Zune Pass headed down under

After months of testing, Zune Pass is heading to Australia. Along with voice control for Kinect, Microsoft announced the release of the Zune Pass subscription service during a press event in Sydney.

The Zune Music Pass in Australia will run $11.99 a month and give subscribers unlimited listening capacity on their Zune software, Xbox console and Windows Phones. The Zune Pass will give Australian users access to around 11 million songs at launch.

The Zune Pass is slated for availability in the Australian market on November 16th.

via: Gizmodo.au


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Zune Pass headed down under


woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can has 11 millions songs on my 8Gb trophy!

Not sure if sarcasm, but you can stream all those songs even if you don't have the capacity to store them all locally.

I've been testing out the free trial, and yes it's pretty sweet.It's pretty nice having the ability to download an album or stream it while on the go. Toronto - Canada.

THIS FILLS ME WITH IMMENSE JOY!!!!I can never get album art on lockscreen to work with any music that isn't purchased from Zune. THIS SOLVES THAT PROBLEM!!!!I hope we also get to keep the 10 songs a month.

If you are not getting any Artist image while playing a track, it's most likely due to the Album or Track Artist not matching anything properly in the Zune Marketplace, not that you didn't purchase it from Zune.When MS announced the new pricing, they dropped the 10 free songs per month and the $15.99. Now it's just $11.99, and no 10 free songs with your subscription. There are always new artists that release songs for free on the Marketplace. There is even an app that helps you find out what they are and access them via the Zune Marketplace.

Fantastic news, and it can only bring more users to the WP7/7.5/Xbox realmI will certainly be signing up.. cheaper than a CD a month any day.