in Canada the 360 can be used as a settop box with Telus with a software install. I venture to say that it will be similar with the X1, as far as IPTV services go.

More people DO NOT have internet than you think..ive lived in the southern US all my life, alot of my friends can't get internet at home, UNLESS its the overpriced, slow satellite internet...those people will not even be able to utilize a Xbox one if they bought one..not to mention with the economy, some people just simply can't afford it...even though they might spend $500 for a console, they don't wanna pay $50 a month for internet ...this doesn't apply to me , I have high speed internet and a console, but some do not have that luxury. I will not be buying a ps4..unless its just for final fantasy 15 and kingdom hearts 3...i love everything Microsoft..

If someone cannot afford internet, then they shouldn't be buying a $500 system. The responsible thing to do would be to spend that money on things they need.

NA population is at ~79% internet penetration, EU is at ~63%, and Austrailia is at ~68%, these stats are also of last june, so those %'s have probably gone up. Internet is widely available in many forms in the developed world. 

PS4 was glitching throughout their presser. Weak.
If I don't buy a Xbox One, I won't be buying a new console. Simple as that.

Pre-ordered at a local GameStop for limited Day One edition & sales rep said they're going like hot cakes & was only two left. I tried to purchase both but was only one per customer not transaction. More exclusives & features than the PS4. Remember you get what you pay for. PS2x2 does not = Xbox One.

Yep. And multiplayer on PS sucks with the exception of COD & even its not that great... Frankly, PS controllers have always kept me away.

Damn, I sure hope this hotel room was for free, otherwise I would summon the hotel manager and demand this to be removed or get the room discounted if not for free. It is one okay to have ads in the hotel lobby, or elevator, but in the room that you pay the rent for from your own money, advertisement other than in magazines lying on a desk is a nogo!

Lads, lets get real. Xbox one might be a good device but yet again Microsoft has done things wrong. Its like they hate customers. Stevel ballmer out!!!!

Wait a second. I'm not the only one who wants Balmer out?! As much as I know it won't happen, Bill needs to come back to Microsoft now more than ever.

WP and SkyDrive are waiting for him to mess up next. Can imagine it Steve "oh by the way to get 8.1 you need to buy a new phone, also give me £££ a month for SkyDrive"

Can I just get the Kinect 2.0 without the console?  Nothing like flailing about to game.  Touching keyboards is gauche... and unsanitary.  

So ms might lose a few whingeing & whining hardcore gamers who cant stand change but will gain custom with people that are interested in the entertainment side of things.

As much as I love my Windows Phone, let's face it: the monstrous DRM, regional restrictions and all that once-a-day online check crap is making the Xbox One ugly. I'm definitely getting a PS4.